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Buying a Corner TV Stand

How to Choose a Corner TV Stand

With a triangular back that tucks snugly into the corner of the room, a corner TV stand can be a great place to display your television. Before you choose your ideal corner TV stand, consider a few factors. First, what kind of stand will fit your room and accommodate the size and weight of your television? Televisions are measured diagonally, while TV stands are measured across. As a result, you’ll need to assess the actual width of your TV to judge whether it’s a good match. A comfortable viewing level is also key. This will determine whether you should purchase a short, small corner TV stand or a tall corner TV stand.

TV accessories are another important factor. If you have a smart TV which runs apps without connection to another device, you might choose a stand with closed storage doors. If you store your remote-controlled cable box or other streaming device in the TV stand, you’ll want a design with either an open front or infrared-remote-friendly glass. Similarly, if a Blu-ray player is part of your entertainment strategy, you'll need open-glass shelves or adjustable shelves. If you plan on using a surge protector to protect your television from electrical voltage spikes, you'll want a place to store this device on your stand. If you're a gamer who will connect your console to the TV, your corner TV stand will need to accommodate both your console and your video games.

The Best Corner TV Stand for Your Room

Once you understand what you need in terms of size and features. you’ll be ready to focus on the style and material that will best fit your room’s decor. You’ll also want to pick the color for your corner TV stand. A black corner TV stand coordinates with a black television frame or mount. Alternately, a white TV stand or brown TV stand could provide a better accent to your room.

After You've Set Up Your Corner TV Stand

Once you’ve settled on the corner TV stand that will best suit your needs, you can consider other ways to get the most out of your new stand and TV. For example, with some smart speaker models, not only can you control your television with your voice, you can also use the portable speaker capability to customize the audio of your TV viewing experience. Some corner TV stands come with a cord storage feature. If the stand you select doesn’t, a cable organizer can keep your entertainment center neat and orderly.