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  • Rating: 3 out of 5 stars

    A missed opportunity by JayBird

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    My daily drivers for headphones right now is a pair of JayBird Tarah Pro earbuds. They deliver great audio in a comfortable package and provide more battery life than I can run through in a given day, listening to music. But they aren't "true wireless" earbuds, since they have a wire connecting each ear, with a control panel near one side. Because of that, I was really excited to try the JayBird Run XTs since they are a true wireless set, with nothing but my head connecting each ear. I also tried another pair of true wireless earbuds not long ago that left me disappointed after experiencing a decent product package marred by merely average audio, and a bit of misleading marketing hype. I dove into these Run XTs with high hopes and expectations, and I find myself walking away, yet again, feeling let down by a good thing that just couldn't pull it together for the finish. The packaging delivers typical JayBird fare, with a sleek black box with a minimalist appearance, and a hard case featured once you open the front flap. The case contains the earbuds and a flap at the bottom contains an accessory bag with multiple ear fins, and ear tips. The earbuds charge when placed in the case, and there is a short micro-USB cable behind another compartment to plug into the case and charge it up. The case itself feels solid and well made, as does each earbud. Each earbud contains a button behind the JayBird logo for control. It could require a bit less pressure to press, but it feels solid and prevents a cheap, mushy feel while not requiring too much pressure that it causes pain in your ear. Connecting these is straight forward, and the JayBird app guides you through the process if you have any difficulties. From my experience with the Tarah Pros I have found that JayBird does a great job delivering a solid user experience in large part because of their app. Not only does it walk through connecting the Run XTs, but it helps provide guidance on fitment, provides tons of configurable equalizer settings thanks to community submissions, and in the case of the Run XTs, it allows you to toggle settings for the earbud buttons. Once connected and adjusted for proper fitment, I found them to be comfortable to wear for long periods of time, and I was able to consistently place them back into a comfortable position each time I removed them. My ears are most comfortable with the size 2 fins and tips, but there are 3 other options, including some new oval tips to help fit a variety of ear shapes and sizes. The packaging advertises 4 hours of run time plus an additional 8 hours of charge out of the case. I appreciate that they didn't lump it all into one advertised "12 hours of runtime" label like I have seen on other packaging. To test this battery claim, I set these up with continuous playback at a moderate audio level, which was just loud enough I could hear the music when they sat on the desk, and they ran from 10:33am until 3:03pm, for a total 4.5 hours of runtime. I didn't test the charge level of the case, but I would expect the charge capacity to be on par with the advertised 8 hours based on the earbuds exceeding claims. Audio quality was as expected based on previous JayBird experience. I found the sound quality to be very good, though a bit flat out of the box. As mentioned, the JayBird app provides enough equalizer settings to appeal to various tastes of music or listening preferences. Though you have to connect to a mobile device to change this setting through the app, it still provides a level of customization and flexibility not available on less expensive sets. When compared to the Tarah Pros, I think the Tarahs sound a bit better, but these still sound above average for earbuds and delivered really good sound quality. I also found call quality to be quite clear and no one reported issues hearing me on the microphone. Many times phone calls can sound like you're in a tunnel when talking on earbuds like these, but I found them to be very acceptable for phone calls, though it does operate only through the right ear. Unfortunately, as good as these fit and sound, there are some fatal flaws that bug me too much to fully enjoy these. Especially because they could be so much better. First, I have tested cheaper pairs of true wireless earbuds that have a charging case that includes an attached cable that tucks into the based of it so you're never worried about being able to plug them in. When you're working with 8-10 hours of charge time in the case, this might seem silly, but it's much easier to keep track of one all-inclusive piece than to also keep track of the cable to charge them. Granted the cable included is longer than the set I have with one attached, and micro-USB is pretty common. Still, I prefer the other case design over these Run XTs because I don't have to worry when I travel. Speaking of the case, while it's design is nice, rounded, and sleek, it's thicker than the other set, and isn't as comfortable in my pocket. It's fine to toss in a backpack or purse, but I found it uncomfortable in a jeans pocket. Another thing that bothers me about these is the control scheme. Out of the box the buttons on the earbuds control Play/Pause on the right ear, and Google or Siri from the left. A double press on the right ear skips forward in your song list. However, to control volume you have to change the button settings in the JayBird app, which then replaces the single click action on each earbud with a volume up or down control. That means you can then no longer control Play/Pause. I criticized the button controls on the other set of true wireless earbuds I tested, but as hard as the buttons were to press, they at least controlled volume as well as Play/Pause and skip functions. While the audio quality on the other set wasn't as good, the control experience was much better and they cost far less than the Run XTs. The final thing that bugs me about these is something I dislike about the Tarah Pros as well, and that's the fact that you cannot connect to multiple devices at once. If you have them connected to a computer, for instance, and want to use them for a phone call, you're out of luck. Additionally, if you want to change the button controls or equalizer settings and you aren't connected to your phone, you have to disconnect them from whatever they are connected to, connect them to your phone, change your settings, and then repeat the process to reconnect them to what you want. I love the idea of a solid pair of true wireless earbuds that fit comfortably, and have good sound quality, and I had high hopes for these. But the control issues and case design plus lack of attached charging cable keep me from wanting to use these. My Tarah Pros sound a bit better, give the ability to control volume and playback without changing the controls, and last 16+ hours on a single charge. I can also keep them with me, using their included soft case that holds the earbuds and the cable while taking up far less room than the charging case for these. Because of that, I find myself sticking to my Tarah Pros as my daily set, and holding out for a revision of these that addresses the issues that keep them from being as good as they could be. At best, I find these to be good sound quality constrained within a rather mediocre package. If you absolutely need true wireless and can overlook the negatives, these do sound really good and fit really well. But if you don't need true wireless, the Tarah Pros are a better package, in my opinion, and feel better thought out.

