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  • Specifications
    Product Weight
    2.82 pounds
    Light Source
    Full HD (1080p)
    Color Brightness
    200 lumens
    White Brightness
    200 lumens
    Contrast Ratio
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Vankyo - Leisure 570B Native 1080P Wireless Smart WebOS Single LCD Mini Projector, Screen Included - White

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Rating 4.3 out of 5 stars with 36 reviews

97%would recommend to a friend

The vast majority of our reviews come from verified purchases. Reviews from customers may include My Best Buy members, employees, and Tech Insider Network members (as tagged). Select reviewers may receive discounted products, promotional considerations or entries into drawings for honest, helpful reviews.

  • Rated 4 out of 5 stars

    Pretty decent for 2nd rooms

    I got this for my spare bedroom so that guest can watch movies and stuff or for me to play some games. My favorite thing about it is the auto focus feature so the image does not look blurry at all. The speakers are pretty good as well but if you are looking to watch more then YouTube or Netflix id recommend getting a streaming box because the other “apps” are just web pages. The projector gets pretty bright as well giving a clear picture even when the door is open.

    Posted by Cringelord216

  • Rated 5 out of 5 stars

    Surprisingly Good

    The little Vankyo is surprisingly good for its modest specs and price. CONNECTIVITY Connections are basic, but thorough. These options include: 3.5mm headphone jack 3.5mm AV input 2 USB-A Inputs 1 HDMI Input Multiple positioning options (Front, Ceiling, etc including a ¼ x 20 insert for a tripod) SET-UP The Vankyo does a good job at helping the end user set up the machine. Frankly all one really needs to do is adjust the one foot to raise the image to the desired height and set focus, and the Vankyo does the rest. The 570 will automatically adjust keystone based on the measured angle of the projector. As with all projectors, the closer to level you can get it, the better it is for the machine and image. Trying the 570 at nearly its steepest angle, produced an image that was nearly completely square and keystone free. Admittedly, the minor inconsistency is most like user error and not having the projector perfectly parallel to the wall. Once the Vankyo receives an image, it will self-correct its keystone, only tasking the user with adjusting focus and zoom, if needed. It is simple and works surprisingly well. I have had many different projectors in my home theater over the years and none have been as easy to set-up and use as the little Vankyo. FEATURES I was quite surprised at how many different streaming options and services are available. Vankyo has their own little ecosystem of apps, including such heavy hitters as: Prime, Netflix, and Plex. Movies and TV streamed without issue using the native Vankyo apps. I was quite surprised at how well the apps performed on the 570. I have had no stuttering, glitching, nothing. The only real fault I can find is that the apps are entirely unorganized and hard to find. Vankyo’s marketing advertises apps like Disney+ and Max, but I couldn’t find them in the app store. I’m sure they are there, but the app store needs better organization. I must give a shout out to the Vankyo user interface and responsiveness. While I am not a fan of the app store organization, the user interface and menus are the exact opposite. The user interface is clean, simple, and easy to understand. No matter what I was asking of the 570, system responsiveness was very good. While it did appear to bog a couple of times, it was not bad, and it was not for long. It was in no way frustrating or concerning. Well done Vankyo. PICTURE QUALITY If you keep your expectations in line, the Vankyo should have no problems meeting its buyer’s needs. The 1080p picture is sharp with no discernable signs of ghosting or rainbowing. With only 200 lumens to work with, the 570 does an admirable job of squeezing the life out of every last one of its lumens. Yes, the picture can be a bit washed out and yes only a little stray ambient light can wreak havoc on the, but all in all, it is a very good picture for such modest specs. Like other reviewers have commented, the picture does improve markedly with a better background. It is great that Vankyo throws in a portable screen, but that screen is too transparent for good image quality. A flat white or off-white wall or board improves picture quality tremendously. AUDIO QUALITY I must throw this in. The Leisure 570 has two 5W speakers with Dolby Audio processing. Why do I even take the time to talk about them in the review? Because they are shockingly good. My current HT projector has built-in speakers (No, I don’t use them. I have a full Atmos set-up) but I tried them out after installing the projector for review. My HT projector costs anywhere from 5 – 10x more than the Vankyo and the Vankyo blows it away with its audio processing. I was shocked at how good the speakers sound for such small built-ins. While they are no match for a good set of headphones. FINAL THOUGHTS Maybe I had just set my expectations too low when I got the Leisure 570 in. I don’t think so. I am particular when it comes to audio and video. The Vankyo Leisure 570 exceeded my expectations for a device with specs this modest and at this price point. With only 200 lumens and a 1000:1 contrast ratio the picture can look dull and washed out, especially during movies with a lot of darker scenes image (this became very apparent while watching Ghostbusters: Frozen Empire). Fine details get lost in the dark backgrounds quickly. Speaking of things getting lost in the dark, the remote could use backlighting. The buttons are hard to see in a darkened room and many of the buttons all have the same shape and texture making it hard to differentiate one button from the next using just a tactile touch. While you are at it Vankyo, could you throw in some playback buttons too? However, for a portable projector that can stream video via Wi—Fi, has an HDMI port to plug in a Roku stick or game console, and USB inputs to mirror cell phones, the 570 checks a lot of boxes and is definitely greater than the sum of its parts. RECOMMENDED

