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Listen like never before with QuietControl™ 30 wireless headphones. Breakthrough technology lets you set your own level of noise cancellation, so you can control how much of the world you want to let in—or how quiet you want your surroundings to be. Volume-optimized EQ gives you balanced audio performance at any volume, while a noise-rejecting dual-microphone system provides clear calls, even in windy or noisy environments. Connect easily to your devices with Bluetooth® and NFC pairing. QuietControl 30 wireless headphones feature a lightweight neckband design that conforms to your body for all-day comfort and wearability. A lithium-ion battery gives you up to 10 hours of wireless listening per charge. And the Bose® Connect app helps you manage your paired devices and gives you enhanced control. Available in Black.

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  • Bose® QuietControl™ 30 wireless headphones
  • Small and Large Tips
  • Zippered carry case
  • USB cable

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Overall Customer Rating:
83% of customers would recommend this product to a friend (1170 out of 1413)


Breakthrough technology lets you control your own level of noise cancellation throughout your day.

Bluetooth® and NFC pairing so you can connect to your devices wirelessly.

Volume-optimized EQ gives you balanced audio performance at any volume.

Lightweight neckband design conforms to your body for all-day comfort and wearability.

Lithium-ion battery lets you enjoy up to 10 hours of wireless listening per charge.

Noise-rejecting dual-microphone system provides clear calls, even in windy or noisy environments.

The Bose® Connect app helps you manage your paired devices and gives you enhanced control.

Available in Black.

The Bluetooth® word mark is a registered trademark owned by Bluetooth SIG, Inc. and any use of such mark by Bose Corporation is under license.

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  • Rating: 4 out of 5 stars

    Nice Performance, But Awkward to Use

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    As a frequent traveler, I've been longing for a pair of wireless headphones that are compact, lightweight, and have noise-cancelling abilities. I love my Bose QC35 over-the-ear headphones, but they are sometimes a bit bulky to throw into a carry-on bag. I had high expectations for Bose's latest entry into its noise-cancelling lineup: these QuietControl 30 (QC30) wireless headphones, which, as far as I know, are the first in-ear headphones with both Bluetooth and adjustable noise-cancellation. After a week of traveling with and using the QC30s, I find myself torn between these and my trusty QC35s. Here are my impressions: OVERVIEW: - Setup is incredibly simple, especially if you download the Bose Connect app to your smartphone. Simply turn on the headphones, enable Bluetooth on your device, and complete the pairing process. You will hear a voice from the headphones confirm that pairing was successful. - In-line volume, function, and noise-cancellation controls are included on the right cord. You can easily move between songs, pause playback, or even enable Siri with the function button. You can also control all of this through the Bose Connect app. - The QC30s have a horseshoe-shaped plastic band that sits on your neck while in use. My thoughts on this below. PROS: - Nice battery life. Bose claims that a single charge will power the headphones for 10 hours, and that seems accurate to me. However, larger headphones (particularly the QC35s) deliver twice the battery life, so 10 hours seems modest at best. - Nice wireless range. I don't lose connection to my iPhone until I'm almost 40 feet from it. Range should be more than adequate for anyone. - Effective control of noise-cancellation. There are about 12 levels of noise-cancellation to choose from. With it set to the highest level, voices in a coffee shop or other busy areas are essentially indistinguishable. - Great sound performance. Not as good as the over-the-ear QC35s, but there is a good amount of bass and plenty of separation between highs and lows. CONS: - The headphones are lightweight, but I find the neck band very awkward and cumbersome. You might not notice it at first, but after a few hours of use and moving your neck, you'll know it's there. It's not that it's heavy -- it's that it rubs against your skin very easily (unless you're wearing a collared shirt). Furthermore, the cords frequently rub against my cheek when I turn my head. The ear buds simply dangle down your chest when not in your ears. - Because these are in-ear headphones, the noise cancellation doesn't seem nearly as effective as the QC35s. Because of this open design, ambient sound seems to leak into your ears rather easily. On an airplane, even with the the noise cancellation turned all the way up, I could hear much more engine noise compared to the QC35s. These are still 100 times better on an airplane than standard headphones, just not as good as over-the-ear noise cancelling designs. - Using the in-line remote with the headphones in your ears is awkward. The noise cancellation adjustment buttons are so small that I have to work my thumb around for several seconds before I'm sure I'm pressing the right button. OVERALL: I had a hard time trying to determine the intended demographic for these headphones. The QuietControl 30 headphones feature effective noise cancellation and a lightweight design, but I personally can't use them for more than a couple of hours at a time before the neck band and dangling cords start to annoy me. The noise cancellation works well to reduce crowd noise and soft ambient sounds, but it's not nearly as effective as the QC35s. On the other hand, these might be non-issues for other people. The neck band will fit everyone differently, and the noise cancellation should be adequate for many people. That being said, I would recommend trying these on at a store before committing to a purchase. For me, the better noise cancellation, battery life, and overall performance of the QC35s will continue to make those my go-to headphones for traveling. The QC30s will be great for desk work, coffee shops, and office settings.

