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  20. Model:TS-243

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Buying a Waffle Maker

Why Have a Waffle Maker in Your Kitchen?

If you come down on the side of waffles in the waffles versus pancakes debate, fellow waffle-lovers applaud how quick and easy they can be prepared with the right waffle maker. People also appreciate how a waffle maker's pockets are designed to hold syrup longer, while generally absorbing it at a slower pace and how much easier it is to apply toppings such as fruit and ice cream. Some prefer the American version of waffles, while others prefer the deeper pockets you get with a waffle produced by a Belgian waffle maker.

How to Choose the Best Waffle Maker for You

One of the most important things to consider when selecting the best waffle maker for your home is its size. When selecting the right size for you, consider where you plan to keep it? For instance, will you store it with your skillet so it's out of sight or will it sit on the counter between other often used appliances like your coffee maker, mixer, toaster, or juicer? Another aspect of size to consider is how many waffles you’ll generally make each time you use it.

Ease of use is also something to consider, as is ease of clean-up, which can be facilitated by removable waffle grids and/or a non-stick interior. You’ll want to choose a maker that offers consistent, even heat for dependable results. You might also be interested in one with browning control that lets you tailor the cooking time to your precise taste preference.

Is it important for your waffle maker to stay cool to the touch, so you have fewer worries about using it in the presence of your children or curious pets? Do you want a maker that notifies you when the waffles are ready to eat, or one with a ready-to-cook indicator, which tells you when it’s time to add the batter? You might also be a fan of a flip design waffle maker, which helps spread the batter more evenly among the grids, for fluffier, more evenly cooked waffles that have fewer soft or raw parts, or burned areas.

Waffle Maker vs. Waffle Iron

Should you get a waffle maker or a waffle iron, and what’s the difference? The strict definition of a waffle iron is a cooker that makes waffles over a stove or campfire, like the cast iron waffle maker you may have seen used over the cooktop while you were growing up. A waffle maker is a device that provides its own internal heat source for a full waffle-making experience. In actual practice, the two terms are often used interchangeably. Either way, as you browse our selection, you’ll find a wide variety of specific features that can help you choose the right waffle maker that can make delicious, golden-brown waffles for you to enjoy for breakfast, or for that matter, lunch or dinner.