That Man from Rio/Up to His Ears [2 Discs] [DVD]

This double feature of classic French cinema features the wonderful working relationship between director Philippe De Broca and his leading man Jean-Paul Belmondo. That Man From Rio riffs on the success of the James Bond franchise, and is followed up by its brilliant sequel Up To His Ears in the dual pack of espionage action capers.
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Special Features

  • That Man From Rio
  • Silly & serious: George Delerue and Philippe de Broca
  • Brothers of cinema: Jean-Paul Rappeneau and Philippe de Broca
  • The adventures of adrien: The catalin affair
  • Original release trailer
  • 2014 re-release trailer
  • Up To His Ears
  • From cartouche to cavaleur: Jean Rochefort and Philippe de Broca
  • That man from hong kong


Les Tribulations D'Un Chinois En Chine
Arthur Lempereur (Jean-Paul Belmondo of Breathless) is a globe-hopping millionaire, engaged to Alice (Valérie Lagrange), a beautiful young woman. As the film opens, Arthur has cut the break line on his fine automobile and proceeds to drive it off a cliff. This, we learn, is his ninth suicide attempt in the past week. Arthur is bored with his easy life. Even learning from his accountant, Biscotton (Darry Cowl), that he's ruined doesn't perk him up. On a cruise to Hong Kong, his friend Mr. Goh (Valéry Inkijinoff) comes up with a solution to Arthur's woes: "Adversity carries the chance for happiness," he explains to the despondent young man. Goh convinces Arthur to take out a two-million-dollar life insurance policy, with Goh and Alice as the beneficiaries. The policy will expire in one month. Goh then tells Arthur that his life is in danger. He may be killed at any moment. Arthur soon realizes that he's being followed. He's not so eager to be murdered. Arthur and his valet, Leon (Jean Rochefort of The Hairdresser's Husband), frantically search for Goh to ask him to call off the hit. At one point, Arthur ducks into a nightclub to dodge his pursuers, and instantly falls for Alexandrine (Ursula Andress), the stripper on-stage. Alexandrine is fascinated by the ways men try to manipulate women and assumes that Arthur's story about hired killers is a bizarre ruse. All the more determined to survive the month, the bumbling Arthur engages in a fierce battle for his life. Up to His Ears is both a loose adaptation of a Jules Verne story (Les Tribulations d'un Chinois en Chine) and a hyped-up return to the form of director Philippe de Broca's previous action comedy, That Man from Rio, which also starred Belmondo. ~ Josh Ralske, Rovi

L'Homme de Rio
An eight-day pass, a kidnapping, and a greedy group of South American Indians provide the basic ingredients of this madcap adventure. A French air force pilot has the pass and plans to use it to see his girl friend in Paris. He gets there just in time to see a gang of South American Indians, who believe the girl knows the location of a set of statues that can pinpoint the location of a fabulous jungle treasure, kidnapping her. He follows them to the Brazilian jungle and many riotous adventures ensue. Eventually the lovers manage to escape and return to France just before the pilot's pass expires. ~ Sandra Brennan, Rovi

Cast & Crew

  • Jean-Paul Belmondo
    Jean-Paul Belmondo - Arthur Lempereur
  • Ursula Andress
    Ursula Andress - Alexandrine Pinardel
  • Jean Rochefort
    Jean Rochefort - Leon
  • Darry Cowl
    Darry Cowl - Biscoton
  • Maria Pacome
    Maria Pacome - Suzy Ponchabert
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