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Sonos Ace - Black

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  • Rated 5 out of 5 stars

    Solid debut

    The hype of these headphones prior to launch was unknown to me. I’m aware of their speakers for home & entertainment. Era 100 & 300 got me into the Sonos brand. When notified by Sonos of their Ace, I preordered. Initially I was expecting a lot considering the price point. But after a few days of ownership I can say it’s a solid debut. The sound signature did take some getting used too without messing with the simple EQ avail (Bass, Treble, and Fade) The bass is apparent but not overwhelming and Treble is crystal clear but not ear piercing. With the likes of Bose QC Ultra for comparison; those seem more bright in signature. Sonos Ace has a more darker tone & balanced signature. I thought it was lacking personality initially, but after putting in more listening time, it’s definitely Sonos sound but in your ears. I don’t own an Arc soundbar to test its sound swap feature; that’s the one thing it has over its competitors. The look of the Ace is Sonos. Very simply & minimalistic. If AirPods Max & XM5’s had a child, this would be it. The carrying case is also well constructed with recycled materials. Plus despite weighing a few grams more than Sony’s & Bose top tier offering; these feel remarkably light & comfortable to wear. It’s not an exaggeration. The ear cups are held by strong magnets. If those need replacements down the line, that option is available to you. Overall satisfied with these headphones. Can improvement be made for a version 2? Yes. Wish it had WiFi support like it’s other products. But what is presented is a wonderful pair of premium headphones.

    Posted by VoltageSky

  • Rated 4 out of 5 stars

    A new midrange ANC headphone that lacks identity

    PROS: premium feeling lightweight and comfortable physical buttons beautiful case in the box (all $300+ headphones should have a case, but sadly they don't) CONS: lacks a signature sound (too neutral with no punch) doesn't work with all Sonos soundbars doesn't function fully with Android devices (the Arc switch) relies too much on Apple's influence no audio over wifi (a feature we all wanted) price doesn't work wired without battery turned on Sonos has been my go-to for audio speakers for quite some time now. I purchased a pair of the original Play 1s in 2014, less than a year after they debuted. Since then, I've gotten nine additional speakers from them to use all around the house and outside the home (Sonos Move and Sonos Roam). I've had very few negative experiences with owning them throughout those years. Despite minor hiccups with internet-dependent devices, my experience with Sonos products has been premium. The recent app update may have sparked some debate among Sonos owners, but it hasn't affected the seamless integration of the new Sonos Ace headphones. These headphones, which connect effortlessly via Bluetooth to any device and through a user-friendly app, have been a breeze to use. I was able to add them to my collection using my Android app, even with my wife's iOS device nearby. According to Sonos, headphones have long been the most requested product. They've been in the lab for years, developing what they believe is one of the best ANC headphones on the market. When unboxing them, you will soon see they are another premium device that shows how much care the company puts into quality. These are incredibly lightweight yet feel premium in every single way. From the physical buttons to the steel adjustable headband, these headphones feel and look like a Sonos product. You can tell the Apple Airpod Max inspired them - which makes sense because Sonos has always felt like an Apple device. Owning an Apple device enhances your experience with Sonos. For example, an iOS device can use Trueplay (an advanced auto-tuning tool for your speakers), yet an Android device cannot. And even though the Android Sonos app has improved much over the years, the iOS app has always been more fluid and trouble-free. As far as these Ace headphones go, owning an iOS device is required to use the function of changing from Bluetooth audio to listening through your Sonos Arc. Currently, this is the only soundbar available to listen to TV audio. The beam will be available later, which is nice to know. As an Android user, Sonos chose to prioritize Apple in this regard, and I can't help but feel slighted by that. Especially considering Apple is their biggest competitor in this headphone space. It makes sense to prioritize Android for the Ace because Apple users have the Airpod Max available, which works seamlessly with Apple devices. Sonos wants to be known as either a product for all or just for iOS users. Having some features available on one platform and not the other doesn't make sense. Thankfully, in my case, my wife's work phone is an iPhone, and I could test the "button" to switch from music to TV audio through our Arc. The audio switching works well. It's reasonably seamless and doesn't have trouble with lagging after the button is pressed. This is causing many Sonos users to use the Arc. I do wish, however, that it worked for ALL products before launch - when I hear the words "it's coming..." it makes me feel like the product is in a beta phase. What about the sound? That's the number one crucial feature for me. I'm a headphone lover. I own more than ten different over-the-ear headphones. Each has a distinct sound stage and signature, yet I have my favorites to listen to regularly. For reference, I'll list some of my own: Blue Ellas, Mark Levinson no.5909, Bowers & Wilkins PX8, and PX7s. The Mark Levinson's, for example, retails for $1000, so comparing them with Ace's may be unfair. On the other hand, each of these sets of cans has a distinct sound signature that differentiates them from one another, and that is where the Sonos Ace lacks, in my opinion. The sound is very balanced and crisp but lacks much bass or soundstage. In other words, it's too neutral. You can, however, change the equalizer in the Sonos app. It works well if you want to raise the bass, for example. But a sign of a new headphone is not having to use the equalizer. Most people who wish for a distinct sound will use the equalizer. I was also surprised that Ace does not have a passive mode. You have to turn it on for both Bluetooth and wired audio. I'd love for it to be used with no battery and a wire. The ANC works very well, too. The sound is isolated quite well when you turn it on, and the transparency is better than average. In that regard, they aren't better than the AirPods Max, but those are tough to beat. The Ace's ANC features do well for a $450 pair of headphones. The battery is excellent, though. It is supposed to last 30 hours, and for listening to them often for about a week, I only had to charge them once towards the end of that period. The one feature I looked forward to the most with the Sonos Ace was audio over wifi (like the Sonos speakers do). That would have set these headphones apart from the plethora of other options. I'd love to listen over wifi and hear superior audio that doesn't rely on Bluetooth. You'd think Sonos would have continued to develop that feature into their debut headphones, but I understand that technologically, that may not be possible in 2024. The Sonos Ace is a good pair of headphones if you want something to use with your Sonos Arc. If you don't have an Arc, I'd say there are plenty of other headphones that sound better or the ANC better. My favorite ANC headphones are my Mark Levinson, but there are also the Focal Bathys if you want to get top-of-the-line ANC wireless headphones. For $450, I think the price point may be a bit high. I'd like to see these go for the $350 mark due to the need for more separation from other products. Sure, you can listen to TV audio through the Sonos Arc easily, but most TVs have Bluetooth capabilities anyway, so it's not a groundbreaking feature - it's just a tad convenient.

