Parrot Drones

Fly with a Drone

Take your drone with you wherever you go and explore previously unreachable places. Capture high-quality images and share your best shots with your friends and family. Whether you want to fly around the house for fun or take stunning photos on vacation, there's a Parrot drone for you.

Bebop 2 FPV

Embark on long-distance courses and experience immersive viewing with this essential pack. Watch all of your flights like never before and discover realistic first-person view with the Cockpitglasses. Use the two joysticks on the Skycontroller 2 to guide your flights with precision while you capture 1080p HD videos and 14.0MP photos. The 3-axis digital image stabilization system makes it easy to take steady, clear shots.

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Mambo and Swing

Mini drones are small, superfast tech toys that can weave in and out to find their way anywhere, whether you're flying at the park or at home. They're designed to race, perform aerobatics, shoot missiles, and much more.

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Parrot Apps

FreeFlight Mini for all flying mini drones. The easy-to-use interface makes piloting simple, even for beginners. The app uses Bluetooth to automatically detect which mini drone you're using.

FreeFlight Pro for all Bebop and Disco drones. This app saves all of your routes, photos, videos and data which you can easily find and share on social media.

FreeFlight Jumping for all jumping mini drones. The accelerometer and piloting interface's touch controls let your drone respond directly to your mobile device's movements.