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LG - 24.2 Cu. Ft. French Door Refrigerator with Thru-the-Door Ice and Water - White

Fresh food every day. With cooling precision, this LG refrigerator keeps produce crisp, meats juicy, and dairy chilled. Plus, with a variety of adjustable shelves and bins, youll be able to organize your groceries just the way you want.

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    • Black stainless steel
    • Stainless steel
    • White

    Key Specs

    • Product Height
      69.875 inches
    • Product Width
      32.75 inches
    • Height To Top Of Refrigerator (Without Hinges)
      68.625 inches
    • Height To Top Of Door Hinge
      69.875 inches
    • Depth Without Handle
      32.875 inches
    • Depth With Handle
      35.375 inches
    • Total Capacity
      24.1 cubic feet
    • Refrigerator Style
      French Door
    • Ice Maker
    • Lighting Type
    • Color Finish
    • App Compatible
    LG - 24.2 Cu. Ft. French Door Refrigerator with Thru-the-Door Ice and Water - White - Front_Standard
    (Doors closed)


    What's Included

    • 24.2 Cu. Ft. French Door Refrigerator with Thru-the-Door Ice and Water
    • Owner's manual

    Ratings & Reviews

    Overall Customer Rating:
    93% of customers would recommend this product to a friend (692 out of 745)

    Energy Ratings


    24.2 cu. ft. capacity

    A place for everything. There are 4 SpillProtector™ tempered glass shelves, 2 humidity-controlled crispers for fruits and vegetables, and one Glide N’ Serve® drawer.

    SmartDiagnosis™ app

    Troubleshoot problems or just maintain your fridge. The app lets you bypass customer service for instant solutions if something isn’t working right. Download for Android and iOS devices.

    Smart Cooling®

    Achieve the right chill. Vents and a linear compressor will keep temperature and humidity conditions at ideal levels inside the fridge.

    Freezer drawer with Smart Pull® handle

    Space for frozen foods. The 2-Tier Organization system lets you store essentials right on top, and keep bulkier items below.

    Premium LED lighting

    Keep every inch illuminated. Gentle LED lighting uses less heat and energy. Plus, a door alarm will alert you if the door is left open.

    Slim SpacePlus® Ice System

    Use up to 2.4 lbs. of ice per day. The compact ice maker leaves plenty of room for shelving, door bins, and ample storage in the fridge.

    Tall Ice & Water Dispenser®

    Chill a beverage or fill a pitcher with water and ice straight from the refrigerator door. The LT700P filter provides fresh, clean water for 3 to 6 months.

    Child lock

    Keep kids from exploring the fridge. The child lock prevents young children from accessing foods they shouldn’t eat or making a mess.

    Customer rating

    Rating 4.5 out of 5 stars with 745 reviews

    would recommend to a friend



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    • Rating: 4 out of 5 stars

      Good Fridge - Nice Features

      • Verified PurchaserVerified Purchase
      • My Best Buy® Elite Plus MemberElite Plus Member

