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    Wemo - Mini WiFi Smart Plug - White-Front_Standard

    • Model: F7C063
    • SKU: 5711458
    Convert almost any electronic device into a smart appliance with the Wemo Mini Wi-Fi smart plug. It plugs into any outlet and lets you control attached appliances via mobile devices.
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    Wemo - Mini WiFi Smart Plug (3-Pack) - White-Front_Standard

    • Model: F7C063-BDL
    • SKU: 6183510
    Manage devices from anywhere with these Wemo mini smart plugs. They insert into standard electrical outlets and connect to your home's Wi-Fi network, providing convenient remote control of lights and fans via the free Wemo app. These three Wemo mini smart plugs are sleek and compact, so they won't prevent other sockets from being used.
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    Insignia™ - Wi-Fi Smart Plug - White-Front_Standard

    • Model: NS-SP1X7
    • SKU: 5529012
    Only at Best Buy Automate your home with this Insignia Wi-Fi smart plug. It controls most electrical devices, including lights, air conditioners and kitchen appliances, and its Insignia Connect app sets up to 10 timers, including daily and weekly schedules. This Insignia Wi-Fi smart plug links to your home's Wi-Fi network and is accessible from any location through an iOS or Android device.
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    Rocketfish™ - Banana Plugs (10-Pack) - Multi-Front_Standard

    • Model: RF-G1195
    • SKU: 9642097
    Only at Best Buy Ensure optimal signal transfer with these Rocketfish™ RF-G1195 banana plugs, which feature 24K gold-plated connectors that help prevent corrosion and deliver enhanced performance. Centerpin technology makes installation quick and easy.
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    Rocketfish™ - Speaker Cable Banana Plugs (4-Pack) - Red/Black-Front_Standard

    • Model: RF-G1190
    • SKU: 9397495
    Only @ Best Buy These banana plugs feature 24K gold-plated connectors that minimize corrosion and ensure maximum signal transfer. The Centerpin technology allows for easy installation with no wire stripping.
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    Wemo - Insight Plug - White/Gray-Front_Standard

    • Model: F7C029FC
    • SKU: 2300063
    Belkin WeMo F7C029FC Insight Plug: Monitor your energy usage and control your home electronics from almost anywhere using your Android or Apple® smartphone or tablet. Receive personalized notifications about your devices from the WeMo App.
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    TP-LINK - Wi-Fi Smart Plug (2-Pack) - White-Front_Standard

    • Model: HS100 KIT
    • SKU: 5687916
    Enjoy wireless control of lighting and appliances with these TP-Link smart plugs. Wi-Fi connectivity let you switch devices on and off remotely and check their operation and status via the free Kasa app, or with your voice using Amazon Echo or Google Home (sold separately). This set of two TP-Link smart plugs has an Away mode that lets you activate a device remotely.
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    Insignia™ - Wi-Fi Smart Plug with Power Meter - White-Front_Standard

    • Model: NS-SP1XM8
    • SKU: 5845000
    Only at Best Buy Automate an electrical device remotely with this Insignia Wi-Fi smart plug. It supports appliances with up to 1800W ratings, and it lets you monitor the power consumption of a plugged device via the Insignia Connect app. Control this Insignia Wi-Fi smart plug through voice command as it works with Apple HomeKit, Google Assistant and Amazon Alexa.
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    Insignia™ - Speaker Wire Banana Plugs (4-Count) - Red/Black-Front_Standard

    • Model: NS-HZ309
    • SKU: 4499029
    Only @ Best Buy These Insignia™ NS-HZ309 banana plugs make it easy to connect most speaker wire up to 14 AWG to banana jacks. The gold-plated design promotes a high level of signal strength to ensure a reliable connection.
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    AudioQuest - Set-Screw Banana Plugs (4-Pack) - Black-Angle_Standard

    • Model: CFBFA-S
    • SKU: 9522661
    Learn more about Magnolia Premium Installation These 4 BFA-style banana plugs fit standard speaker binding posts and are direct silver-plated to reduce distortion.
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    TP-LINK - Wi-Fi Smart Plug with Energy Monitoring - White-Front_Standard

    • Model: HS110
    • SKU: 5224401
    Control your electronics and your energy costs with this TP-Link Wi-Fi Smart plug. The energy-monitoring feature makes it easy to keep track of a device's power usage history, and the pass-through plug can be scheduled to turn devices on and off as needed. Remotely access your TP-Link Wi-Fi Smart plug using the convenient Kasa app and your smartphone, or control it with your voice using Amazon Echo or Google Home (sold separately).
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    TP-LINK - Wi-Fi Smart Plug with Energy Monitoring (2-Pack) - White-Front_Standard

    • Model: HS110KIT
    • SKU: 5358203
    Safeguard your home and wallet with this two-pack of TP-Link Wi-Fi Smart Plugs. Power tracking keeps you aware of consumption in the home, and each plug connects to your wireless network. Log into the Kasa app on your mobile device to manage these TP-Link Wi-Fi Smart Plugs when you're away from home, or control it with your voice using Amazon Echo or Google Home (sold separately) when at home.
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    TP-LINK - Wi-Fi Smart Plug (2-Pack) - White-Front_Standard

    • Model: KITHS100HS110
    • SKU: 5687922
    Turn electronics on or off remotely with this pair of TP-LINK smart plugs. A smartphone app lets you turn lights, appliances or a television on or off, and you can monitor the energy use of all connected devices. Control connected appliances with just your voice using these TP-LINK smart plugs when paired to Amazon Alexa or Google Assistant.
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    Azpen - AzpenHome Smart Plug - White-Front_Standard

    • Model: SP1
    • SKU: 6075806
    Use this Azpen smart plug to turn any electrical device on or off with your smartphone. It lets you set up a time schedule for operation to save energy, and up to 150 smart plugs can be controlled with the same app. This Azpen smart plug lets you measure each device's power usage.
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    MB Quart - Dual-Input Accessory Plug - Black-Angle_Standard

    • Model: PSAP-2
    • SKU: 9116142
    This MB Quart PSAP-2 dual-input accessory plug works with your MB Quart GMR-1 or GMR-2 audio system, so you can access rear USB and 3.5mm jack inputs. The waterproof design enables installation on your boat or other outdoor vehicle.

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