    No, I would not recommend this to a friend

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      Jaybird Support Team

      Hi Daved,

      We appreciate your detailed feedback on the Jaybird Run XT. We're glad you liked the battery, packaging, connectivity and the app. We're sorry to hear that it did not meet your expectations with regard to some of the design and features and we'd like to help. Just send us an email at and we will get you taken care of.
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  • Rating: 4 out of 5 stars

    Great choice for active athletes - waterproof!

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    These days, there are so many choices when it comes to wireless earbuds. Everyone company that makes headphones/earphones is introducing wireless earbuds! For the most part, all the ones I’ve tested so far are all very good as far as sound quality, (Apple, Bose, Jabra, and of course Jaybird). That said, a big part of the deciding factor may come from other criteria such as size, how well they fit and usability. This past week, I had the privilege to test the new Jaybird RUN XT! One of the major improvements over original RUN earbuds is the IPX7 water resistance rating. The original RUN did not have an IPX rating. What the IPX7 rating means is that these can be immersed in water up to 1 meter in depth. The rating scale of IPX 1-7 varies from water dripping on them, to being splashed with water and with 7, being immersed in water. Included in the box: 2 earbuds, 3 sizes of fittings, a USB cable and a charging case that resembles a giant pill. This charging case stores your earbuds and provides an additional 8 hours of charging time for a total of up to 12 hours! Setup: These earphones are very easy to setup, just like any other bluetooth device, you simply pair it to your phone. However, these can only be paired to one device at a time. If it’s connected to my iPad, I would have to manually disconnect it. Downloading the JayBird App will allow you to customize the sound, there are some sound presets or you can create your own sound profile. I found this app to be a must have as the sound quality out of the box was flat. With the app, you can “customize” your button settings. It’s basically standard mode, where you can use the buttons on the left and right earbuds to control music and use Siri for use to control volume. Not the most robust customization but good to have an option. I chose to leave it in default mode and use my physical phone buttons to control the volume. The app also has a “Find My Buds” feature that allows you to locate your earbuds if you misplace them. Usability: Each earbud comes with 3 outer and 3 inner fittings. I found the middle ones that came attached worked for me. Also, what I noticed is that these headphones have to be in your ear good and snug for the base levels to sound good. The rubber tip should be almost inside your ear canal. For me, that took a few seconds of fidgeting. The sound quality out if the box was okay, the equalizer settings on the app helped. The right earbud is the master, you can take off the left earbud and put it in the case and the right will continue to work. This is nice when you’re walking in the streets so you can be aware of your surroundings. If I take off the right, the left continues to work until I place the right info the case. Playtime: according to manufacturers specs, fully charged RUN XT’s can last 4 hours. Then you would use the charging case to charge them up again. The case can charge the earbuds up to 8 hours additional. A 5 minute quick charge provides 1 hour of use. In the week that I’ve used these, this seems accurate. When you place them in the case, the 3 LED’s let you know the charge status, green for charged and red on the middle LED lets you know the case itself needs charging. Pros: 1. I like the size of these earbuds, they’re not very large and don’t stick out much when you’re using them. 2. Secure fit - With 3 sets of silicone inserts, finding a comfortable fit should be easy. I used these while jogging and working out at the gym, I did not have any issues with them falling out. After a few minutes, you forget they’re there. 3. Play time of 4 hours +8 hours with the case is very good, the charging case measures about 3” and 1 1/2” in diameter (see my “cons”). 4. Very good sound quality, on a scale of 1-10, I would give these a 7 for sound. Cons (in the order of annoyance): 1. When I’m in a music app and switch to video, such as YouTube, the sound disconnects. I would have to pause and hit play for the audio to come through the earbuds. 2. Intermittent drop out - the left earbud occasionally disconnected on me. 3. Case design: the case, although attractive and sturdy, is an oval pill. For men’s pant pockets, it’s on the large side. Also, I find the button to open the case can be inadvertently pressed easily. When I had it in my gym bag and weekend bag, it opened a few times accidentally. When that happens, all the audio is routed to the earbuds when I didn’t want it to. See my photo for size comparison as compared to another brands. 