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OLED TV Technology


Experience lifelike picture quality with self-lighting OLED TV.

Featured brands with OLED.

See your LG OLED evo TV as a work of art with a barely-there bezel. The new evo display takes OLED to an even brighter level with over 8 million self-lit pixels, LG’s most advanced AI 4K processor, and hands-free voice control for uncompromising performance.

Sony’s BRAVIA XR TVs are like nothing you’ve ever seen before with truly exceptional black, shadow and color. Over 8 million self-illuminating pixels are precisely and individually controlled for exquisite, unprecedented contrast and a picture that is stunningly real.

With 8.3 million self-lit pixels and ultrapowerful 4K AI-Neural Processing that brings them all to life, Samsung OLED TVs reveal deep blacks and boldly vivid colors for details you can’t even imagine. And for total dramatic effect, spectacular Dolby Atmos has been built in to immerse you in total sound.

OLED is accurate.

100% live pixel.

Get accurate image quality and exceptional color.

OLED TV technology requires no backlight and lights up each individual pixel for perfect color and contrast control. This one-by-one approach to lighting the screen delivers incredible detail and an outstanding color spectrum, without the exaggeration or quality loss often seen via backlight.

100% color fidelity.

See it all exactly how the creators intended.

Color production is key to delivering the picture of your dreams. This is where OLED technology really sets itself apart. With each pixel calibrated separately, OLED screens reveal lifelike colors and an experience that matches the creator’s vision.

Perfect black.

See fine details in the dark and bring colors to life.

There’s a difference between better black and perfect black. With an OLED TV, you can see stars bursting from the sky in a scene or the delicate, emotional lines of an actor’s expression in the dark.

All-around view.

Show everyone the whole picture.

With wide viewing angles, OLED TV delivers consistent picture quality throughout your space. Every spot in the room is a sweet spot.

Faster response time.

See every scene reproduced true to the original.

Another benefit of self-lighting technology is faster response time and reduced motion blur. That means gaming, sports broadcasts and fast-action movie scenes are always crisp and clear.

OLED is eco-friendly.

Higher recyclability.

Leave less waste on our planet.

OLED TVs feature exceptionally thin designs, which not only blend seamlessly into your space, but also reduce waste from unnecessary plastic and excessive parts.