    I would recommend this to a friend

  • Rating: 2 out of 5 stars

    Interesting, but very specific use case

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    WHY I spend a good amount of time listening to music every day…at work, in the car, at home, doing yard work…and I also spend a decent amount of time reading and watching reviews on headphones. Sound review is an incredibly subjective thing, and so more often than not, it’s not about whether a pair of headphones’ sound is good or bad. In most cases, it’s a game of business decisions, where the manufacturer is positioning a pair of headphones in a certain market with a certain use case in mind. I have a love for Bose products, from my wireless Bose Soundsport wireless headphones, to my Bose Mini II Soundlink bluetooth speaker, or even to my (VERY) short-lived experience with Bose’s QC35 Acoustic Noise Canceling over-ear headphones. I’m a bit of a brand-snob when it comes to Bose, where in most cases I’ll buy a product just because it’s a Bose product. I’ll admit that while that’s not the strongest case for an objective review, I absolutely won’t buy a Bose product that I don’t need (or feel like I need). And, if we’re all being honest, most of today’s tech goodies are such that a buying decision is at least partly based upon feeling like we “need” them, regardless of whether or not we have a great handle on what “need” means. HOW Thus enters the question—why choose this over anything else? The only reason, as far as I’m concerned, is access to Bose’s Acoustic Noise Canceling technology. Most reviewers argue that this is one of Bose’s best offerings when compared to the competition, even more than sound quality, design and comfort. I will warn you, though: this may not be what you expect out of Bose when it comes to ANC. During my short time with the QC35’s I learned a great deal about what to expect from high-quality ANC. The only problem with those, though, was that they made me motion-sick (it was a very, very sad day; also, it’s not entirely unheard of, do some research about it). So admittedly, I was very curious about how these would fit into my lifestyle, considering they are collar-style ear buds, where the QC35’s are over-ear. There aren’t a ton of mainstream ANC headphones in this price range, but there are quite a few value-priced options that you may not have heard of. The sale here is, does the style and performance justify the price? WHAT The QuietControl 30’s are a collar-style, in-ear headphone with ANC. The collar, undoubtedly, is where the batter and ANC capabilities live, and while I’m not a huge fan of the collar, it definitely reduces the size of the earbuds when compared to the Bose Soundsport buds, which are massive and collar-less. The sound is exactly what I’ve come to expect from Bose’s headphones: great for vocals and acoustics, blending in the mids and highs (one of those subjective things that some people like and others hate), and tolerably little bass. They do a great job from a soundstage perspective considering their size, and the buds are comfortable and secure in the ear. So let’s talk about the ANC. This is one of the weirdest presentations of ANC I think I’ve ever experienced, because not only are they noise-canceling, but the noise-canceling itself is adjustable. Think about what you expect that to be like—got it? OK, good, now forget it—because it’s anything but that. So on the ANC spectrum, when it’s ON you expect that the “white noise” background to be severely muted, in essence amplifying the music being played (if you’re playing music—because these are certainly capable of being worn without playing music, which might be a decent use case for them). But what about when ANC is OFF? Well, my first thought is, they’d be like any other headphone that has ANC that can turn on and off…with it turned off. Basically, like headphones. That is where these are a bit different than the norm. Suppose the “ANC-ness” of the headphones was a number line, where maximum ANC goes off to the left (and thus mutes outside ambient noise); then non-ANC would be right in the middle (at zero, so to speak). What is different about these headphones is that, when the ANC is turned “down” all the way, it actually brings in and amplifies outside ambient noise along side your music. In my number line scenario above, this would be to the right of the center. It’s as if the intention is for the device to bring in that outside noise as an aide to you. But how it does it is tinny and mechanical—the amplification of things you usually don’t hear, like your feet shuffling across carpet, or breathing through your nose, or the rustling of bedsheets or perhaps a light jacket. All of these things enter the foreground in a very unusual and awkward manner, which make these a very unique product. WHO In most reviews, I find the “what” far more important than the “who,” because in most of the products I’ve reviewed I feel that mostly everyone could benefit from the product. Sadly, that’s not the case for this one. The unique way that Bose handles ANC in this product is what I think positions it best for certain people. Those people might be office workers who work in a bullpen environment, who like to listen to music but also need to be able to hear everything else (your boss yelling, the phone ringing, etc). Those folks would also be able to benefit from turning up the ANC to it’s highest, in the event they stay late at work and need to power through to get home before the kids go to bed. (For those curious, I just described myself). Another use case might be for that same person who, after they get home, want to be able to watch that show on their computer or tablet, but need to be able to hear the kids shouting incessantly from their bedrooms that they need one thing or another. These also might be a good product if you’re looking for a pair of wireless headphones to wear at night; even though you have to contend with the collar, the buds are small enough that they may be tolerable for side-sleepers. And, if you found yourself where I was, getting motion-sick with the QC35’s, but still want access to a Bose product with ANC, I’m happy to report that I’ve had no ill-feelings during even extended use of these (although some might say that’s because they’re not as good—which I might be inclined to agree with). But as I alluded at the top end of my review, I don’t know that the use case is prevalent enough to justify this for the masses. That’s ok, it doesn’t have to be everything to everyone, as long as it’s something to someone. Avoid the product if you hate collar-style headphones. If you’re looking for an upgrade to your LG Tone headphones, this could be a good option. Battery life has been in line with the other recent releases from Bose, and the unique approach to ANC is something that certainly sets it apart. If you already have a pair of wireless headphones (that weren’t super cheap), you can probably live without these. I wouldn’t get these as a pair of workout headphones, unless you were focusing on something like weight-training or spinning; the collar would get uncomfortable with high-activity workouts. WHEN If the above descriptions make you think you need this in your life, you should buy it—only because I don’t think this is a product we’ll see on the market for long—nor will we see anything that truly competes with it at the price point. I’d be shocked if Bose releases anything like this in the future or updates this after a generation. Provided the product doesn’t perform well on its release, you’ll probably see some decent sales and discounts, open-box items, and other deals that will help you save some cheddar on your purchase. If you’re curious, maybe wait to see if you can get a deal. If you must have it, you don’t really care about the cost. Recommendation This is an interesting product in a lot of ways—and in those ways it’s almost as if it is tailored to my needs. The bullpen environment, occasionally being able to use ANC at work, being able to hear (or completely shutout) the kids at night, side-sleeping…all of those things together make it great for me. But if you don’t fit into 3 or more of those categories, I’m not sure this is the right product for you. At the end of the day, this is going to get 2 stars—mostly because it requires a very specific use-case to be worth it, and I don’t see it replacing any of my array of other headphones, all of which are very good at doing what I need them to do. And the sound isn’t all that great, either. A unique idea, executed acceptably well, but in my opinion, not worth the expense for a majority of people.