4. Button placement: the button on the earbuds is on the end of the earphone, to press the button, you have to press it towards your ear, this can sometimes be uncomfortable as the earphones are already deep in your ear. 5. If you plan on using these for phone calls, note that these are mono, the voice comes out of the right ear only. Overall, in spite of the cons I’ve listed, they are very nice and capable earbuds for active individuals. If you are concerned with water hazards (mud runs perhaps) or sweat a lot, these would be the earbuds you want. If the IPX7 rating is not critical, check the offerings from other brands before jumping in these.

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  • Rating: 5 out of 5 stars

    Waterproof, Stable Bluetooth, Great Sound

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    These wireless sports headphones sound great and are effectively waterproof. They create a rock solid strong and stable Bluetooth connection. --DESIGN AND USE-- To get the best sound and fit, it is important to first choose the ear tips and ear fins that fit your ear size best. The ear tips should totally cover your ear canal. Included are round and oval silicone ear tips in sizes small and medium. The ear fins come in 4 different sizes. Once I got a good fit it was very easy to forget that I was wearing them. They also never felt as if they were going to fall out of my ears. The hard case and headphones are functionally an integrated system. The case stores and protects them while doubling as an external battery. Simply insert them into the case to charge them. To charge the case use the included micro USB cable. This very clever design safeguards the headphones from loss or damage by requiring that they be kept in the case to be charged. The headphones fit perfectly into the case, and a charging indicator lights on the case displays the battery level. I really like that these headphones automatically turn on when removed from the case. When I remove the right one from the case, it turns on automatically and pairs to my phone. Then I remove the left one and it automatically turn on and pairs to the right one. This is preferable to having to power each one individually. They also automatically turn off when returned to the case. The right headphone is the primary and the left headphone cannot be used independently of the right one. So, if you intend to use only one, it must always be the right one.Also the left one must be within a few inches of the right one to work. It took about two hours to fully charge the case and headphones. After being fully charged the headphones are rated to last 4 hours. The case is rated to charge them another 2 times, for a total of about 12 hours of rated use. After several charge cycles I found the rated times to be accurate, and actually got a little longer that 4 hours of use at moderate volume levels. A 5 minute charge can provide one hour of playtime. The multi-function control buttons worked well once I got used to it. The right and left headphones each have a button. The buttons can play/pause, skip forward, answer/end calls, decline calls, and activate Siri or Google Assistant. The headphones are very lightweight and because of the silicone ear tips very comfortable to wear. It is very easy to forget that you are wearing them. The headphones and case look and feel very well constructed. They are very attractive and prominently display the Jaybird symbol. The IPX7 rating makes them waterproof. While I fully intend to not submerge them in water, it is nice that if they did go in the drink that they will not be ruined. --SOUND QUALITY-- For me the most important thing about headphones is that they sound good. These headphones deliver hard hitting premium sound quality.The sound is detailed, accurate, and full range. They also put out an impressive amount of volume and bass for their size. If this is your first pair of high end headphones you are going to be blown away at how good they sound. The Jaybird App has several different EQ presets available to help customize the sound. There is also a customizable EQ, so that you can adjust the sound to your individual preference and to accommodate various content. This is critical because content can be mixed at such different levels that adjusting the EQ can help greatly with performance. When on a call they default to mono sound, which is preferable so there is not an annoying echo. The call quality is typical for compact headphones. --BOTTOM LINE-- I give the Jaybird RUN XT headphones excellent marks for design, sound quality, and comfort. They are perfect for taking on outside adventures.The strong and stable Bluetooth connection and waterproof design makes these the best active lifestyle wireless headphones on the market.

