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  1. Aluratek - Wireless Adapter for Apple CarPlay - White

    Mobile Device Syncing:
    Apple CarPlay
    Model: AWCPA01F
    SKU: 6551454
    Your price for this item is $89.99
  2. Bracketron - Roadtripper VOICE Hands-Free Car Kit - Black

    Your price for this item is $20.99
    The regular price is $39.99
  3. Aluratek - Wireless adapter for Apple CarPlay and Android Auto - Black

    Model: AWCPGA01F
    SKU: 6568963
    Your price for this item is $119.99
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Buying a car Bluetooth adapter.

Benefits of Bluetooth car receivers.

States are increasingly implementing hands-free driving laws because glancing down at your phone to dial or plug in directions increases the probability of an accident. So, for your well-being and to meet the rules of the road, a Bluetooth car receiver is a great way to stay connected while driving. They pick up your cell phone signal and send it to your radio via an FM transmitter so that you can keep your hands on the wheel and your eyes on the road. A car Bluetooth adaptor allows for hands-free calling, music streaming and GPS navigation.

Additionally, if you choose a Bluetooth FM transmitter that has one or more USB ports, you’ll also be able to charge your devices while driving. If the hands-free Bluetooth car adapter you select only has one USB port, you can always get an extra car charger or a portable battery charger to keep your smartphone and other devices powered and ready to use no matter where you are.

Getting the most out of your car adapter.

Along with an FM transmitter, you may also want to consider getting a car phone holder to keep your smartphone secured in an optimum position when you rely on it for directions. Incorporating a cell phone signal booster in your vehicle can also be beneficial. These increase cell phone reception and create a stronger signal in places where service might be inconsistent, such as rural areas.

Additionally, Bluetooth headsets can make all of your phone conversations hands-free if you so choose. And if you want to upgrade your car’s connectivity further, you might consider a car stereo receiver or a Bluetooth car stereo receiver, which will make your interface even more user-friendly. Some Bluetooth car kits offer free installation, and Best Buy makes it easy to access professional installation of car electronics.

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