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Love Your Water

SodaStream allows you to turn plain water into sparkling water in an instant. SodaStream lets you adjust the fizziness and flavor level in your sparkling drinks to your own personal taste.

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More Life in Your Water.
More Water in Your Life.

SodaStream users consume 43% more water and water-based drinks than average Americans. That's about three more glasses of water per day per person.*

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Sparkling Drink Mixes

Create your own flavored fizzy drinks at home with sparkling drink mixes and soda mixes. Plus, the original SodaStream soda mix flavors are back by popular demand.

SodaStream drink mixes
SodaStream drink mixes

Use Fewer Bottles

By making sparkling water at home, you can eliminate single-use plastic bottles and cans from your home, actively reducing your environmental footprint. SodaStream owners save an average of 550 plastic bottles a year.