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  • QuestionDoes this come with a GPS app for driving instructions?

    Asked by WAN2.

    • Answer Yes. Just download the app.

      Answered by MaryB

  • QuestionHow long does the battery last if using WiFi all day?

    Asked by SWP.

    • Answer The battery of the product can last anywhere from 3–4 hours. It will all depend on how you use the phone.

      Answered by CommunityAnswer

  • QuestionCan this phone charge wirelessly?

    Asked by Kathy.

    • Answer No, the LG Risio 3 does not have the ability to charge wirelessly. ^CP

      Answered by LGAnswers

  • QuestionIs this a good purchasewant to know if it’s worth my purchase or not and if it’s good camera and storage

    Asked by Possiblebuyer31086.

    • Answer Yes, this has good camera and storage.

      Answered by CommunityAnswer

  • Questiondoes this phone have a fingerprint reader

    Asked by jojo.

    • Answer No it does not would of been great if it did but still a great phone

      Answered by Jenn

  • QuestionCan it auto adjust the screen brightness?

    Asked by Bob.

    • Answer Yes

      Answered by MyDestiny

  • QuestionWhere can I buy a phone charger for LG Risio 3

    Asked by Phone.

    • Answer The charger for this unit is Micro-USB Charging. A Google search will offer you options for purchasing. ^Daphane

      Answered by LGAnswers

  • QuestionIs this a GSM phone? IS it unlocked?

    Asked by jack.

    • Answer Yes, this phone is GSM network type and unlocked. ^Daphane

      Answered by LGAnswers

  • QuestionCan you text with this phone?

    Asked by Nikki.

    • Answer Yes, you can send and receive text. ^Daphane

      Answered by LGAnswers

  • QuestionThis is a prepaid phone will it work on the plan that isn't prepaid?

    Asked by beth.

    • Answer Please check with the carrier to confirm compatibility for desired service. ^Daphane

      Answered by LGAnswers

  • Questioncan you buy the phone without a plan

    Asked by cc.

    • Answer Yes, it just comes with the SIM card for cricket. Hope that helps

      Answered by James

  • QuestionI already have a Cricket prepaid plan. Does that change the price?

    Asked by Anonymous.

    • Answer Should not change. Just comes with a cricket Sim card that you don't have to use. You can use the one you have now

      Answered by James

  • Questionnotification LED light

    Asked by Tortico1987.

    • Answer The LG Risio® 4 | Cricket Wireless, Model # LMK300CMRACKNBLY does not have a notification LED light. You can check a list of installed apps, and configure the settings for notifications. On the settings screen, tap Notifications and customize the settings as desired

      Answered by LGAnswers

  • QuestionWhat is the monthly charge for this phone

    Asked by lovely75.

    • Answer Depends on the carrier you choose it starts at $35

      Answered by Anonymous

  • QuestionWhat mega pixels is the camera?

    Asked by Anonymous.

    • Answer The front camera on the Cricket Wireless - LG Risio 3 with 16GB Memory Prepaid Cell Phone - Blue, Model # DLGN5012 is a 5MP HDR camera and the rear camera is an 8MP with Auto Focus and LED Flash camera...^IFV

      Answered by LGAnswers

  • Questionis the battery removeable

    Asked by zeebuzzy.

    • Answer Yes it is removable. Just remove back part an use finger to lift side of battery out of the phone. Hope that help have a great day.

      Answered by Deezlea

  • QuestionCan I use my own SIM card what this phone

    Asked by Jen.

    • Answer The Cricket Wireless - LG Risio 3 with 16GB Memory Prepaid Cell Phone - Blue, Model # uses a Nano Sim card and is assigned to Cricket Wireless. In order to make sure the SIM card works on a prepaid cell phone, the phone and the SIM card will need to be from the same company. Companies use different technology in their devices, and using a foreign company's SIM card may not work in the prepaid phone. A SIM card is a small memory device. which stores the pertinent information of your account. If you have a phone with a SIM card in it, the card will have the phone number and user information saved on the card. This allows you to purchase a new phone and insert the SIM card which will activate most phones to your account...^IFV

      Answered by LGAnswers