    No, I would not recommend this to a friend

  • Rating: 5 out of 5 stars

    A solid pair of headphones!


    1. Sound Quality As with all audio products, the sound quality is very important and often the deciding factor if one has two options to choose from. The sound quality is of decent (if not great) quality. The bass was spot on, the mids were decent however, I felt that the highs were a little lacking. They weren’t as clear as I would have liked them to be but they were acceptable. While I was testing them, I found that the highs were overpowered by the bass at some times, so if you like to listen to music genres with lots of highs, I would not get my hopes too high up. Overall, the headphones do well in creating an environment for the ears where it feels like you are listening to a surround sound system. Considering that the price (at the time of this writing) is around $300, I feel that Bose could bring up the sound quality a little more. 2. Design The QC 30’s are wireless, in-ear headphones with an attached neckband. I found that the neckband is a little bit like a love/hate affair depending on who you asked. The neckband is pretty light and you can barely notice it at all. Personally, I found that that neckband was unobtrusive and was fine with it. However, a few of my colleagues said that they would not use headphones with a neckband. That choice is ultimately up to you of course. No matter what your opinion is on the neckband, there is no doubt that the battery life greatly benefits from the presence of it. On their website, Bose claims 10 hours of battery life on a full charge. I found that my headphones were able to play 9-12 hours. The earbuds are Bose’s StayHear+ Tips and three sizes are included (small, medium, and large). The earbuds are very comfortable and fit nicely in the ear. On the right wire, there is an in-line remote. In my opinion, this in-line is one of the QC 30’s big plus. It has the usual volume up, volume down, play/pause/skip/answer call buttons. However, on the side, there are two different buttons and those control the level of noise cancellation. The buttons have a distinct shape/texture so that allows you to just press the desired button instead of trying to look down to see which one you are pressing. Overall, I really like the design of the headphones. It has great battery life, the earbuds are comfortable, there are large, tactile buttons, and the neckband (personally) is so light, you won’t notice it is there. 3. Noise Cancellation The noise cancellation on these headphones are stunning. One you put these on, the whole world is shut out. A lot of the exterior noise is reduced so that one can barely hear them. (For anyone that has owned the QC 25’s), the noise cancellation of the QC 30’s are almost on-par with the QC 25’s. There is also the added bonus of being able to adjust the level of noise cancellation, which is very useful when you want to quickly talk with someone for a moment. 4. Bluetooth Performance When connected to my phone, I can be one side of the house while my phone is on the other. There is no jagged “stuttering” when I am moving. The same can be said when paired only to my laptop. The problems start when they are connected to both. Bose’s app allows you to connect to two devices at the same time so that you can smoothly transition between them. However, when connected to both my laptop and my phone, the Bluetooth does not function properly. The sound disconnects and the connects back again every single second, which is very annoying. So, if I was listening to a song, I would hear one second, miss the next second, etc. This problem is intensified when you start to move. The sound is on and off so many times at such a high frequency that the headphones are practically almost useless. If you are eyeing these headphones for their “dual-device” functionality, I would suggest to look elsewhere. This problem may be because of my devices but I highly doubt it since I tried it on my family’s and colleagues’ devices. The same situation occurred. Overall, “single device” use is near flawless while the “dual-device” mode needs a lot of improvement. 5. The App (iOS version used for review) Bose offers a free app that goes along with the headphones. The app lets you change the level of noise cancellation, volume, see the battery life, use an auto-off timer, and have a “dual-device” connectivity feature (which I mentioned in the previous section). The app basically functions as an “overview” with a couple of extra features. It’s a nice bonus but not a complete necessity. 6. Small Other Miscellaneous Topics The QC 30’s come with a protective travel case. The case itself is circular and black with the Bose logo in the center. Inside, you can put your headphones and there is a little pocket to carry things around such as the charger. One thing that I missed that was on the QC 25’s and not on the QC 30’s is the power indicator. On the QC 25’s, you could easily tell if the headphones were turned on or not by an indicator light. On the QC 30’s, the power indicator light turns off until you interact with the power button, which was a minor annoyance. The $300 price tag is a little too much I believe. The sound is not quite as good and the Bluetooth performance is not always perfect, which leaves me wanting an (approximate) $250 price tag instead. Sound quality is one of the most important aspects of headphones so falling short in that category is not acceptable. Bluetooth connectivity is obviously also a very important aspect when considering wireless headphones. In my opinion, improving the sound quality as well as drastically improving the Bluetooth connectivity would justify its price. 7. Final Verdict In the end, the QC 30’s are a solid pair of wireless headphones that have a good sound quality as well as decent Bluetooth connectivity. I would definitely recommend this to anyone who is look for a new pair of headphones are to anyone who is looking to transition to wireless headphones. Bose provides a solid and satisfying experience that is sure to make anyone happy!

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  • Rating: 5 out of 5 stars

    Spectacularly Awesome!!

