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ASUS - 15.6" Touchscreen Cloud Gaming Chromebook - Intel Core i5-1135G7 - 8GB Memory - 256GB SSD - Gray

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Rating 4.3 out of 5 stars with 82 reviews

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Expert rating, 3.9 out of 5 stars with 5 reviews.

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  • Rated 5 out of 5 stars

    Chromebook gaming

    As a gamer you know that you can never have enough gaming platforms. In this case i wanted to try something a little more powerful than a tablet but not as much a full fledged gaming laptop. And in this instance a gaming Chromebook is a nice middle ground but we'll discuss this in a bit. :::Initial impressions::: Taking this out of the box the first thing youll notice is that this is a heavy duty product. It feels premium because it is heavy so it isnt something youll be holding for extended periods of time with one hand. And it has a premium look to it as well it has pretty much all the kind of I/O that you would find on a windows based gaming laptop. From a gamers perspective this is both esthetically pleasing and in terms of hardware it is what you would want. I am curious though if the storage could be upgraded. Although 256 is plenty for a Chromebook it would be great if possible. :::General thoughts::: If you have ever owned an Asus gaming laptop then you know exactly what you are getting. The typical red color scheme is back and looks good. At first i was a little confused on who this product would really benefit but after using it for sometime it grew on me and I ended up answering my own question. So I am going to avoid the usual review spiel about specs I don't see the point in repeating whats already available on the product page. So lets take a look at what matters the display, battery life and how well the hardware and os works. -Display- The display is glossy and is quite a bit reflective but it's not any different from whats already out there. Now here is the thing for a "cloud gaming" device the display is only as capable as the network, the service you are using. Dont get me wrong the display is clear and plenty bright but don't give it too much thought because Chromebook gaming isn't as demanding as actual PC games in high settings. -Keyboard- This keyboard is what is available on the gaming laptops so it is tried and true. Asus isn't new to this so the travel is good the keys do not stick and it feels right. Also a plus is the backlit keyboard. WASD is highlighted in red and looks good. There's a full sized keyboard along with the number keypad on the side I definitely wasn't expecting that but it is a great addition. -Hardware- You have a desktop intel based cpu under the hood along with 256gb of storage so there is more than enough power to run everything on this. Just remember though most folk will use this for cloud gaming. I use Gamepass & Steamlink and I am more than happy with my experience. There are games on the play store that you can download but they won't really fully utilize the hardware to its full capability. :::Pros & Cons::: Pros: -powerful hardware -beautiful screen -battery life is great (chromebook quality) -keyboard is top notch -quality materials Cons: -The OS :::Closing thoughts:::: This product is meant for those who like to game on a number of other platforms. I use steam, gamepass, emulation and sometimes games from the play store. As long as you dont expect this to work like a windows laptop then you'll love this. Chrome OS is different and offers a completely different experience from Mac & Windows. So here is the million dollar question why should anyone buy this? If you are looking for a gaming device that isnt crazy expensive then consider this. It is more powerful than a tablet, as powerful as a windows device and comparable battery life. ::TL;DR:: You want a gaming laptop device that isnt the same old thing then you need to pick one of these up and grab a controller if thats your thing and a pair of headphones. You'll have a great time as I currently am.

