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  • QuestionIs it worth buying?

    Asked by VoiceOfCustomer.

    • Answer YES, YES AND MORE YES

      Answered by Opferaa

  • Questionwhat the difference in between physical and digital?

    Asked by cocopuff22.

    • Answer A physical copy of the game means it will be shipped to your house like any other game you would buy from a store, while digital would be a code that is delivered to your email for you to log into you gaming console and input the code to download it onto your hard drive. With a physical game you would need to put the game in anytime you want to play it, but with a digital game it would already be on your console, ready to play whenever you are.

      Answered by Tess

  • QuestionDoes it support multiple players online ?

    Asked by Maha.

    • Answer Yes it does! You can roam around the entire map in free play mode or work together completing online missions or competing in pvp modes to earn xp and level your cowboy/cowgirl

      Answered by Brian

  • QuestionIs it a two player game ?

    Asked by Maha.

    • Answer Only online

      Answered by JoeCool

  • QuestionIs this getting a free upgrade to Xbox Series X quality when available?

    Asked by Brook.

    • Answer Yes, this game's graphics will be enhanced on the Xbox Series X.

      Answered by JayC

  • QuestionIs this game compatible with the Xbox series S or no?

    Asked by Tootie.

    • Answer Yes…in fact I don’t know if any game would n Xbox that isn’t backwards compatible…meaning, that all the old games as far as I know can be played on the new system. The reason it says “Xbox one” on the top is because that was the current generation of Xbox that was out and available when that game originally launched. Unless they do a remaster or update to it, the box will always say Xbox one but rest assured, you can play it in the current generation Xbox.

      Answered by Amanda98366

  • QuestionSo does this come with free roam and online and story mode if not .. which on does?

    Asked by Confused.

    • Answer It comes with all 3. Keep in mind the game may not have been fixed or updated. There was a lot of problems with multi-player in the past. This is a very fun game to play and if they fix the bugs I will most definitely play again.

      Answered by Dontbuy

  • QuestionDoes this come with the online mode?

    Asked by Yea.

    • Answer Yes, you will still need an xbox live gold or game pass ultimate subscription to access online gameplay.

      Answered by BoomerSooner

  • QuestionIs this a 2 player game?

    Asked by Sodapop.

    • Answer Yes it is

      Answered by Maha

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