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  1. Insta360 - X3 5.7K 360 Degree Action Camera - Black

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  2. GoPro - MAX 360 Action Camera - Black

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  3. Insta360 - ONE X2 360 Degree Digital Video Camera - Black

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  5. Insta360 - ONE RS 360 Degree Video Camera - Black

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  6. Insta360 - Snow Accessory Bundle

    Model: CINSAAVM
    SKU: 6564484

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  7. Insta360 - ONE RS Twin Edition Interchangeable Lens Action Camera - Multi

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Choosing a 360-degree camera.

The best 360 camera features.

If you've ever wanted to make VR content, a 360-degree digital camera is what you're looking for. But 360 video content isn’t just for VR. You can actually use it to make other videos better in all sorts of ways. In fact, a 360 camera may just be the best action camera for you.

With 360-degree coverage, you can reframe shots when you’re editing content for social media or other platforms with your video editing software. You can also add camera movement, like panning, and cut together different angles from the same shot to make it look like you were using multiple cameras. And, of course, you can use the full 360 camera video footage to create a VR headset experience.

Because 360 camera videos are created by sewing together the footage from at least two lenses, they offer some incredible image stabilization. Use cues like the horizon lines, this feature keeps your shots smoother and easier to watch. 360 cameras are basically action cameras on steroids. In fact, with many of the best 360 camera models, you can choose to turn off 360 mode and use just one lens if you want to save battery life and create smaller video files for some of your shots.

Taking care of your 360-degree camera.

Taking care of your new 360 camera starts with buying the one that’s right for the conditions in which you’ll be using it. If you're a snowboarder, plowing through the powder on a mountainside, look for reviews on how a camera’s battery holds up in cold temperatures. If you want to film in and around water, choose a waterproof 360 camera to give yourself more options.

Depending on what content you are creating, you will also want to own the right accessories for your 360 camera. The many kinds of action camera mounts make it possible to achieve a wide variety of shots. Chest mounts and head mounts leave your hands free. Tripods let you move around your camera. And extension poles can help you create drone-like shots without the use of an actual drone – handy if you’re in a location that doesn’t allow drone use.

Be sure to pack your equipment in the right camera bag and carry a lens cleaner on your adventures. You may also want some additional memory cards so that you don't miss anything by having to upload files while you’re in the field.

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