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    If you are like me, you have been on a mission trying to determine the best wireless headphones to purchase. This is especially so if you have upgraded to the Apple iPhone 7 and found that there is no headphone jack for your old wired headphones! I am a longtime user and fan of Bose wired headphones. However, I read so many negative reviews about them that it has taken me about 6 months trying to decide which would be the best investment for my money. If you go to the Apple Store they are going to tell you to buy the Beats Wireless or the Apple AirPods. Of course they would! They make the product. And since I am also a fan of Apple products, I bought the Beats 12hour wireless headphones (I always shoot for the best available. Buy right, buy once.). That's when the drama began. I was impressed with the W-1 chip's performance and aiding with a quick Bluetooth connection to both my iPhone and iPad Pro. However, the headphones were very uncomfortabler to wear. I even tried changing the ear buds but that didn't help. So I just kept wearing them because it was more convenient than using my Bose wired headsets. But, in the back of my mind I kept wondering if the Bose might be better eventhough some reviewers had negative remarks. So, after using the Beats for a little more than 2 weeks, I purchased the Bose Quietcontrol 30's. Admittedly, I have only used them for about an hour. But, the look, feel and initial operation of these headphones far exceed my experience with Beats. Note the following: Comfort: If you have ever worn Bose earbuds, you know how comfortable they are. There are no earbuds that that feel better. These buds and soft and cushiony (if there is such a word). Setup/Bluetooth Connection: It was instantaneous! The headphones themselves talk you through the setup procedure! The Beats were easy too. However, I noticed that I sometimes have difficulty getting them to reconnect. Versatility: The Beats work with multiple devices. Apple is waiving their own flag on this one claiming that the W1 chip (which is not licensed to any other vendor) is revolutionary. I might be. However, the Bose connection method is 10 times better. With Beats, you have to manually disconnect from one device and manually reconnect to the next. With Bose, it does it automatically. I was playing one song on my iPhone, stopped it, and then began playing another phone on my iPad! It switched automatically!!! There was no need for me to do anything. In addition, when I was ready to add my iPad to the Bluetooth link after initially setting up my iPhone, the Bose Connect App asked through my headphones if I wanted to set up and connect to another device. I was flat out floored! And, the connections took just seconds. Sound Quality: First, when I read that some were not satisfied with the sound qualify of the Quietcontrol 30's, I decided that I would risk the $300.00 on sub par ear buds. However, after reading, researching and trying these two headphones I have come to realize one thing. YOU CAN'T EXPECT THE SAME SOUND QUALITY FROM A WIRELESS HEADPHONE THAT YOU GET FROM WIRED ONES!! I believe that some are so accustomed to the extraordinary sound that comes from the Bose wired headphones that they expected to experience the same from the wireless. That is just impossible. I can say that the sound coming from the Bose set is way better than that of the Beats. The Beats have a reputation for delivering heavy bass. However, I played "Shake Your Body Down to the Ground" by the Jacksons to test the two. To my surprise, the Bose "Body Slammed" the Beats on bass! I couldn't believe it. For the record, the sound quality is not as good as my wired headphones but I think the sound is very good.

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  • Rating: 5 out of 5 stars

    Convenient noise cancelling headphones