      Needed a 33in wide refrigerator to fit into existing space . Noting the number of available 33in wide models is dwindling in favor of 36in ones, this LG product seemed to offer a good balance of features we wanted. Plus, we found it at a decent price point compared to what else is out there. Compared to our previous Upper freezer/Lower fridge unit, this French Door model is taking some getting used to but it isn't necessarily bad, just different. To start, we transferred items out of our 3/4 full old 21cu ft unit into this 24.2 cu ft unit and, presumably due to the layout differences, certainly didn't have as much space leftover as we expected in the fridge. In the freezer, we actually couldn't fit everything in, despite the freezer being rated at a larger capacity than our old one. My guess is that the new LG fridge gives up too much space to drawer slides for both the main freezer compartment door and the inner pullout drawer, plus the drawer design itself isn't as generous with space as our old unit's one large cavity with single wire shelf was. The fridge: The door shelf (i.e. tray) space is much more limited, especially on the side with the thru-the-door ice maker. Moving from 2.5' wide continuous trays that extended the full width of the previous fridge's door to little 12" side ones now, we are finding that we have to prioritize finding items that fit into spaces now, rather than being able to group items together by type. For this OCD person, its a learning curve. For example, we could always put our salad dressings all together in one large door tray. Now some go into one tray, some into a second, and some have to go on a shelf. On the ice maker side, it's even more challenging -- since only small items fit because the tray depth is shallow to accommodate the ice maker, stuff gets put in the trays that generally has no relation to each other, other than their relative size. Yes, it maximizes usage of space, but it's never fun having to look in 2-3 different areas of the fridge to fully grasp what you actually have. For example, we now have jellies for our kids' PBJ's stored in 3 places -- left door tray, right door tray & upper right shelf. Same with hot sauces -- you get the point. Fridge shelves are nice quality and offer plenty of adjustment levels to customize. Its also nice that, if the left & right side shelves are set to the same level, the shelves actually click together to form a more solid shelf across the entire level. The cutaway shelf is also nice in that you can store taller items if necessary, but if not needed, you can return it back to the standard configuration to use the full shelf. Fridge drawers are effective. We use the wide drawer for deli items and it displays them nicely which reduces digging around trying to find what you want. The fruit/vegetable drawers are good size. The humidity options for each seem to be working because we're still trying to find the best setting for the products we store in each drawer. The freezer: The space issues & drawer configuration were mostly addressed above. Compared to the old fridge design, we sometimes do have to dig a little to find items because stacked items in the main drawer are seen from the top as opposed to the side. Not a big deal, jjust worth noting. In general, food stays frozen, with no warm spots or other issues noted. All in all -- freezer works good. Outside, the ice/water dispensers are quirky because they both dispense from different spigots. Compared to every other thru-the-door dispenser I've ever used (and I'm certainly no expert on this), this was weird. For cubed & crushed ice, you put your glass into the entire recessed area and press the large panel in the back. The ice storage container in the door only holds about 80 or so cubes, so if you're a high volume ice user, you're going to want to keep an emergency stash in the freezer. Even if you aren't a high volume ice user now, you may become one. The cubes are very small (presumably so they can be made quicker) so you'll initially fill more into your glass AND they'll melt faster so you'll probably need to refill sooner. For water, there's a separate push panel up high & forward, and the water pours out from a little spigot just in front of it. You don't come close to putting your glass "into" the recessed area for water. Plus, there's barely enough separation between the water panel and the spigot to fit anything that doesn't have a small rim. For example, our teapot is almost (i.e. ALMOST, without some serious manipulating) impossible to fill directly because of the arrangement. Other teapot designs/pitchers/etc. may not be possible to fill at all. The pullout tray seems like a nice idea, but I've been unable to use it so far. You can't set a glass on it to fill your water, and the height from it to the top of the recessed area is too short to use it to fit a pitcher (at least OUR pitchers) to fill with ice. Separately, the outside control panels seems effective. Haven't verified temperature settings to what is actually occurrng inside, but no issues so far with either the coolnees of the fridge or freezer. The "Door Open" chime is a nice idea, but it went off way too quickly and often for our liking and began to bug us. Since the delay time to actuate the chime isn't changeable, we turned it off (thankfully, LG allows you to do so!). Finally, the aesthetics are nice in general. It really IS a nice looking refrigerator. The fingerprints wipe up easily with a microfiber towel but, boy, there are a lot of them. We've had white appliances previously, so the stainless steel finish is new to us. Not sure how the LG stainless steel finish stacks up to other brands similar finish, but we are certainly wiping this fridge down more than we ever have to any other appliance we've owned. The only item of note is that we did see some bad scratches and flaking off of the finish in the store which the salesman indicated is an unfortunate issue with LG in general, but in our situation, it was a minor issue. We'll be sure to be careful with the finish in our home. Bottom line is the unit is not perfect but we like it. The noted issues are mostly related to us learning the ins & outs of a new style of refrigerator (French Door) that we've never had before, than it is a reflection on this particular LG model. So, if you need a 33" model, this is certainly a decent option to consider. If you can go bigger to a 36" unit, my suggestion is to do some homework and see what else is out there.

      I would recommend this to a friend

    • Rating: 5 out of 5 stars

      Easy Reach & View. Good Storage utilization.


