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  1. Sony - DVD Player - Black

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  2. Sony - DVD Player with HD Upconversion - Black

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Buying a DVD player.

Choosing the best DVD player for you.

For many, a feeling of comfort comes from knowing your DVD player is at home, ready to let your favorite movies and TV shows transport you away from the rigors and stresses of the day. If you select a DVD player with a USB port, you can share your favorite images, music or whatever media you want, without using your computer. Plus, depending on the model, the USB connection enables you to copy files to a flash drive or music player. Use an HDMI cable, or High Definition Media Interface cable, to connect your DVD video player to your HDTV for an upgrade to your picture and sound. Or, maybe you prefer a small DVD player so you can enjoy playing movies and shows in the bedroom. If you like to travel and want to take your viewing on the road, the best DVD player for you may be a battery-powered portable model with an attached screen. These devices can be very convenient during long road trips or air travel.

Getting the most from your DVD video player setup.

Before choosing the right DVD player for you, give careful consideration to the audio options they can provide. The audio that your DVD player provides is important to your DVD-watching experience, as well as your music choices — because most DVD players will play CDs. For many, a strategic configuration of speakers is the best choice for optimizing the audio in the room. For others, it makes more sense to use a sound bar, which delivers a high quality sonic experience using multiple speakers conveniently housed in an all-in-one, bar-shaped unit. Finally, while you're envisioning your ideal situation, don't forget to consider a new TV stand with shelves and cabinets for storage solutions. One other consideration is getting warranty coverage beyond what is provided by the manufacturer. A Geek Squad Protection Plan offers you peace of mind along with benefits like in-home service, repair, re-installation as needed, parts and labor, and more.

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