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Best Buy Home Guidebook

Best Buy home expert

We’re ready to help.

Whether your project is big or small, modest or ultra-premium, talk to us. We have the knowledge, the brands and the people to turn your dream into reality.

We’ve got you covered

With more than 20,000 Agents, we can make sure your new appliances and tech get installed correctly and work properly.
Our home design teams will collaborate with you, your contractor and others to keep your project on track.
Your Home Expert is a knowledgeable partner. After your initial consultation, you can always reach out with questions or project needs.
Explore an incredible selection of appliances, plus audio, video, smart home, fitness and more — before you choose them for your home.
View of a kitchen

Let us help you with the kitchen of your dreams.

Your kitchen is more than just a place to make a meal: It’s the centerpiece of your home, where friends and family gather. While great functionality is an important start, superb design is essential, too.

Personalize it

Design focused, feature rich
Find the latest appliances to match your home’s decor. Explore ovens with integrated air fryers and refrigerators with see-through doors and smart screens.
Small appliances
We offer a host of appliances that are compact in stature but stylish and practical.
Extensive assortment
Set the tone for your home with high-end, luxury appliances. Explore professional-grade ranges, cooktops, wall ovens and more.
Smart appliances
Integrated smart technology can let you know when you’re out of milk or help you pre-heat your oven from anywhere.
Living room with TV

Make your family room an entertainment destination.

It’s called a family room for a reason. Find the right TV or projector for watching shows and movies, paired with speakers for the perfect sound. With a flawless smart home setup to bring it all together, you’ll have a place where everyone wants to gather.

A place to gather

Audio solutions
With our huge selection of in-wall, floor-standing and soundbar speakers plus components and streaming devices, you can step into a concert every time you enter your family room.
Video solutions
Whether you want sweeping projected views or the convenience of a smart TV, we have products to meet every need.
Premium solutions
With high-end brands like Bowers & Wilkins, KEF and MartinLogan, there is no sound craving we can’t cure. Hear the difference hand-crafted audio can make.
Smart solutions
With the right audio and video gear and lighting options, you can run it all in the palm of your hand with single-app control.
Home theater setup

Let us bring the theater into your home.

As you recline in your custom theater seating, you hit a single button on your remote to dim the lights and close the curtains. Your projector screen descends from the ceiling as the Dolby Atmos surround sound engulfs you. Yeah, we can do that.

Your entertainment sanctuary

From 8K projectors with 300” screens to 85”+ smart TVs, size matters. Our experts will make sure your viewing experience is firing on all cylinders and that your theater looks amazing.
Whether you’re looking for the bone-shaking vibrations of Dolby Atmos or a simple solution like a soundbar, we’ll see to it that your theater sounds as good as it looks while working within your budget.
Receivers, amps, streaming devices and more: They all help the home theater dream come to life. We can help you find the right components to match your setup.
Bringing it all together
With the right furniture, acoustic treatment and whole-room control, we can create the look and style that you’ve been dreaming about.
Outdoor entertainment space

Bring great entertainment to the great outdoors.

Imagine relaxing under the sun in your backyard as you watch an afternoon ballgame on your outdoor TV. Burgers are on the grill while music plays across the yard for your kids. We can help you make that vision a reality.

The comforts of home, outside

All-weather TVs
Experience the latest blockbuster or stream your favorite show — outside — with a 4K all-weather TV. Enjoy less glare and more detail, day or night, rain or shine.
Outdoor audio
Surround yourself in sound with speakers that bring quality audio to every corner of your outdoor space. Mount them to your deck or patio or out by the pool. We’ll help you create your summer soundtrack.
Cooking and grilling
Fire up the grill for those perfect steaks or cook an entire meal in your outdoor kitchen. Either way, we have the brands and solutions to get everyone wanting to kiss the chef.
Keep an eye on everything with outdoor security cameras, smart doorbells and smart lighting that can illuminate the path from your garage to your back door.
Smart home devices

How smart is your home? We’ll make it brilliant.

Ready for a smart doorbell or speakers? Or perhaps you want a broader home solution that lets you speak one command that prompts your lights to turn off, the window blinds to close, the doors to lock and the thermostat to drop the temperature by 3 degrees. It’s all possible.

Take your living spaces to the next level

Smart lighting
Control the color and intensity of the light in your home. Let’s create the perfect atmosphere together.
Smart security
Know who is at your front door before you answer it, or keep an eye on your house even when you’re thousands of miles away.
Whole-home control
With a single app, we can integrate control of nearly every aspect of your home: your thermostat, home theater, sprinkler system, door locks, security system, appliances and much more.
Smart networking
A wireless smart home system is only as powerful as the network it runs on. With powerfully connected home tech, including the latest mesh Wi-Fi systems, we can help you get your signal stronger, faster and more reliable than ever.
Home exercise equipment

Reach your fitness goals at home — no sweat.

Going to the gym is much easier when it’s right down the hall. Our fitness experts can help integrate workout routines to keep you moving, smart watches and trackers for personal monitoring, juicers and blenders to fuel gains, and recovery gear to get you back in the game.

Powering your healthy lifestyle

Great workouts
Let us set you up with indispensable exercise equipment like treadmills, stationary bikes, rowers and elliptical machines. And with integrated virtual workouts, you can get motivated without leaving your home.
Optimized nutrition
Eating right is an essential part of your fitness lifestyle. With our juicers, blenders and other appliances, healthy snacks and meals are quicker and easier to come by when you need to stay on track.
Recovery tech
From massagers to leg recovery systems, the right technology can help improve performance and speed your path to the next workout.
Full home gyms
Want a complete fitness experience in the comfort of your home? We have an outstanding selection of the latest gear, and our experts understand fitness and design. We can help you create a personalized gym that looks great and works well within your space.

Let a Best Buy Home Expert help you bring your dreams to life. Tech, appliances and more.

Not quite ready for a consultation? Get inspired by all the ways we can help you. From cutting the cord to making your home a lot smarter, we’ve highlighted some of the helpful tech solutions that a Home Expert can design.