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JennAir Appliances


Provocative design and exceptional performance.

Through exceptional performance, masterful execution and provocative design, JennAir offers distinct luxury appliances that push form and function to transform spaces.
Curate endless possibilities with kitchen appliances designed to cook, cool and clean with ease.

Explore RISE and NOIR design expressions.

One defiant identity and two progressive expressions. Discover the duality of the two full-suite designs by JennAir.

Daringly brilliant, the RISE design expression.

Seize the kitchen. Seize the throne. Through obsessive craftsmanship crowned with indulgent details ranging from brass-capped burners beneath geometric cast-iron grates to asymmetrical knurling on every handle, the RISE design expression is a luxury suite that's designed to rule.

Alluring sophistication, the NOIR design expression.

Sculpted details. Minimalist silhouette. Geometry and sensuality collide to shatter your expectations of luxury. From crisp lines to pooling, liquid reflections, the NOIR design expression defines a luxury suite that's undeniably elegant and defiantly modern.

Cooktop customization and refrigeration innovation.

Fully customizable cooktops.

JennAir is fully committed to creating kitchen designs that feel truly bespoke. Free yourself from one-size-fits-all luxury with two distinct design expressions, RISE and NOIR, and thousands of configuration options. Live outside the lines with adaptive pieces you can customize to any space.

Column refrigeration.

Open your eyes to columns that redefine refrigeration. Satisfy cravings in the quiet cool, which is controlled by precise Trinity Cooling and Divinity Freezing. Open wide to daring Obsidian interiors, which are illuminated by ecliptic lighting that comes alive as you touch the controls.

Defy limitations by discovering the capabilities of connectivity.

Remote access.

Connect to Wi-Fi and, through the JennAir app on your smartphone, get real-time notifications, access to guides and manuals, personalized settings and control of your appliances from anywhere.

Smart integration.

With an Alexa-enabled or Google Assistant-enabled smart speaker, you can use simple voice commands to assist with things like adjusting cooking times or turning off the oven.

Culinary intelligence.

Indulge in culinary adventures that are precisely tailored to your preferences and offer step-by-step assisted cooking recipes, timers and more. Look and learn your way to creating unforgettable dishes.

Discover more high-end JennAir appliances.

Built-in refrigerators.

Clean lines. Elongated silhouettes. Choose from bottom-freezer, French door or side-by-side refrigerators to create your bespoke design, beautifully showcasing food items against the daring obsidian interior.

Wall ovens.

Double. Single. Microwave combination. Master the incredible with an intelligent culinary experience that awaits your touch. Beyond a dark glass expanse, cinematic lighting illuminates smooth racks, flat lines and an enticing jet-black interior.

Cooktops and rangetops.

Design your own destiny. Gas. Induction. Wok. Griddle. Downdraft or updraft ventilation. A bold look. Commercial-style details. Powerful burners offer precise heat control ideal for countless cooking techniques.

Professional-style ranges.

Progress ignites with a JennAir professional-style range. Choose from 34 JennAir range configurations, including gas grills, electric griddles and dual-stacked burners. In the oven, a dual-fan true convection system weaves hot air evenly over each glide rack.


Inside, a storm rages as relentless power and technology bring every dish and glass to a state of refined clean. While outside, tranquility resides with sleek lines wrapped in high design.

Urban-space living.

Luxe indulgences designed for small spaces. Capture inspiration with a full suite of small-space appliances, including built-in coffee makers, steam ovens, speed ovens, warming drawers, microwaves and module cooktops.

About JennAir.

It all started with a rebel. Defying convention with the introduction of downdraft ventilation, Lou Jenn forged the path to an open concept and changed the kitchen forever. Progress is in JennAir's DNA, challenging the idea of a single face of luxury with two unapologetic design expressions — RISE and NOIR.

JennAir crafts distinctive luxury kitchen appliances that push form and function to transform spaces. With exceptional performance, masterful execution and provocative design, JennAir offerings are powerful, yet bespoke to individual tastes, shattering norms to deliver the progress that today's luxury consumer deserves.

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