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When it comes to creating the complete home theater experience, there's a LG 4K Ultra HD TV that fits your lifestyle.

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Color Like You've Never Seen

Serious watchers will discover every detail with a billion rich colors on a Nano Cell Display* TV. Sunny summer days are brighter, and the nighttime skies are darker. SUPER UHD provides a deeper, more natural color, so shows and movies stop being something you simply watch, and start becoming an experience you take part in.

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Nano Cell Display:
Deeper, More Natural Colors

Discover more detail, more explosive colors, more everything with Nano Cell Display televisions. Exclusive to LG, these SUPER UHD TVs represent a breakthrough in LED technology. No matter which seat in the TV room you choose — straight on or at an angle — colors look truer and black levels look deeper.

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Color guide

Ultrafine Color Expression Through Nano Cell Technology

How do we see color? The wavelengths of reflected light determine the colors we see. Nano Cell Display TVs are composed of nano particles that are integrated into the panel. These particles absorb any light interface and drastically enhance the color accuracy displayed on the screen. Nano Cell Display produces a billion rich colors for a clearer, more lifelike 4K picture.

Lifelike Picture with Over
a Billion Rich Colors

Nano Cell Display reveals a billion lifelike colors, 64 times richer than conventional TV. This ability to produce a full spectrum of color results in superior picture quality.

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A Billion Rich Colors

The availability of a billion rich colors* gives the TV a palette 64 times broader than conventional televisions, to reproduce images with far more subtle and precise gradations, for a more lifelike picture.

SUPER UHD Cinematic Experience

LG SUPER UHD TVs deliver an experience that rivals the local theater. webOS streams the finest entertainment in just a few clicks, looking bold and rich thanks to Active HDR with Dolby Vision. And the premium Harman Kardon audio system fills the room with deep, nuanced sound.

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Harman Kardon Sound

From the masters of home audio, Harman Kardon, comes built-in TV audio that truly performs. The speakers on LG SUPER UHD TVs have been custom-tuned to provide clean, powerful, full-range audio that fills any TV room.

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Enjoy the Most HDR Content

From brilliant brights to the deepest darks, LG SUPER UHD TV offers the ultimate expression of high dynamic range. Unlike some other 4K televisions, LG SUPER UHD TVs support Dolby Vision, optimizing the picture scene-by-scene, as well as the new backward-compatible HLG HDR standard so viewers get more options for premium content.

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LG SUPER UHD TV supports premium HDR Dolby Vision, which is favored by renowned filmmakers from all over the world. LG SUPER UHD TV not only delivers Dolby Vision, but also offers compatibility with other HDR formats such as HDR10 and HLG.

TV, Dolby Vision, HDR10, HLG

LG SUPER UHD TV, supporting premium HDR Dolby Vision, processes Dolby Vision's dynamic metadata1 within each frame, to present the intended vision of the director in your very own living room. HDR10 and HLG are rendered by LG SUPER UHD TV's exclusive processing. By applying dynamic data produced by LG TV processing on a scene-by-scene basis, all types of content are displayed with improved HDR quality.2

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webOS 3.5 Smart TV

webOS brings together all of the most popular streaming video apps, including Netflix, brought to life in 4K, HDR or enhanced with HDR effect. And webOS gives you access to more than 70 free premium Internet channels through the LG Channel Plus app.*

TV, Streaming service

Channel the Internet

Get free IP channels including Got Talent Global, Outside TV Shorts, Just for Laughs and more integrated right into the television. Discover premium new entertainment, sports and lifestyle programming or enjoy old favorites any time.*

Streaming services, CH Plus, Xumo

Gorgeous Picture, No Matter How You Look at It

From the front or from the side, every seat in the TV room gets a clear, vibrant picture without washed-out tones. Thanks to IPS technology, LG SUPER UHD TVs ensure any view is a great one, not just those front and center.

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Viewing angle

Research shows that about 60% of people watch TV off axis, defined as any viewing angle that is more than 15° from center, at which picture quality begins to degrade in a conventional TV.