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Dragon Star Varnir - PlayStation 4

Publisher:Idea Factory
Release Date:06/18/2019
ESRB Rating:
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Conquer dragons and protect the lives of three mysterious witches in Dragon Star Varnir for PlayStation 4. This RPG features a thrilling battle system that lets warriors fight dragons in the sky while executing powerful strategies on the ground. Absorb powerful dragon skills with every battle, and choose your path wisely to determine your fate in Dragon Star Varnir.


Taking place in a world where witches are cursed to give birth to dragons, one man tasked with hunting them soon finds his own fate intertwined with his former enemies

Fight enemies midair in a unique, vertically-oriented battle system. Strategically position your party at different tiers to attack and disable the enemy's skills, one level at a time

Perform enough attacks to unleash the dragon within, transforming each character to unlock devastating skills and newfound strength during battle

Weaken an enemy dragon to devour its element. When the element is pierced into a character, they can absorb that dragon's skill tree. But at what cost?

Three witches depend on you to bring them dragon's blood as food. Starve them, and they go mad. Overfeed them, and they become a dragon

Will you keep them alive or sacrifice them to obtain ultrarare items and skills? Your choices will change the game's ending

For one player

What's Included

  • Dragon Star Varnir