      I think of all the features I really like to glide and serve deli/meat drawer in the middle. It keeps all of our deli meat and cheese items easily within view. In fact, everything is easy to see at a glance. This refrigerator is easy to organize. We keep left overs in the right upper shelf so they are easy to see and use. This refrigerator has solved an issue we had with food mismanagement in our old refrigerator. It is tall and ours happens to be the smaller version since we didnt have the opening for the larger refrigerator but it is still very roomy. It is nice to see at a glance the temperatures in the fridge and freezer on the front of the appliance. The lighting is very attractive as well as functional. The appearance of the product is very attractive. Although you should know that the sides of the appliance are not smooth stainless steel like the front. The sides appear to be a textured silver plastic that looks like stainless steel. I cannot affix magnets to it. The ice-maker does not make very much ice at a time. That happens not to be a problem for us since we don't have kids. But if you had kids wanting ice in their drinks all the time, you would probably run out. The water dispenser is not all that easy to use. In fact the first time you may squirt water all over the floor. While the water dispenser location is good for filling pitchers it is not so great to fill glasses. The instructions warn that it can break a glass. It is best to depress the dispenser with your hand and not push the glass up against it since the glass may break. The freezer drawer is organized very well. I do think because of the freezer drawer of this appliance should probably have a child lock to keep a small child from falling in. The only thing I dislike about this refrigerator is the french doors do not line up well with the fruit and vegetable drawers. In other words, it would be nice not to have to open both french doors just to open one of drawers. We intentionally got the gallon shelves and butter keeper. Use care when picking a refrigerator to make sure they offer room for a 2 liter in the side door shelf. This one has room for that but some fridges do not. The water filter is easy to replace and is out of the way up near the top of the appliance. The shelves are adjustable in many ways. I can see everything at a glance and organize the space the way I like to use it. It is easy to keep clean inside and out.

      I would recommend this to a friend

    • Rating: 4 out of 5 stars

      Best option for the hole it fills...

      • Verified PurchaserVerified Purchase
      • My Best Buy® Elite Plus MemberElite Plus Member

      After retrofitting into a hole that previously held a fridge from the 1970s, I am fairly pleased. Obviously the efficiency and operation is much better than the old fridge, and overall this is really a great model to consider. However I am finding that there are a few issues... First, the water and ice dispenser: the water dispenser pours from a different location than the ice which is not intuitive and is very oddly placed. The ice dispenser makes ice quickly, however the quantity is somewhat laughable. The ice reservoir (which is inside the left door) holds about 3 cups of ice and if it is not used routinely, any ice will tend to solidify at the auger and require emptying the entire container. Additionally, since the dispensers are internalized into the left door, there is essentially no useful storage space. I have 4 bottles of beer on the lower shelf and 4 Tabasco sized bottles on the upper and I could not possibly put one more item anywhere on the door. Also, if you typically have any condiments beyond ketchup, mustard, a jar of jelly, or a jar of salsa you will likely lose the use of at least 1 or 2 of the main shelves in the fridge. Sure, you can store a gallon of milk on the door, but the shelves have always worked perfectly in the past... Second, although the lower freezer area is nice and relatively functional, I find that more of the storable area is taken up by drawers and drawer hardware, resulting in less space for frozen goods. Third, I didn't realize that none of the surfaces were magnetic. Now I have to find wall space in my kitchen to hang the various items that used to be on the old fridge (i.e. - calendar, kids drawings, pictures, grocery lists, etc.). Finally, I just don't understand the idea behind a short in height full-width bottom drawer for deli, meat, or produce. Was there no way to create a short double drawer? This may seem a little nit-picky but if you want to reach in a grab, say, a package of cheese you have to open both doors on the fridge, yet you can open both of the large vegetable drawers above without issues by opening their associated single doors. Furthermore, the lower short drawer will not accept any contents that are taller than 3". Think a Dannon yogurt container height. Anything taller will not allow the drawer to to close. No spreadable butter containers, no fruit or veggies bigger than 3" ( those are some pretty small apples and oranges), any bulk size packages of deli cheeses or meats, and if you can forget to try and fit the family-sized package of ground beef unless you want to repackage it onto a sheet pan instead. Although there are some odd usability issues with this fridge, I still highly recommend it to buyers over most of the other options and brands. It does have a lot of good features on it, and has one of the higher (if not the highest) cu. ft. measurements of the fridges in this size and width, and also is fairly efficient in it's electricity usage.

      I would recommend this to a friend

    • Rating: 5 out of 5 stars

      Perfect solution for a small space...

