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Warriors Orochi 4 Ultimate - Xbox One

Publisher:Koei Tecmo America
Release Date:02/14/2020
ESRB Rating:
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Unite with ancient gods and heroes for battle in Warriors Orochi 4 Ultimate for Xbox One. Musou Switch Combo moves let your characters unleash powerful attacks against hordes of opponents, while Sacred Treasures provide magical abilities for dynamic combat. Customize a team from over 170 playable characters to forge a unique adventure and narrative in Warriors Orochi 4 Ultimate.


Starting with Gaia, new heroes gather from multiple universes to join the fight

A new story and ending pursuing the truth of the world

New features such as the Infinity mode and Promotion system

Sacred Treasures can now be used by other characters, allowing players to create unique and powerful teams, and with the new Musou Switch Combo feature the game will reach ultimate heights in exhilaration

Part of the UI and control settings have been improved along with the additional features to make gameplay easier

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