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  • Rating: 4 out of 5 stars

    True Wireless, Comfortable, Music/Call Headphones

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    Sweat and Waterproof with a 4-hour play time and quick charge case providing 2 full charges, the Jaybird RUN XT is a true wireless headphone; and with the many interchangeable cushioning parts it becomes a true wireless sports headphone. It took a couple of adjustments for me to find the right silicone ear gels (oval and round available) and fin, but when I did, I found these to be very comfortable and secure in my ear. There are four choices to choose from. The headphones paired easily with my iPad, iPhone and iWatch and are made to be compatible with any Bluetooth device including iPod touch, Android, Windows, Blackberry, Android Wear Smartwatches, PC, Mac and gaming devices. After pairing, I downloaded the Jaybird app which I found to be extensive. It not only has a feature to help you find your Jaybirds if needed, but it also allows full customization for listening preference with the use of an EQ. There are also 8 presets and 12 different genres from which to choose. The app offers ongoing podcast from runners which also helps make it an interactive, current app. The charging case is compact and gives two full recharges to your earbuds. The percentage of charge left is announced when you place the earbuds in your ears, and they are turned on. Five minutes of charging provides 1 hour of playing time. The earbuds start charging as soon as you place them in the charging case and close the lid. When the green LED pulses, the earbuds are charging and when it turns solid green, the earbuds are fully charged. They are marked as either left or right. A better design feature would have been to attach the charging cord permanently to the case. This design makes it something else to keep up if I charge the case other than in my home office. But I do like the feature that if the buds are removed and not placed immediately in the charging case, they will automatically turn off within 30 minutes. Controlling the earbuds is also easy. Removing them from the case will turn them on and returning them to the case will turn them off. They can also both be manually turned on or off. Manually turning them both off can be done by pressing for 3 seconds on either bud, whereas a single press on each bud will turn them on (not jointly as the off button works). The feature I like most about these headphones is that it is so easy to take calls and control music on the run. There is a built-in microphone in the right earbud and when making or receiving calls, the right earbud switches to single or mono mode. I really like this feature because I am most often multi-tasking. The button on the left can activate Siri or Google Assistant with a single press. A single press on the right bud will play/pause/accept or end a call. A simple double press on the right bud will skip forward or decline a call. These are very simple commands to offer such convenience. After I had used the earbuds for a few days, I was in an area where surrounding technology caused them to lose their Bluetooth pairing and when I re-paired them to my phone, I seemed to have minimal but noticeable distortion and audio issues. I did a hard reset once and a soft reset once which seems to have eliminated all the problems. The soft reset is simple to execute and only requires that the right earbud be placed into the charging case and the lid closed. When the case is reopened, the soft reset has been performed. A hard reset involves turning the right earbud off for 3 seconds, then holding that button down for six seconds until the LED flashed green. After this the button must be pressed twice. The LED will then flash orange and the earbud will turn itself off. At this point the earbuds have been totally reset. So, if you run into any issues at all, you should perform a soft, and possibly a hard reset. This should allow you to receive the quality performance that these are designed to deliver. To pair the earbuds to different devices, I was able to do so by following the first two steps of the hard-reset process and following the voice prompt. I would recommend these. They stay securely in my ears and are very comfortable and easy to use. The headphones do lack any noise cancelling, but with the low harmonic distortion of 5%, the stereo sound is still premium.