      • Verified PurchaserVerified Purchase
      • My Best Buy® MemberMember

      When you have just 34" in width for a new refrigerator, your options are limited. However this refrigerator has been the perfect solution, with high-end features like in the door ice and water, LED lighting, adjustable shelves. We've already seen a difference in our electric bill as a result. Replaced a 10 year old Kenmore top-freezer unit that was still running, but starting to have pieces break. The bottom freezer is huge, and there when you need it. It's nice to have those things you use on a regular basis at eye level when you open 1 or both doors. It does make things easier to find. We weren't sure how we'd use the top level full-width drawer, but it's been fine for deli stuff (we don't keep pizza boxes around). The right side door will fit a half-gallon and a quart container front-to-back, and two half-gallon containers across. (We generally don't buy gallons of anything, but have a few half-gallon containers going at a time, so this was a concern). You can fit a few small items on the left door. We're a family of two, so there's plenty of space for everything. The refrigerator sits beside a doorway. Because it's deeper than the old unit, the doors just clear the wall when open. Also, the smaller doors make it possible to enter the kitchen while the doors are open. It's quiet, and seems to be keeping our food fresh longer. What more can you ask for? Oh, by the way. The removal and delivery was top-notch! Best Buy's delivery service showed up right on time after notifying us they were on the way. I was concerned about our kitchen floor getting damaged at delivery time, but they didn't even let the refrigerator touch the floor on the way out. They used straps under the unit to lift it, walked the old one out, and the new one in. Better men than I, frankly, but the delivery service was superb in every way! Highly recommended!

      I would recommend this to a friend

    • Rating: 1 out of 5 stars

      LG has issues/Best Buy doesn't care


      Before purchasing my new $2000 refrigerator I spent countless hours going over reviews, features, and price. My wife and I spent time looking at and picking what we thought was a good product. After recieving our frig. We slowly started to notice issues; first the water is never cold ( Customer service at LG said " it should be cold but not cold" and then after asking to speak to a supervisor I was disconnected)' 2nd where the water is suppose to come out on the outside of the door would not work properly, when it is depressed water would dribble all over the place, 3rd the owners manual it states that you should get 7oz of water in 4 seconds, I would get barely half. So I spoke with Best Buy and they wanted to offer me a replacement, which we accepted ( thankfully I purchased an extra 3 yr warrantee plan, obviously $2000 isn't enough to get a product that works as expected), at this point it then took three different call within three week to finally get the replacement due to Best Buy inadequacy, we finally get the replacement and refused it because you could see how the water line came out of the door was just as bad as the first one. Then I started the whole process over, going into the store in Summerville, SC, spoke to the manager Calvin Smith who's first comment was "is it a Best Buy issue or a product issue" good opening line for a manager basically " hey Best Buy is not held responsible for the products they choose to sell" After hours of more research, going to stores, I can find a few frigs that are similar to what I choose the first time, but of course they're more money, I offered to basically split the difference ( because $2000 isn't enough to purchase a product that works), but neither corporate or the store manager would budge. So here I am wasting more time writing this review and now going elsewhere to purchase a refrigerator, and best Buy will be picking the one I have up for a full refund, it's amazing how much time and money Best Buy will spend on pickups and return, so they can save the $200 it would have cost to make me happy, and of course I'll be closing my Best Buy account, plenty of other places that want my business.

      No, I would not recommend this to a friend

    • Rating: 1 out of 5 stars

      Compressor goes out in 2-5 years


      We bought this refrigerator to update our kitchen less than two years ago and actually Best Buy was great to work with. The guys delivered on time and did a nice job. We got the refrigerator, a new stove and microwave all at the same time. The refrigerator was the only thing that was LG and we didn't get an extended warranty on it because, hey our old one never had a problem and was 15 yrs old. Just over a year the ice maker started having issues. Getting stuck, off track, that kind of thing. This summer it worked about 30% of the time and we would have to go in and realign it. About a month ago stuff in the freezer started melting. After about four days the top was clocking in at around 40 degrees and everything in the freezer melted. We called CS and did some trouble shooting (unplugging it for 2 min. and pulling the drawers all the way out in case the system thought the doors were open). Didn't work and we called a tech. and was told the compressor was bad. We went 21 days between first noticing an increase in temps to the tech getting the part in and fixing it. Good thing we kept the old Frigidaire in the basement! The compressor was under a 10 year warranty but the over all warranty was only a year and we are at one year and seven months. We had to pay $700 out of pocket for the labor and diagnosis and that doesn't include the food lost and annoyance of running up and down stairs for over two weeks for food! LG will not reimburse our labor cost and the tech told us it was the fourth one of the Linear Compressors on an LG he had replaced this week! He said they are always somewhere between 2-5 years old and that LG has a major problem with that compressor but they deny it when you tell them. DO NOT buy this refrigerator, get something else from Best Buy. Look online for LG Linear Compressor and you will see complaint after complaint over the same issue, the compressor goes bad after a couple of years.

