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For the workout called life.

Feel your best. Backed by science.

Wellness technologies designed to help you feel, perform and look your best.

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Optimize warm-up, mobility and athletic recovery.
Help improve sleep and reduce discomfort.
Supercharge your skin care routine to look and feel your best.

Therabody app control.

Make the most of your device with the Therabody app. Customize and enhance your treatments with easy-to-follow routines and TheraMind sound therapy.
Person wearing sleep mask

Therabody wellness.

Feeling better starts here. Pain. Stress. Sleep. Living with daily discomfort doesn't have to be the norm.
Hot/cold pain therapy device

RecoveryTherm Cube.

Instant hot, cold and contrast therapy provides targeted pain relief and injury recovery.
Person using percussion massager

Therabody performance.

Devices to help you reach peak performance and get to the top of your game.
Percussion massager

Theragun PRO Plus.

Providing six cutting-edge treatments, Therabody’s first multi-therapy massage device is engineered to unlock exceptional performance.
People using skin care products

Therabody beauty.

Treat your skin at the cellular level with products designed to help lift, tone and firm quickly and effectively.
Skin care mask

Therabody TheraFace Mask.

A breakthrough LED skin care mask with vibration therapy. Clinically proven to reduce fine lines and improve radiance in just 9 minutes a day.*
*Results based on a 12-week clinical study with 31 subjects and a 1x/day use of pre-programmed 9-minute treatment.