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  1. Geeni - 6 Outlet 460 Joules Surge Protector Strip - White

    Model: GN-SW003-199
    SKU: 6306487
    Your price for this item is $29.99
  2. Eve - Energy Strip - Smart Triple Outlet & Power Meter with Apple HomeKit technology - Black/Silver

    Your price for this item is $99.99
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Buying a smart power strip.

What is a smart power strip?

Control your electronics with a smart power strip from Best Buy. A smart strip provides multiple outlets for your devices and acts as a surge protector to keep energy levels safe. But a smart power strip is more than just a surge protector — it also lets you control anything plugged into it with the push of a button. With compatible apps and voice command systems, you can use your smart strip to turn on lamps, fans, TVs and more. If you only want to control one or two devices at a time, you can try a smart plug for your socket, or you can upgrade to a smart outlet, but neither of these solutions will provide you with the same amount of access and versatility as a smart power strip. Most smart strips come with helpful features like USB outputs and smart scheduling options for your plugged-in devices. No matter what you’re looking for, Best Buy can help you find the best smart power strip for you. 

Adding your smart strip to a connected home.

A smart power strip can help you manage devices. There are also many other ways to make your home more connected. Smart lighting can provide you with remote control over brightness, hue, timing and more. You can also make regulating your indoor temperature easy with a smart thermostat. Most smart devices come with compatible apps for your smartphone, but you can also control many of these electronics with voice commands. You can operate your smart power strip and all your other smart devices in one central hub with a smart speaker or display that provides you with a voice command assistant for easy access. If you’re interested in learning more about creating a connected home, check out our discover-and-learn center for a room-by-room guide to home automation.

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