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Deja Vu [Blu-ray] [2006]

Release Date:04/24/2007
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Adrenaline-loving director Tony Scott teams with iconic action producer Jerry Bruckheimer for this high-flung sci-fi action thriller concerning a New Orleans-based maverick ATF agent named Doug Carlin (Denzel Washington) who is brought in on a top-secret government program to catch the terrorist (Jim Caviezel) responsible for a ferry bombing that kills hundreds. Able to do what most law enforcement officers only dream of, Carlin is now able to look back in time at the perpetrator's movements, and at the life of the innocent woman whose death would set the events into motion. Carlin's instincts tell him that something is amiss, however, and while the government agent who tapped him for the job (Val Kilmer) and the team of ultra-cool scientists who run the project (Adam Goldberg, Erika Alexander) tell him one story about the quantum physics behind this marvel of technology, the hotshot agent suspects that there is a greater power at their fingertips -- one that might not just solve the crime at hand, but prevent it.~Jason Buchanan



"Survelliance Window" - Go back in time and experience behing-the-scenes moments with the filmmakers

The ferry explosion

Developing the character of Doug Carlin

Makeup, wardrobe and special effects

The surveillance window

Cameras of Dejá Vu'

Split-time car chase

Filming in New Orleans

First team: Denzel, Tony & Jerry

Stunts: Compound

Stunst: Ferry

Deleted Scenes

(can be viewed with commentary by director Tony Scott)

Church Choir

Turtle Story

Carlin Studios Claire

Beth and Abbey see Claire

Beth and Abbey Live

Extended scenes

(Can be viewed with commentary by director Tony Scott)

Extended ferry aftermath

Claire held captive

Carlin shares with Claire

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