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Ready to Cut the Cord

Ready to cut the cord?

Let us show you how to save money by cutting the cord from your cable or satellite provider. With a wide array of streaming products and services available, paired with a few simple over-the-air products, you can get all your shows, movies, news and more, without paying for cable or satellite. Keep in mind, if you have a smart Blu-ray player, or smart TV, you might be closer to cutting the cord than you thought.

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Find product packages that include streaming media players, HDTV antennas and more.

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Save money when you find the right products to watch your favorite TV shows and channels.

Choose an HDTV antenna and DVR.

Connect to network television and local broadcast channels in high-definition, with no subscription fees. If network and local channels are all you're looking for, you're all set — you can use an HDTV antenna on its own. You can even add a DVR to record your over-the-air shows.

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Streaming media player

Find a streaming media player.

In order to stream content to your TV, you'll need a streaming media player. This could be a dedicated streaming device like Amazon Fire TV, Apple TV, Chromecast or Roku. Or, you could choose a multifunction device like a smart TV, smart Blu-ray player or gaming console.

Sign up for streaming services.

Stream TV shows, movies, sports, games and other video content online directly to your TV, computer, tablet or phone. Check out on-demand options like Netflix and Hulu, as well as live TV options like Sling TV to see which streaming apps have the shows and movies you prefer — some streaming apps are even free.

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Set up a strong Wi-Fi connection.

If you'd like to stream movies and TV shows, make sure you have an up-to-date modem and router as well as Internet speeds that can handle the bandwidth of streaming content. Streaming video in Full HD requires approximately 5 Mbps download speed per device, and streaming video in 4K resolution requires 25 Mbps per device.

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Choose a smart TV.

If you already have a smart TV, you're well on your way to cutting the cord. Smart-capable TVs can connect directly to your Wi-Fi network to stream movies and shows from services like Netflix, Amazon Video and more. No other products are necessary to start your streaming experience.

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Geek Squad

Let us help.

Let Geek Squad® properly set up your indoor TV antenna, connect your streaming device to a strong Internet signal, and configure one iOS or Android app for content sharing or mirroring. With their help, you'll be bingeing on your favorite streaming entertainment in no time.

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