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    I received this product in return for a review. The Bose QuietControl 30 is a pair of around-the-neck style wireless headphones. The headphone cables are attached to the plastic neckband that contains the battery and wireless components. The band is flexible and fit around my next with ease. The rubber in ear pieces also fit in my ears very snugly. They are equivalent to the fit and comfort of the ear pieces from the QC 20, just black instead of white. Setup Out of the box, it was a very easy process to begin using these headphones. The power button is on the inside of the neck band and surrounded by indicator lights. I use an iPhone, and the setup for these was the same as any other Bluetooth audio device (Settings->Bluetooth). After powering them on as per the instructions, I was able to pair them to my phone. After the headphones connected, I was instructed to download the Bose Connect app for additional control features. Once I did that, I was able to rename my headset and enable full control of the noise cancelling and volume adjustment features. Use I put these headphones to use in a few different settings. When I first got them, I wore them around the house.Not a particularly rigorous test, but I wanted to gauge the noise cancelling adjustment feature. Without playing any audio, the noise cancelling is pretty good on full power. Most background noises, like the sound of air blowing out of the vents and the hum of the water pump on my fish tank disappeared. However, if someone walked up next to you and spoke or otherwise made a noise, you'd be able to hear a quiet version of it. Not surprising for earbuds. When you start playing music, the sound virtually disappears. The feature that makes noise cancelling headphones so nice is that you don't have to crank up the volume to 100% to drown out your surroundings. You can listen to the volume on a moderate level with the same effect. At 50-60% volume and full noise cancelling, it becomes difficult to hear your surroundings as expected. Additionally, I took them to the gym to shoot around on the basketball court. Overall, my experience was pretty good with these. I don't often wear headphones while on the basketball court, but these performed admirably. There were a few minor things I could note. Every once in a while, the sound would briefly (less than a second) drop out when I was taking a jump shot. I'm right handed, and the power button is on the inside right side of the neck band, so it is possible I was bumping the button with my shoulder. Either that, or the wireless transmitter was being blocked by my arm. I couldn't replicate it by just raising my arms and it wasn't every time. Also, on occasion, the neckband would rotate on my neck. Since it is connected to the earbuds by wires, it can only rotate about a quarter of a turn, so it's not that bad. These would probably be better suited to running or weight-lifting, but I was impressed with the sound here as well. My final and main use for these was at work. I work in an open office plan near a hallway, so I see a lot of traffic walking by, phones ringing, impromptu meetings and general conversation. It's nice to be able to block that all out, and these headphones help with just that. The performance is on par with my QC20 wired headphones as far as noise cancelling goes. One thing to note about the noise cancelling on these compared to other headphones. It's fully adjustable. The QC20s and others simply have an on and off switch or button. These have a scale of cancellation. There are control buttons on the right cable and a slider in the app. Sometimes, you want to just cancel out most of the noise. You want to hear your desk phone or someone calling your name for instance. You can tune down the noise cancelling to an acceptable level in that case. The response was instantaneous and impressive. Battery Life The battery life is pretty nice on these. It's rated at 10 hours. It took about a week of use before I had to charge them. There are audio cues when the battery is low and the app shows you the percentage. I charged them (comes with a short USB cable) over lunch, and they were done charging shortly after. Conclusion Bose is known for their audio technology and noise cancelling, and these headphones are no exception. They are portable, easy to use and powerful. The big pros that I have seen about these are inherent to the wireless capabilities. There have been a few times with wired headphones where I've attempted to move away from my stationary phone and reached the end of the cable abruptly. You don't have to manage cables with these. You can easily remove the headphones and let them dangle from neck band to listen to someone. Also, being able to remove the headband and set it down without having to move a cable as well just makes them that much more convenient. I will continue to use these and would recommend them to anyone looking for wireless noise cancelling headphones.