    Posted by Bryan

  • Rated 5 out of 5 stars

    Truly Top Notch Headphones!

    Sonos has made a name for themselves as being a premiere speaker provider with their excellent line of speakers, soundbars, subwoofers, and more. However, they have notably never had any sort of headphones - until now of course. The Sonos Ace have been anticipated and my experience so far has not been disappointing! PROS: - Immediately I was impressed with the design of these! They look so modern yet sleek and slim. They have a nice premium feel to them, and I love the removable cups as well. - Setup is largely a breeze. They work via Bluetooth and you simply use the Sonos app to set them up (or you can just connect them via Bluetooth) and you are ready to go! The Sonos apps comes with some EQ settings and others to tweak if you want to. - The sound quality is superb! I found the bass to be very impactful, the vocals to be crisp, and overall felt like a concert on my ears. - The noise cancellation is also very impressive. It does a great job drowning out the background noise to let you focus in, but with a click of a button you can switch to aware mode to hear everything around you which is a really nice feature. - Speaking of the buttons, I surprisingly loved the physical button controls! You see a lot more touch controls in headphones but I found the way Sonos made their buttons as very easy to use, there is no room for error, and its simple enough where it does not feel like you have so many buttons to push. - Also with buttons comes another cool feature, the soundbar switch. Once you set it up with your Sonos Arc, you just long press the silver play button and it will automatically switch whatever you have playing on your Arc soundbar to your Ace headphones. It really helps tie in your whole Sonos system together and makes for a useful feature when you are watching something on TV and do not want to wake anyone or maybe you just want a surround experience. - The Aces also have head tracking which allows for some really fun Dolby Atmos viewing or even listening without the soundbar. - Lastly, I love how fast they charge and how easily they charge. Everything is done via USB-C and can even hardwire into your phone/laptop via a USB-C jack which they include. CONS: - At the time of this writing, Sonos just released a new app for their speakers and headphones that replaced the old app they had. It’s been met with some criticism but I largely have liked the new app. However, when it comes to the headphones it does feel that they are still building the app to catch up with the hardware they have now. I have faith Sonos will remedy this, but just be aware the app experience can be inconsistent. - Speaking of which, one of the best features of the Sonos speakers system is you can pick and chose which speakers play music at a certain time. As in you could have 5 speakers play the same music at the same time if you so wanted! But the headphones are left out of this cool feature meaning you can not group the same music on your kitchen speakers and headphone at the same time if you wanted to. BOTTOM LINE: - In a world full of competing high end headphones, the Sonos Ace stand out. They look amazing, sound amazing, have very useful buttons for ease of use, and the soundbar to headphones switch is super easy to use and convenient! It’s also hard pressed to find all the high end features this comes with and this price point - Sonos made a