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Metroid: Zero Mission - Nintendo Wii U [Digital]-Front_Standard

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  • Rating: 4 out of 5 stars

    Relive the Original


    Huge Metroid fan here. It's my favorite of the Nintendo series. This game delivered... mostly. What I loved about it was that it was a guided retelling of the original Metroid game. You play through Samus' first encounter with Mother Brain. The game gives you maps and a path from beginning to end. Sweet!! What I hated was after you defeated Mother Brain. The original Metroid game ends. This game gives you another area to explore. This new area was frustrating and felt very unnecessary. If you complete the entire game, you can play the original NES Metroid. In that respect, you're getting 2 games in 1. Metroid is a solid platformer. You start with very little. As the game progresses, you find new abilities and weapons in corridors and lairs. The drive is to get stronger as you progress. Then apply all of your new abilities and honed skills against the end-level challenges. The game tried to add some cutscenes to tell a more robust story than the original. While I applaud their attempt, it ultimately failed. The gameplay is what kept me engaged. Despite the long ending to this game, I would recommend Metroid Zero Mission. The game was fun, and a novel way to experience Samus' first outing without having to dig out an original Nintendo.

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