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  • Rating: 5 out of 5 stars

    My New Best Friend - Bose QUIETCONTROL 30

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    I enjoy listening to a variety of music genres during my daily routine. So, I was very anxious to try-out this complimentary set of Bose' new Quietcontrol 30, wireless ear pieces over playing music through regular sound speakers, which anyone in my vicinity could hear. I was hoping that these ear pieces would allow me to enjoy my own preferences of music without ever annoying or bothering any of my family members or friends. My first impression of the QC30 made me very skeptical at first. The ear pieces looked flimsy and lame. However, after fifteen minutes I discovered that the QC30 is pretty uncomplicated, lightweight, super-practical, and a technological marvel for sound reproduction and variable noise suppression. The winged ear pieces require a little practice to properly set them in your ears. I found that twisting each bud back and forth, gently, after you place them in your ears, helps immensely to set them right. The QC30s include three sizes of Bose’s silicon tips along with ear lobe wings, which sort of customizes your fit. Once you get the knack of putting the the winged ear pieces in your ears, they fit securely and comfortably as designed. The QC 30's have a wire running between both attached ear pieces to a lightweight, horseshoe-shaped plastic band, which fits rather comfortably around your neck. The wire connecting the right-hand ear piece also contains the volume and Adjustable Noise Canceling Control (ANC). The lightweight neckband contains the battery and in-line remote. Simple buttons that are on the in-line remote include music volume, play/pause, answer/end calls, and variable noise control and Bluetooth pairing mode along with the mini-USB charging port. The QC30 has up to 10 hours of battery life from a recharge, which can take up to two hours to complete. The charging wire is included in the set along with a handy, hard backed carrying case. It is very simple to pair the QC30 with any other Bluetooth devices. It even remembers which ones you have paired in the app so you can choose using the Bose Connect app. NFC also is included for easier pairing to NFC-equipped Android devices You can download the Bose Connect app from Google or Apple, depending on your device, which will allow you to control the volume and, or, noise cancellation from your phone or tablet device. For convenience you also have the remote, in-line control on the attached wire of the right hand ear piece to raise or lower the volume of listening and, or, the amazing variable, noise cancellation feature. It is noteworthy to mention that there are actually twelve levels of adjustment for noise cancellation, however, these ear pieces are engineered for 'active' situations as you can move freely about while wearing them. I found that the 'bottom-level' does allow a minute amount of sound to 'leak' through from your immediate environment, I believe, for safety reasons. You can always adjust them to your particular preferences, accordingly. The variable noise canceling adjustment is an spectacular concept. The QC30 also has dual mike pickups (actually six mikes), which allows you to speak to your 'voice assistant', Siri or Google, to place and receive calls, 'hands-free'. Together with the appropriate noise cancellation feature you can actually hear your own voice so as not to be too loud when speaking. Also in the app settings you can activate voice assistance, which will announce battery level, phone calls, etc. Great feature. The sound quality is both surprising and expected from what is produced by Bose Corporation. After all, Bose Corporation has been a world leader in audio equipment for over five decades, and, the Bose Quietcontrol 30 was well designed and engineered for unequaled quality in its class. I love this Bose QC30 unit, and, will use these ear pieces as much as I can since they allow me to 'roam' around my house unimpeded and 'hands-free'. When I put in these ear pieces and select a Pandora radio station, I am whisked to another world of dynamic, clear and brilliant, enveloping sound. The bass is not overwhelming, nor the treble too tinny. This unit is an engineering wonder that does not need any equalizer settings to enhance its masterful reproduction of sound. I have actually heard audio from live performances, like subtle audience sounds and noises, even rain drops falling, that I could not here on my several thousand dollar, home, receiver/entertainment system. The Bose Quietcontrol 30 is my newest 'best-friend'. If you are into listening to impeccable sound reproduction, and, want the freedom to move around your house, and, or, work 'hands-free', then the price of this unit is a bargain, that is, if you only want the 'best'! I highly recommend the purchase of this Bose Quietcontrol 30. It would make an excellent Christmas gift for that 'special-person' on your list, or discriminating family member or friend.

