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Nexus 5X, cell phones

The all-around champ is back.

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Nexus 5X, cell phones

Introducing Nexus 5X

Capturing the soul of the Nexus family, Nexus 5X offers a 5.2" display, top-line performance, and an all-day battery1 in a compact, lightweight device that's ready to take on the day with you.

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Hitting the Sweet Spot

Beneath the 5.2" display is a hexa-core Qualcomm Snapdragon 808 processor, for world-class speed at an affordable price.

A Powerful Camera That Captures More Light2

The larger 1.55 micron pixels capture more light, even in the dimmest conditions, for stunning images. A faster Google Camera app and smart Google Photos app will keep your memories at your fingertips.

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Simplified Security: One Fingertip

Access is quicker and more secure with a fingerprint sensor placed on the back of your device. One touch turns on your phone and unlocks compatible apps3.

Always New. Now Running Marshmallow.

Built from the inside out to make the most of the world's most popular OS, with Android 6.0 Marshmallow right out of the box and automatic software updates as they're released4.

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Google Drive, Gmail, YouTube, Google Search, Google Chrome, Google Maps

The Best of Google in the Palm of Your Hand

Your favorite Google apps come pre-installed. Search, Maps, Chrome, YouTube, Photos, Gmail, Drive, and so much more — it's all there waiting for you.