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Cyber Monday Deals on car tech.

Save on car audio electronics this Cyber Monday.

A popular solution for a boring commute is your own customized car audio, and Cyber Monday is a big day for saving on car electronics and in-car entertainment. This includes bargains on satellite radio, stereo receivers or other discount car audio, along with speakers, amplifiers, subwoofers, you name it.

Whatever you’re looking for, you’ll improve your chances of making your best buying decision if you answer some questions before browsing the car audio Cyber Monday special buys. For instance, can you plug into your existing speakers, or will you want a new system with speakers, and perhaps an amplifier and subwoofer? Are you looking for a new receiver, one that plays CDs/DVDs/MP3s or enables access your music library? Or is satellite radio more to your liking, with its many commercial-free stations offering every genre of talk, sports and music? And, if you already have an audio system you love, you should check out the remote car starters, a security system, or maybe even a GPS unit during this sales event.

Cyber Monday GPS navigation deal.

Many current automobiles have integrated GPS systems, but if your car doesn’t, and if you’re like most people who hate being late or lost, you might want to check out the Cyber Monday GPS specials you’ll find here. The following are a few things to consider that may help you make your best selection. For instance, think about the screen size and resolution that will allow you to get pertinent information easily, quickly and at a glance. And, are color display and touch-screen capability important to you? What maps will you need? Generally, maps for the United States come preloaded, and some even come in 3D. You may want to select a GPS system that includes lifetime map updates to keep you current with changing conditions.

For many, turn-by-turn voice prompts are a must-have, and some units recognize your voice commands, allowing hands-free navigation. Real-time traffic updates and auto-rerouting are other features that may serve you well, and many GPS receivers keep track of all the information relating to trips, providing a detailed record that includes your maximum speed, estimated arrival times and total mileage. The bottom line is, if you’ve been thinking about getting GPS, Cyber Monday is an ideal time to find the unit you want at a reduced price.

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