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  • Rating: 5 out of 5 stars

    Best Active True Wireless far

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    I've owned MANY Bluetooth sport headphones. Some truly wireless, others not. I've owned PowerBeats 2, Sony WF-1000X, Sony in-ear sport headphones, Bose Soundsport (not truly wireless), Anker brand, Rowkin Ascent, JLab Audio Epic Air (the worst of them all). They all have pros and cons and some flaws. NONE are perfect. The one common theme among them all is that the sound quality doesn't match traditional headphones or high end (non-active) Bluetooth headphones. If I had to pick, the best sounding one I've used is the Sony WF-1000X. The one that stayed on my ears the best was the PowerBeats 2 (almost exclusively because of the ear "hook" design). TIP ON FIT So I'm assuming if you're reading this, you're interested in truly wireless sport headphones, or at least just Bluetooth sport headphones that are connected together with a cable. If you've never purchased any, I cannot emphasize enough that you need to take TIME to make sure that the headphone tips are the best for your ears. All of the headphones I mentioned above come with alternative tips. Take your time in finding the right ones. It makes ALL the difference in the world, don't just rely on the ones already attached. In some instances I found a better fit with one sized tip in one ear, and a different sized tip in the next. But you need to experiment when you first open the package.Put them in your ears, make some silly faces and see if you can feel them come out, lean your head from side-to-side, go walking, go running. If they don't fit properly, not only will the sound not be as pleasant, but there's nothing more annoying than fiddling with headphones while you're on the move. TIP ON CONTROLLING YOUR MUSIC Another word of caution is user control or changing songs from the headphones themselves. When i go running, I carry my phone in my hand. I change the music, adjust the volume, all through my phone. I never (at least almost never) use the buttons on the headphones. They're too small and finicky. And I'm a bit superstitious, I'm afraid if I try to hit a small button, I'll ruin the fit in my ear. I say this because if you are generally someone who runs with your phone in a sleeve on your arm and you control the music with your headphones, your experience might vary. Obviously with such small headphones, there just isn't a lot of real estate for buttons. And for touch sensitive buttons (like the Rowkin Ascent) don't even get me started. Those are too inconsistent to use when you're standing still. The Jaybird's buttons do have a tactile feel (they "click") which makes it easy to find, and to change songs you tap twice to go forward, three times to go back a song, and once to pause. Pretty simple. I don't change the volume on my headphones, that I almost always set and forget. So if you like keeping your phone away and changing songs on the device itself, these headphones should be okay for you. I found them responsive, but I just don't prefer to control my music with the headphones. STORAGE CASE All truly wireless headphones come with a charging case. This is essential to charge and to make sure you don't lose them. Every case that came with truly wireless headphones offer the ability to charge the headphones at least once. This is nice because when you're done with a workout, you pop them in, and they recharge for the next use. Downside to most cases, you don't know how much battery you have. And it's not something you think about until you're ready for your next workout, but luckily most cases (the Jaybird in particular) offer the ability to quick charge your headphones if they're dead, giving you an hour for 5 minutes of charge. I've not tested the whole "does 5 minutes equal one hour," but I've plugged them into my USB port in my car on the way to the gym and was able to get through my workout with battery left. A big concern about the cases though, is how many times can they charge your headphones and is it reliable. I say this because the Rowkin Ascent just stopped holding a charge. I could fully charge it, and all of the battery (the case was supposed to give you 50 hours of playback time) would drain within 3 days of non-use. This was unacceptable. The Sony WF-1000X, arguably the best sounding headphones of the group, had a terrible case. After a month or so of use, the headphones would only charge to 70% (as indicated on my phone) and they would mysteriously turn on and connect to my phone while they were in the case. Plus, the case would only charge the headphones maybe once: it had terribly battery life. It's also nice for the case to turn the headphones off when you put them in the case. What I mean is, you get done with your workout, you put the headphones in the case and they turn off and begin charging. Some headphones wou