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FastFoto FF-680W wireless high-speed photo and document scanner.

Preserve what's priceless.

The Epson FastFoto is more than just a high-speed photo scanner — it's your personal memory scanner.

Quickly and easily scan all your most important photographs and documents into your computer or cloud storage. Organize your entire photographic history and automatically color-correct and restore damaged or faded photos. Then, conveniently share your memories with friends and family using your favorite social media applications.

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Epson FastFoto FF-680W.

World's fastest personal photo scanner.*

Easily scan thousands of photos as fast as 1 photo per second at 300 dpi.*

Flexible scanning.

Scan stacks of photos in multiple sizes in one batch, even Polaroids.

Epson SafeTouch technology.

Worry-free scanning to protect your most delicate photos.

Single-Step technology.

In a single scan, capture the image and handwritten notes on the back.

Second-gen FastFoto software.

Wirelessly scan, restore, organize and share your photos.*

Auto-upload and backup.

Scan directly into Dropbox or Google Drive.*


Amazingly versatile.

Make sure to safeguard your most important family photos and family history. Epson FastFoto can archive your photos, documents and memories to protect against the unexpected — by backing them up digitally.

Photos, fragile photos, Polaroid photos, postcards, notes, important documents, baseball cards, trading cards. Scan to share, 300 dpi, see footnote. Scan to archive, 600 dpi TIFF. Scan to enlarge, 1200 dpi, see footnote.

The quickest way to digitize your memories.

  • Stack and scan up to 36 photos at a time
  • Mix and match photo sizes to save time sorting
  • Scan photos as fast as 1 photo per second at 300 dpi*
  • Automatic file-naming and color restoration
  • Save into both TIFF or JPEG formats
Old photos in album

Your originals are in good hands.

Epson SafeTouch technology.

Maintaining the quality and integrity of your original prints is vital to any family archivist. With Epson SafeTouch technology, you can scan your most delicate photos without worrying about damage or wear.


Don't miss a detail.

Single-step two-sided scanning technology.

In a single scan, preserve every aspect of your photos, including handwritten notes on the back.

Bring new life to old photos.

Epson Perfect Picture imaging system.

Epson knows color, and has incorporated over 20 years of experience into the latest generation of Epson FastFoto software. Compatible with both Apple® macOS and Microsoft Windows, the Epson FastFoto 2.0 application can easily capture all your important memories, while restoring poor-quality photos automatically.

Easily organize your photos.

The addition of an auto-naming feature helps you keep track of your photos as you scan. Find images easily with date and subject tagging. The FastFoto FF-680W also works great with the latest photo management applications like Apple Photos and Google Photos.

Instantly back up your photos in the cloud.

Scan and upload directly to Dropbox and Google Drive.* Access your photo library anywhere, including in your iOS and Android devices.


Share with family and friends.

FastFoto is an ideal way to share your memories with the ones you love via email, Facebook, Apple Photos and more.

Person with documents

Not just for photos.

Epson ScanSmart document scanning software included.

Scan and archive important documents like receipts, tax records, wills and more. This software includes powerful Optical Character Recognition (OCR) technology that automatically converts files to searchable PDFs or editable formats such as Microsoft Word or PowerPoint files.


The FastFoto FF-680W wireless high-speed photo and document scanner.

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