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Stay hydrated with this obsidian black LARQ water bottle. The self-cleaning feature automatically cleans the bottle and water every 2 hours, while the 25-oz. design fits in most cupholders for easy storage and access. This LARQ water bottle quickly purifies your beverage with the touch of a button for convenience. 

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  • Rated 5 out of 5 stars

    Clean water is the best water.

    Owned for 2 months by when reviewed.

    I love drinking cold water, but nothing beats clean water. I discovered this water bottle in my store and had to check it out from @LiveLARQ . Just like how people are sanitizing their phones, this bottle uses UV-C LED to clean and sanitized water from anywhere. If you forget to press the button to clean it, it will self activated every two hours. It takes only one minute to cleanse your water. Adventure mode will allow you to drink water from any source, especially useful if you do camping or hiking a lot. This is an environmentally way to drink water, instead of wasting garbage with plastic water bottles. Since it’s double insulated, it will keep water cold for 24 hours. LARQ also donates one percent of proceeds to “1% for the Planet”. They offer two different sizes, seventeen oz or twenty five oz and variety of colors. I went with Monaco Blue to match with my iPhone 12 Pro Max. @LiveLARQ @BestBuy @1PercentFTP Best Buy - El Camino Real, Mountain View, CA. #LARQ #WaterBottle #UVCLED #Sanitizer #25Oz #MonacoBlue #NoMorePlasticBottles #ColdWater #DoubleInsulation @LiveLARQ @BestBuy @1PercentFTP

  • Rated 5 out of 5 stars

    Amazing concept, works great!


    The LARQ - 25 oz. Water Purification Thermal Bottle is truly a revolutionary water bottle that I believe is definitely worth the investment even if you don’t plan on taking it outdoors for use with river water as shown on the LARQ website. I use the bottle as my everyday drinking bottle and only use regular drinking water in it. Since I work a 9 to 5 desk job, I try to make sure I drink water regularly throughout the day and previously used a non-insulated plastic bottle for this purpose. Unfortunately, that bottle would start to smell and the water would begin to taste funny after about a week of using the bottle even though I would only use it for water. Now with the LARQ Water Purification Thermal Bottle, there is no more funny smell or taste, just clean, fresh water all the time with the added bonus of amazing insulation that seems to really keep my water cold for very long periods of time. When I leave work and return the next day, whatever water that was left in the bottle from the previous day still seems to be the same temperature. One thing to note is in normal mode, the bottle supposedly activates the UV light for one minute on its own every 2 hours but I still haven’t been able to catch the bottle doing this yet. I haven’t really timed it and looked for it to activate on its own and based on the constant freshness of the water, I don’t really doubt that it is doing what it claims to do. Overall, I am very impressed with the LARQ - 25 oz. Water Purification Thermal Bottle and I highly recommend it!

  • Rated 5 out of 5 stars

    Cleanest water I’ve tasted!


    I try to drink water all day and we have filtered water in the refrigerator, but I still could taste the “sediment” as our towns tap water quality is not the best. Once I started using this bottle, I immediately noticed the improvement in taste. I like that the water is being cleaned and sanitized, but it also because it tastes really good. When my work travel resumes this bottle is coming with me – now I can have confidence the tap water I drink anywhere in the country will taste like water from a spring fed stream. Everyone that takes a sip says “Wow! It tastes so clean and refreshing!" The instructions say you only need to charge about once a month which is great. It’s a LITTLE heavy, but I like to call it “sturdy.” I’ve even used it to purify a bottle of water then poured it into other water bottles. The purifying cycle is so fast, only 60 seconds and there is a blue ring on the lid that is lit when purifying and shuts off when finished. It also has very good insulation and a bottle of ice water will stay cold all day long. It's a bit pricey, but worth it!

LARQ - 25 oz. Water Purification Thermal Bottle - Obsidian Black

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