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If you’re looking for a computer that’s fast, secure and smart, you’ll find it all in Chromebook. Discover the new way to laptop.

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Learn about Plus and Premium Chromebooks


All Chromebooks offer speedy, secure and simple computing. Plus Chromebooks and Premium Chromebooks offer all of that and more.


Plus Chromebooks.

Fast performance, smooth video calls and ample storage.

  • Smooth video calls*
  • Fast web browsing*
  • Ample storage for apps, photos and movies

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Teleconferencing on a Chromebook

Premium Chromebooks.

Best-in-class Chromebooks for multitasking and advanced workloads.

  • Fast multitasking with multiple apps and browser tabs open at the same time*
  • Smooth video calls and fast web browsing*
  • Fast media editing and game launch times*
  • Large storage capacity for apps, photos, and movies

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All Chromebooks

Plus Chromebooks

Premium Chromebooks

Speedy, secure and simple computing, including:

  • Built-in virus protection
  • Fast boot-up speed
  • Automatic updates
  • Easy setup

Works with Microsoft Word, Excel and PowerPoint*


Video call experience

Small- to medium-sized calls

Large calls

Large calls with multitasking

Ample storage for apps, photos and movies (64GB or more)


Large storage for apps, photos and movies (128GB or more)


Recommended for heavy multitasking*


Recommended for advanced tasks like photo and video editing


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Microsoft apps:
*Microsoft Word, Excel and PowerPoint are registered trademarks of Microsoft Corporation.

Performance statements:
*Tested on representative Chromebooks.