      No, I would not recommend this to a friend

    • Rating: 5 out of 5 stars

      Top to bottom, Best Buy came through for me.


      Replacing a 22+ y/o, 20 cu ft side-by-side, in a 35" wide space, options are somewhat limited. There are few fridges that were in my price range, fit the space, and could be delivered asap. After extensively reading reviews, and visiting the local BB store twice to take measurements, I decided on this LG model. The transaction was quick, delivery a few days later was flawless with constant communication, and set up was easy. (Special kudos to the delivery guys who were efficient and experienced. They knew exactly how to maneuver the new fridge into the kitchen space without scratching floors, doors, cabinets, etc.) Now as for the functioning of the fridge, I just don't understand all the reviewers that comment about the compressor or ice maker noise. Unless they received flawed appliances, this LG model is nearly all respects. Pros: Esthetically, very modern and matches all the other stainless steel appliances. Shelves & drawers are functional and well designed. There appears to be way more space than we would have thought an additional 4-5 cu ft would have compared to the old unit. The split doors are very convenient and space savers, though very similar to the replaced side-by-side. The best feature is the wide shelves that can accommodate trays of food and large casserole dishes. This was a severe limitation of the old fridge. I have placed a thermometer in both the upper fridge and lower freezer. The temps are spot on to what the digital thermostat is set at. Very even, top to bottom. Cons: As others have mentioned, the door shelves are narrow and limiting. The ice maker takes up valuable fridge space and does not have a large capacity. (Paying an additional $600 for the 2nd ice maker seemed to be an absurd expense.) Even with the convertible shelf, there is too little space for bottles and tall jars. But, all in all, we are very satisfied with this purchase. Both, Best Buy and LG have made this a pleasant experience.

      I would recommend this to a friend

    • Rating: 4 out of 5 stars

      Great Price for Fridge / Not So Great Installation

      • Verified PurchaserVerified Purchase
      • My Best Buy® MemberMember

      This was my first refrigerator purchase so I was amazed at how expensive refrigerators are nowadays. I wanted French Doors (mainly because a normal door takes up too much space when open) and my toddler can open a normal fridge door, so I wanted it higher up. So I went to Best Buy and happened to see this marked down - it was previously a floor model. I also have pretty strict size requirements (because of the surrounding cabinetry), and since I had been looking around (online and at various stores) for a week or two, and this happen to fit, I bought it right away. I did see a few scratches and dings on it, and took pictures of the item. They shipped it for free, but in the process, added some more scratches and dings. (Oh well. For the price, I can't complain though.) There's plenty of space and I can even fit a number of pots in the fridge so I can cook a big batch of food and leave them in the pots they were cooked in. The only complaint about the fridge itself is that sometimes it vibrates quite a bit and it causes the bottles and jars inside the right door to rattle, which just increases the noise. No idea if its normal or not. The installation guy however wasn't terribly nice. I had a freezer full of frozen breast milk in my old fridge for the infant, and had asked that they give me notice before coming. They said they would call an hour beforehand, but didn't, so he was annoyed that I hadn't emptied out the freezer of the old fridge when he arrived. So he waited while I took the breast milk pouches out. And then he told me to turn off the water under the sink. The valve was stuck, and he wouldn't even try to help turn it nor offer any advice for what to do save to find a plumber and then they'd come back in a week to install. So I put all the milk back into the old freezer. And then I found out that they were just going to leave everything there in the middle of the kitchen (recall there isn't much space) and so in desperation, I took out some wrenches and gave it a whirl, remembering in the back of my mind something about being careful not to yank too hard and to use two wrenches, etc. And I got it to budge. He waited for me to move the frozen milk pouches a third time, and then installed everything. They were unapologetic about the whole thing, and left a mess behind so I had to mop everything. But at least I got it all done while the kids weren't home.

      I would recommend this to a friend

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