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  • Rating: 5 out of 5 stars

    First Jump to Wireless Headphones - I'm Hooked

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    The headphones I use are a very integral part of my life. During work weeks, I typically use them every day for a minimum of 5 hours a day because I commute on a train and then I continue to use them throughout the day to listen to podcasts and music while I code (I'm an appplication developer) That being said there's certain criteria that are must haves: (1) Noise Cancellation - Being on a train, with the sound of the engine itself the constant hum can plague any type of non noise cancelling headphones. There's also many moments when you just want to drown out surrounding conversation. As my experience went with previous Bose noise cancellation, this to me was my best experience yet. Everything just felt natural in the noise processing and it did an absolutely superb job blocking out the both the train engine and chatty passengers. There's another part to this though that I hadn't had before which is AMAZING. The ability to toggle the level of noise cancelation through a separate volume up/down control. What does this mean? It means you can still benefit from blocking unwanted outside noise - but you can allow enough to get in if you need it. My situation? Once I reach the city, the walk from the station to my office is a little over a mile. In a city like NYC, noise cancelation is a dangerous thing to use when walking. In my previous experiences, I could only toggle the cancelation on and off. If completely on, I risk not hearing emergency vehicle sirens, horns, or any other noise that would pose a threat to me. With this? I can allow a comfortable level of noise and still maintain an incredible clarity on the content I'm listening to. Without a doubt, this was one of the game changers for me. (2) Comfort - In ear headphones can be very tricky with comfort. With the different sizes of a persons ear, it's all too easy for them to fall out, not fit right to create a good seal, and/or uncomfortably sit too far into the ear and create too much pressure. I was very happy to find that the tips that were already on (multiple sizes are included in the box) fit very well. Not only did the fit feel comfortable, listening for extended periods of time did not create any discomfort inside the ear! As I said above, I will go extended periods of time with these on, and they felt great the whole time. On top of fitting well, it created a good enough seal that I could pump up the volume and did not have anyone outside hear what I was hearing. This is humongous because I know with confidence I'm not disturbing anyone else. One last piece to this is the band that houses the battery and connects the two earbuds together. At first I didn't know what to expect as I put this around my neck - it is pretty sci-fi looking, but it felt comfortable and if you ask me provides a perfect base in case the buds pop out. These will stay by you whether they get pulled out voluntarily or involuntarily and this is something that I think stands out to the ones that if dropped could potentially fall to the floor and be lost. It also did not get int he way when sitting back on the train seat or tilting my head in any direction. (3) Sound Quality - With the noise cancelation and Bose sound quality, I always look at the sound with a flat EQ. Again I am happy to say that the highs sounded clear and across the spectrum had a full sound. The bass was clear as well, however, my only criticism is that the bass doesn't pack as much punch and depth as I was hoping for. I also tested the volume limitations and my own perceived distortion on higher volumes and the clarity remained in tact. I typically like to test this part with an album that usually blows speakers - and the two I listened to "Califonication" by the Chili Peppers and "Death Magnetic" by Metallica both pulled through on higher volumes. (4) Wireless in general - I have no previous experience in this area so I can only tell you what I experienced with an iPhone 6 on iOS 10. The pairing was incredibly easy and I downloaded and used the Bose Connect app to further customize things (like device name). I had a number of worries for wireless: (A) Battery life - The documentation stated that these headphones can go for 10 hours. Although I never tested this maximum, I never had an issue coming close to losing full battery on a normal day's use. I'm very religious in charging everything overnight, but I know that it never got lower than 55% which in my book is excellent. iOS 10 also has a little battery meter next to the Bluetooth signal that you can estimate where the headphones stand. Voice prompts also come through the headphones when connecting that will tell you the battery percent level as well. (B) Response time with controls - I was surprised to find that when using the controls on the headphones themselves responded quicker than I thought they would. Also when watching video, one piece of criticism I've heard on other brands was a delay in the audio/video syncing - not so in this case. Things always seemed in sync. I give this an excellent rating because of the countless positives it provides. I did say the bass could be a little more pronounced, but to be honest, the noise cancelation technology in these is absolutely superb. The controls are easy to use and press the right button without seeing it (I've had some controls on other brands that have been hard to target certain actions) and the battery life/wireless experience has me absolutely hooked now. I literally don't have to worry about a wire coming out of my coat pocket once winter comes full swing, I can put my phone in my bad on the train and just use the controls on the headphones, and I recommend this to anyone that falls into any of these categories that I do. I never thought I'd fall into the wireless route with music listening, but now I don't see ever leaving it!