    Posted by Johnnyboy84

  • Rated 4 out of 5 stars

    Chromebook version of ASUS foldable PC

    Although personally I have always been a bit reluctant to trust many of today’s big tech companies with private data, Google and the Chrome book platform with it’s reliance on much of its content and storage being cloud-based, poses a particular dilemma. At initiation, there are numerous agreements that need to be approved in order to be able to use this device. Perhaps it’s just a foolish Luddite’s dilemma that to be able to receive free or nearly free goods and services in the form of software, you really are required to pay with your marketable privacy. So, initially I was reluctant to surrender, but did so for the sake of the experience and to be able to evaluate this hardware and its operating system. ASUS products have a great reputation for being cutting edge and dependable. Having used many motherboards from ASUS and one previous foldable Windows ASUS laptop, I can say I’ve rarely been disappointed. I am fascinated by how ASUS’s foldable, touch screen computers have progressed over time. This unit, the Chromebook Vibe CX5501FEA looks gorgeous, feels luxurious and performs very well given its included components which includes 8 GB of ram, an Intel I5 1135G7 processor, a 256GB PCIEG3 SSD and a 15.6”144Hz Full HD Multi-touch responsive display with very good off-axis accuracy. Although I freely admit I have little direct experience with Chromebook products other than watching my two children’s use of school-supplied basic Chromebooks back when they were in high school, I can say they would have been woefully jealous of this ASUS product, with its technological sophistication, Cloud–based game-centric identity and large, fast, clear, screen. Although they would most likely have loved the larger screen size, they probably would have, like most of us, struggled a little bit with stowing away that large 15.6” screen and carrying those 4.3 pounds of smartness. Included with the laptop is a 15V DC 45 watt 100~240 V AC input power supply with an annoyingly short cord of about 6 feet in length, which is approximately 1.5 feet shorter than the older ASUS Windows version of this style of laptop. According to the specifications, a full charge can yield as much as 10 hours of laptop use, but only about 6 hours when running videos. Also included were a few paper documents for warranty and safety notices, as well as the shortest quick start guide that I have ever seen. Perhaps of most interest for some, is a card for the new Chromebook owner that allows the redemption of access to free game playing. This is a laptop that is relatively thin as well as being very agile. With the help of a full touch screen, this model has a fully foldable and lit keyboard that can be situated as a tent, tucked under in stand mode, completely folded over in tablet mode or right there under your face, in the normal position. In addition, one of the benefits of the normal position, courtesy of the hinges, is a slightly raised rear keyboard that helps the typing position, allows extra airflow under the laptop depending on what the laptop is sitting on and also allows the Harmon Kardon audio system to have just a little more acoustic breathing room for dispersion. Connectivity-wise, this unit sports a full-sized HDMI 2.0 connector for an external monitor or projector, two USB-C 3.2 Gen 2 connectors, a USB 3.2 Gen 2 Type-A connector, a microSD card reader and an analog 3.5 mm audio jack. Keep in mind that the power supply, when charging, will be using one of the two, USB-C connectors. The wireless connectivity includes Bluetooth 5.0 and speedy Wi-Fi 6 (802.11AX) (as well as backward compatibility to recent earlier versions like Wi-Fi 5 and 4) that allows all that zippy, cloud-based gaming to occur with minimal network interference. In use, this product’s screen is the main attraction, as it is fast, beautiful, versatile and accurate. Next is the keyboard that is stylish, includes a full numbers pad and importantly for gamers, includes anti-ghosting technology to insure that when multiple keys are pressed simultaneously, all your commands get through unscathed to win your battle or do your bidding. The WASD keycaps used for some common game controls are highlighted with a bright color for quick location. One last area of interest is the low friction area of the palm rest that ASUS has dubbed, “Obsidian Velvet” or in plain descriptive terms, a slippery black surface. The online gaming capabilities are obviously the centerpiece of this device and I am just scratching the surface at exploring what it can do whilst writing this review. My son, the college student, is the serious gamer in the family, but is away for another few weeks, so this laptop will get a real workout when he gets home. Conclusion: So, the takeaway for this product is that it is easily powerful enough for most typical computing needs such as browsing, email and video conferencing (although the video camera is limited to 720P resolution, so not the best, especially in darker conditions). However, the limitations of some applications and storage reliance on network connectivity may inhibit usefulness and flexibility when out of Wi-Fi range. Also trying to find Chromebook equivalent applications for more specialized needs is frustrating, especially after dedicating years of experience to trusted programs that are not supported by this OS. For those using this device in schools, homes or within a culture that will always be accessible to trustworthy Wi-Fi, this works. For a lot of us that travel, or may have to rely on sketchy Wi-Fi or use specific programs that are unavailable to this OS, it doesn’t.

    Posted by Dustmaker

  • Rated 1 out of 5 stars

    This is not a laptop. This is a five-pound tablet.

    If you want basic computer functionality like being able to download, install, and run anything from the web, look elsewhere. Most software is not compatible with this OS. There's no storage drive, so you only get a quarter of a terabyte to work with. The only part of the four hours I used it that wasn't painful and needlessly complicated was the factory reset, which is supposed to be complicated, so you don't do it by accident. The only positive thing about this experience was the relative ease of returning it to the store to exchange for something fit for purpose. The accompanying image is it not letting me scale a browser window to fit the screen - a function I did figure out eventually, but even then the computer seemed to protest it - and I wish I'd taken a photo to show text on discord wouldn't wrap, but would bleed off the screen, making it unusable - which is particularly bad, because discord text usually wraps fine on the smartphones and tablets this OS is obviously for!

    Posted by whitemoth