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Base of Vitamix blender, bowl of soup, garlic cloves, whole onion, salad

Whole begins here.

Vitamix blender on countertop near cutting board with vegetables and person rinsing a bowl of food in sink

Vitamix blenders.

Discover all the amazing dishes you can create with Vitamix. Whatever your culinary ambition or your kitchen design, you’ll find the right blender here.
Vitamix blender base with food processor attachment on countertop in kitchen

Vitamix accessories and attachments.

Additional containers, attachments and accessories give you the power to realize even more culinary dreams with your Vitamix blender.
Food recycler on countertop in kitchen

Vitamix FoodCycler Eco 5.

Fruit cores, vegetable peels, dairy, chicken bones and more—the FoodCycler transforms food scraps into fertilizer and reduces your family’s food waste.

Why Vitamix?

For a century, it’s been Vitamix’s mission to make healthy eating easier for everyone.
Engineered and assembled in the USA, these blenders are built to last.
Vitamix full warranties (up to 10 years) cover parts, performance and return shipping both ways.

See what you can create with Vitamix (5 items)

Vitamix blender, food processor attachment, immersion blender, food recycler on countertop

Healthy made easy.

Vitamix makes it easy to include more whole food in every meal.