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Works with Philips Hue

Light for every moment

with Philips Hue compatible smart home products.

Discover the possibilities when you connect Philips Hue with voice assistants, security systems and other smart home devices.

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Voice assistants
Turn off the lights, dim the lights for a soft glow and more — all with your voice.
Smart lighting
Control the lighting with your smartphone or voice.
Connect your smart lighting system to your home network.
Motion sensors and detectors
Turn lights on or off automatically with motion sensors and detectors that work with Philips Hue.
Dimmers and switches
Dim the lights or brighten up the room with voice commands.
Security cameras
Connect your Philips Hue smart lighting to your security camera.
Home security
Help protect your property with a home security system that works with Philips Hue.
Smoke and carbon monoxide detectors
Connect your Hue lights with your smoke and carbon monoxide detectors to light your way in case of an emergency.
Wireless audio
Sync your smart lighting with your favorite tunes with Hue-enabled wireless speakers.

Hue-compatible products.

Control home lighting with Philips Hue.

Take your home lighting to a new level with Philips Hue. You can control your lights with your smartphone or voice, and pair your smart lighting with other Philips Hue compatible products.

Voice assistants.

Voice assistants like Amazon Alexa and the Google Assistant allow you to use voice commands to control smart lighting, smart thermostats, wireless speakers and other smart home products. Turn the lights on or off without getting up or dim the lights in the living room for a soft glow just by using your voice. Using a voice assistant that works with Hue makes it easy to change the lighting even when your hands are busy.

Home security.

Home automation systems help you keep an eye on your home from almost anywhere. When you choose a security system compatible with Hue, you can do even more to help protect your home. Philips Hue interacts with Nest security cameras to simulate your presence when you're not at home, switch off the lights when you leave the room and more.


Sync the lights to your music with wireless audio that works with Philips Hue. Add life to the party with colored lighting and pulsing effects that sync with the beat of the music.

You can also use Hue lighting to change the colors or brightness for bedtime stories, movie night and dinner with friends.

Wi-Fi tips.

Since smart home products and other devices rely on your Internet connection for reliable performance, you may want to consider upgrading your wireless network for a fast, smooth connection. See our Wi-Fi tips to learn more about building a strong home Wi-Fi network.