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Whole Home Wi-Fi


Whole Home
Wi-Fi Systems

Get strong, reliable Wi-Fi in every part of your home. Easy to install whole home Wi-Fi systems provide a strong signal from your attic to your basement and beyond with fewer dead spots and dropped signals.

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Whole-Home Wi-Fi Systems

These systems contain multiple Wi-Fi nodes. Ideal for homes larger than 2,500 square feet.

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Whole-Home Wi-Fi Single Units

Expands your existing Wi-Fi system or use as a stand-alone unit that's perfect for apartments.

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What is Whole Home Wi-Fi?

Rather than relying on a single router with range extenders, powerful Wi-Fi nodes are placed throughout the home providing seamless Wi-Fi coverage as you move from room to room without having to switch networks on your device.

Advantages of Whole Home Wi-Fi

Whole home Wi-Fi secondary units only need a wall outlet and not an Ethernet-modem hookup to work. This placement flexibility makes them ideal to work with many smart home products placed just outside the home including garage door openers, Wi-Fi doorbells, security cameras, speakers and more. Whole home Wi-Fi also provides enhanced network security and parental controls to monitor children's viewing.