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Amplify your home theater with Sonance.

Sonance specializes in creating high-quality home theater products, including amplifiers, accessories, and speaker solutions that work in any environment — from in-wall, to in-ceiling, to specialty speakers for your outdoor area.

The Sonance story.

In 1983, Sonance founders Scott Struthers and Geoff Spencer developed the world's first residential in-wall speaker. The "Sonance 1" was a revolutionary solution for integrating hi-fidelity audio into the design of the home, eliminating the need for bulky cabinet speakers.
Today, Sonance continues to innovate, inventing new categories that deliver uncompromised sound performance, combined with minimal visual intrusion. From in-wall and in-ceiling home cinema speakers and high-output subwoofers, to landscape solutions that deliver audiophile sound quality in outdoor environments, Sonance leads the way in architectural speaker solutions inside and out.

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