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    Excellent Headphones!


    Disclaimer: I received the QuietControl 30 Wireless Headphones to test for 3 weeks, at no cost to me. I will be required to return the QuietControl 30 Wireless Headphones at the conclusion of the testing. To start; I'm not a proponent of in-the-ear headphones and I disclosed this prior to being asked to test the QuietControl 30 headphones and they still chose to have me test them, this tells me Bose has a lot of confidence in this product. I have experienced great quality sound from Bose for over 30 years and to date we have been extremely happy with our Bose systems, incredible sound, equipment, and support they have provided for their products. I am looking forward to testing these headphones for the next three weeks. Received our Bose package and found it was well packaged yet easy to access. Package contained the Bose QuietControl 30 Headphones, USB charging cable, multiple additional ear pieces to achieve the best fit for your comfort, instructional pamphlet, and a storage/carrying case. I connect the QuietControl 30 headphones to the USB port on my computer and charged the headset for approximately 2 hours. The green light located on the neckband remained on solid green which is indicating a full charge, I moved forward with the setup to my iPhone. I am using the iPhone 6 so all of my information will be related to the use of the QuietControl 30 Headphones with the iPhone 6. Cons: Disappointed that the QuietControl 30 would not pair up with our Bose SoundTouch 10 or the SoundTouch® 130 home theater system. I'll have to contact Bose support to see if this is an possible option. Have not been able to download the Bose Connect app to my PC. This will be another one for the Bose support team. Pros: Pairing to my iPhone 6 was very easy and quick, instructions appear vague however connection is really as simple as the instructions are. The Bose Connect app was easy to download on my iPhone and I found it very easy to navigate and use. The ergonomic neckband design is soft, light weight and virtually goes unnoticed throughout the day. The ear buds are extremely comfortable and they have not caused any irritation or discomfort. The inline microphone made it simple for me take/end calls, skip/pause tracks, control volume, and control the noise canceling feature without reaching for my iPhone. I have large hands yet I have found the controls on the QuietControl 30 Wireless Headphones to be easy to use. You will find that in a very short period of time you will be so accustomed to the feel of the inline remote it will become a very natural process. I have used the QuietControl 30 Headphones for less than 24 hours and it has become a very easy to use inline remote. Very consistent and balanced sound at any volume. Quality sound with deep rich bass and crisp high notes. The sound from the QuietControl 30 headphone is incredible and it is hard to imagine this quality of sound coming from such a small system. Noise Canceling feature is very good, very simple to use. The headset will make a notable different tone to let you know when you have turned the noise canceling feature all the way up or down. I didn't find the external sound to be totally canceled however I could only hear a very little muffled or low tone when noise canceling was turn up. Having the ability to turn down the noise cancellation and allow more external noise is very nice when you're in an environment where you need to hear the voices or sounds in your immediate surroundings. When in the least noise canceling volume the external sounds are actually amplified, very interesting and unique. Having the ability to set the Bose Connect app to turn off after a selected amount of time is very nice especially if you like to listen to a little music at bedtime. This will save on your battery also. Gives you a notable sound when you receive an e-mail or text on your iPhone that is hosting the Bose Connect App. When receiving a call on your paired iPhone the Bose QuietControl Headphone music will pause and you'll be informed of an incoming call and whom the caller is. It was a simple touch of the multi-function button to answer the caller. Upon conclusion of the call the caller hung up and the QuietControl Headphones automatically disconnected and the music resumed. Very easy to make a call, you hold the multi-function button until you hear a tone, you say "call whomever" (must be in your phone directory), and the call is placed. People I have called stated the sound was excellent. Conclusion: I am amazed at the comfort and ease of use, I have not found any problems with discomfort or movement while using the Bose QuietControl 30 Headphones. Even though I found the quality of the product and the sound to be incredible, the ease of use and the light weight very impressive, I find it's a lot of money for any wireless headphone. Friends and family are very impressed with the incredible sound, the size and quality appearance of the headphones. I will absolutely recommend these Headphones. I rated the Bose QC 30 headphones at a 5 overall however only time will tell regarding the durability, I'll update this review if necessary during my testing period. Our other Bose systems far exceeded our expectations so I would expect the same from these headphones.

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