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  1. LapGear - Home Office Pro Lap Desk - Black Carbon - Front_Zoom
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  2. LapGear - Commuter Lap Desk - Black - Front_Zoom
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  3. LapGear - Compact Lap Desk - Charcoal - Front_Zoom
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  4. LapGear - Designer Lap Desk - Gray Damask - Front_Zoom
    Gray Damask
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  5. Uncaged Ergonomics - Swivel Laptop Stand - Black - Front_Zoom
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  6. LapGear - Lap Pets Lap Desk - Unicorn - Front_Zoom
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  7. LapGear - MyStyle Lap Desk - Big Ideas - Front_Standard
    Big Ideas
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  8. LapGear - Home Office Lap Desk - Espresso Wood - Front_Zoom
    Your price for this item is $37.99
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    The previous price was $39.99

Buying a Lap Desk

Choosing the Best Lap Desk for You

Not surprisingly, a lap desk is a portable desk that rests on your lap, providing a stable platform that can make computing, reading, working, writing, crafts, whatever you’re doing, easier and more comfortable. You can use a lap table in the car, in bed, on the couch or even as a separate workspace at your job. Many find that using a lap tray helps to stave off back pain because it can facilitate better posture, along with alleviating strain in the arms and hands by providing a more ergonomically friendly environment. When you’re using it with a laptop, a laptop lap desk can provide insulating protection to your legs from the heat emanating from the laptop’s processors, while also helping to keep the computer’s fans unblocked, a good thing since building up heat can cause a slowdown, and can also shorten battery life. A lap tray can also facilitate using a mouse in the event that you prefer it to using a trackpad, plus it can enable with positioning the screen to your preference to reduce glare.

There are a number of lap desk designs for you to choose from here at Best Buy, depending on how and where you’re going to use it. You can go basic, with a design that is essentially a lap table that sits on your knees, or a flat elevated lap tray with legs. Or you can select a high rise, height adjustable model that gives you a ton of flexibility in how you position it, even to the point of using it as a standing desk. A lap desk pillow design conforms to your lap for stability, and is an ideal choice for use on trips, in the car or on the airplane. You can also choose a lap desk design that has integrated slots for your devices like your laptop or tablet, your smartphone, even a cup of coffee, while also keeping your devices conveniently positioned so you can plug a car charger into your vehicle’s 12v socket or USB port to keep those devices up and running. Or you can choose a design with an adjustable tray angle to facilitate your most comfortable position. In making your best selection, you’ll want to consider ergonomics, portability, adjustability and convenience. 

Benefits of a Kid’s Lap Desk for Long Trips

If you’ve ever experienced long road trips with your children, you know that keeping them occupied can be a struggle and a challenge, a challenge that, if met, can help you avoid a nightmare and help you maintain your road trip sanity. (“Are we there yet?” “I have to go to the bathroom.”) For that reason, you may very well want to consider getting a kid’s lap desk for each of your children to use as an activity board to help promote creativity, and encourage them to stay safely in a car seat, engaged and entertained, while giving them easy access to their snacks, toys and other items. It also provides a stable spot to draw, or color, or play games on their kids' tablets, while using kids' earphones to help keep the noise factor down. It’s an effective way to decrease squabbling and encourage peace and quiet during long hours on the road. Kids’ lap desks can also make cleanup easier once you get to where you’re going by keeping most everything, including crumbs, scraps and spills, in one place. Plus, you can continue to use each kid’s lap tray once you get there, in the room or by the pool.

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