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UEFA Euro 2008 - PlayStation 3

Release Date:05/20/2008
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SynopsisThe stadium roars around you as you race up the field. A dart to the left and you're open. You signal subtly to your teammate and suddenly the ball is yours. Quickly you move toward the goal, dribbling the ball in front of you as you evade the opposing team. With one swift and powerful kick, you send it flying toward the goal. The goalie leaps, desperate to intercept it, but your aim is true. Savor the moment as you score the decisive goal and propel your team to victory.
Experience all the fast-paced fun of the UEFA European Soccer Championship in UEFA Euro 2008. Inspire frenzied national pride as you compete as one of 52 teams, progressing from qualification through a true-to-life reproduction of the championships in Austria and Switzerland. Compete collaboratively with your friends, all playing individual positions on the pitch, as you play through eight achievement levels to earn the captaincy of your country. Put your skills to the test in true global competition by representing your country online against competitors from all over the world in a 16-team single elimination tournament. Experience the momentum swings of a real tournament campaign with dynamic player ratings that change based on actual player performance. With UEFA Euro 2008, all of Europe is at your feet as you prove you have what it takes to dominate in one of the world's most popular sports.


UEFA Euro 2008

Compete as one of 52 teams as you go from qualification all the way to in Switzerland and Austria

Create yourself in the game and play on a team with up to three friends, each assuming an individual position on the pitch

Earn the captaincy of your country by demonstrating your prowess through eight achievement levels

Experience enhanced goalkeeper AI, collisions, passing and trapping with an improved EA soccer engine

Battle for global supremacy in online tournament play

Do a victory dance on the pitch after you score a goal

Complete team and individual tasks as you play the qualifying campaign en route to the championship

For 1 to 7 players offline or 2 to 14 players online

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