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UEFA Euro 2008 - PlayStation 3-Screenshot

UEFA Euro 2008 - PlayStation 3

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Customer ratings & reviews

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  • Rating: 4 out of 5 stars



    This is a very different game to Fifa 08. About the only thing that remains the same are the controller button assignments. The game itself includes of every European national football team, and you can choose to guide any of them from the qualifying group stage to the finals in Switzerland and Austria. This part of the game isn't particularly good, and to me feels more like Fifa 06. The graphics are great but obviously not optimised for the PS3, which struggles to maintain a smooth frame rate. It never becomes unplayable, but will stutter slightly from time to time. However what saves this game is the Captain Your Team mode. In this part of the game you can either choose to play one of the stars of your team or create your own player in your own image. The latter is far more rewarding, but also more difficult as you start with a fairly mediocre player. You develop this player through the allocation of points, awarded to you based on your performance in each game. For example as a forward if you score or assist goals, your match rating will sky rocket and you'll receive plenty of points. Play out of position and try to defend, your score will plummet, suffering every time you miss a tackle or aren't present when the team moves forward. Because you're controlling a single player, it's difficult at first to adjust, but there are helpful on-screen prompts. Arrows will appear telling you to move in a particular direction, increasing in number the further you are from the best position for your player. You can call for the ball, but be careful. Call in poor positions, miss shots, get tackled and your rating will go down. The rating is important, because as the name of this mode says, your aim is to captain your team. Thus you get to choose up to 3 other players, either controlled by the cpu or friends, to compete with you for the captains armband. Pick players that are too poor and your team won't qualify. You start off playing B Internationals, and if you do well your reputation increases and eventually you'll be picked for the competitive squad. The aim of course is to do better than any of your competitors, but that alone won't guarantee you a place in the squad for the finals. You must also increase your rank through your match rating and gain the reputation required to be picked. As the games progress this will become easier if you do well and you develop your player with the right attributes for your position. Eventually you'll be controlling a player at the same level as those around you. I can't stress how better Fifa has become through this mode. While the game is nowhere near as smooth as Fifa 08, you soon forget this as you throw all your concentration into keeping position, keeping the ball, passing well and either tackling or scoring. Even if none of the other modes were available, this part of the game would be worth the sticker price.

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  • Rating: 5 out of 5 stars



    This is an excellent game for the European soccer fan! Personally, Germany bis zum bitteren Ende, but with over 50 teams, this game is hours of fun if you love European football. I follow the German football team closely, and I did notice that some physical characteristics are changed than of those of the players in real life. For example, the German midfielder Bastian Schweinsteiger has blond hair in real life. In Euro 2008, he is often seen with light (and occasionally) dark brown hair. Depending on the referees, and how dirty you play, sometimes they can be a little easy with the yellow cards, and even red cards as well. It's a hassle, but you get what you deserve. Depending on your settings for games, I've found myself squinting at the screen because the sun is so bright, as well as the stadium lights for night time play. Another thing that's cool is they speak in the language of the country you're playing in. I prefer to play at home in Berlin, so the announcer speaks German. If you play in England, they speak English, Slovenia, Slovenian, etc. Excellent game for everyone!

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