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Best Buy Corporate Gift Cards Frequently Asked Questions

How do I buy corporate gift cards?

Bulk gift card purchases for businesses, which are not resellers, can be made through the Corporate Gift Card Program. Bulk purchases for resellers and consumers are not accepted through the Corporate Gift Card Department.

What are the benefits of bulk ordering corporate gift cards?

There are no service fees or shipping charges for standard bulk orders. Discounts are applied to the first order that hits the volume discount threshold. Once the discount level is achieved, all orders through the remaining calendar year will receive a discount. All discounts start over at the beginning of a new calendar year.

Please allow two business days for processing on all plastic gift card orders before the order is shipped. You can use free two-day shipping on each order or upgrade to overnight shipping for an additional $10. All e-gift cards are processed within one business day of receiving the order and payment. Pre-payment of your order is required. Individual fulfillment options with a customized template are available for an additional fee. Contact us to get started.

Can I use the Best Buy logo to promote corporate gift cards?

With written pre-approval from Best Buy, your business can use the Best Buy brand, logo, and card designs within your promotional materials. Contact the Corporate Gift Card team to learn how.

Where can corporate gift cards be shipped?

The Corporate Gift Cards Program cannot ship gift cards outside of the U.S. For Canadian gift cards in bulk, please contact 866-721-4438 or


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