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Sale savings on cameras and camcorders.

Cyber Monday camera deals.

When it comes to snagging the best camera and camcorder savings, Cyber Monday is your annual sales event. It’s when you can find the lowest prices of the year, from the biggest names in the business. But online agility and speed contribute to shopping success, so you’ll still want to do your research and know which Cyber Monday camera categories to focus on: point-and-shoot cameras, DSLR cameras or mirrorless cameras. 

If you want a camera that’s small enough to fit in a large pocket or purse, that takes dependable, easily downloadable photos, and doesn’t require changing lenses, you’re likely looking for a point-and-shoot camera. There are many to choose from, and within that category, you still have specialty options like instant print, waterproof, built-in Wi-Fi, low light, long zoom and more. If photo quality is more important to you than convenience, you may want a DSLR camera, preferred by professionals and serious hobbyists. A large number of interchangeable lenses are available to help get the type of shot you want, while many models also offer HDTV-quality video recording options. 

Mirrorless cameras are like DSLR cameras in many ways. They’re versatile and they’ll accept a wide variety of lenses. But they’re also smaller and lighter because they don’t have the optical viewfinder and mirror box that help DSLR camera users precisely compose shots. As with the others, mirrorless cameras are available from well-trusted brands like Fujifilm, Olympus, Canon and Nikon. When you’re looking to upgrade your camera, Cyber Monday is the savings opportunity you don’t want to miss. 

Should you consider action cameras and camcorders?

It won’t take much research to discover that Cyber Monday camera deals aren’t limited to still cameras. As technology continues to improve, digital cameras designed for filming the action while you’re right in the middle of it are becoming more popular, blurring the lines between cameras and camcorders. 

Though you can find these action cameras from most of the industry leaders, one company is leading the charge: GoPro. That’s why GoPro Cyber Monday Deals always get the attention. And it’s no wonder. Versatile GoPro cameras are tiny box-shaped gadgets with ultra-wide lenses that can be attached to helmets or handlebars — or drones — and shoot both video and still photos. They’ve become the go-to brand because of their ability to capture extraordinary shots no other camera can. Other traditional camcorders are also available, so whether you choose a camcorder/action camera from Sony, Canon or Panasonic, or an action camera from GoPro, Cyber Monday is a great time to take advantage of these discounts. And don’t forget to consider the many useful accessories that go with them, including bags and cases, cleaning equipment, tripods and monopods and more, also at great prices.

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