    Posted by NAMO

  • Rated 4 out of 5 stars

    Finally, A Budget Projector that WORKS WELL!

    SUMMARY: In many ways the Vankyo-Leisure 570b outperforms its budget class, the software works really well, and the connections make it easy to use. If you want a cost conscious portable projector, give this one a serious look. I would get it again for sure. PROs - Auto keystoning (frame alignment) and auto focusing that actually work! - All the right inputs, that actually work! Headphone jack, HDMI, USB-a(2) - tripod mounts for multiple positioning options (including ceiling) - Easy to set up including key app password integration with your phone (YouTube, Netflix, Disney+, Hulu) - Most of the major streaming services built in (YouTube, Netflix, Disney+, Hulu, no streaming stick required) - Easy AND effective (no jitter) to screen mirror from my Apple devices (iPhone, iPad, MacBook) - Easy to view movies off of USB drives. A MATTER OF TASTE - 200 lumens is only effective (bright enough) when dark with the provided screen. Better with a real screen. - 1000 to 1 contrast ratio is on the low side. - Portable but not small (and no included case) - Large remote (won’t lose it! But requires 2 AAA batteries, not included, and is big) - Constant fan noise bordering on loud (50 db), not an issue outside with external speakers attached, but inside was annoying (to me) - The application store is a disorganized hot mess. Fortunately the included Apps go a long way for me. - I liked the included speakers for inside use. Sure its not ‘immersive’ but they get the job done if your expectations are dialed down appropriately. - I found the operating system and overall selection speeds to be fine, some might find it sluggish compared to their phones that cost 4x as much. CONs - The included ‘screen’ is too transparent (thin) to be effective. - Power supply gets hot and is ‘cheap’ - Key Apps (Hulu, Disney+) are ‘hidden’ ELABORATION: My point of reference is having bought 3 other projectors in the last 6 years. Only one was I happy with (an Epson) and it cost $1200 but ultimately was too big to take on vacation so I looked at 2 small, budget projectors. They both failed for the same reason, not the technical projection specs (the lumens were good enough), or that they were 100% manual (I can focus and adjust the keystone), or the low 720p resolution, but the software did not deliver. They claimed you could attach usb drives to see your own movies, but turns out only a handful of small drives would work (trial and error) and the file sizes were way smaller than any movie I wanted to watch. I couldn’t use my iPhone to cast. The Bluetooth was also hit or miss. They didn’t connect to most streaming services, Etc. Etc. They just didn’t work as advertised. They might have been okay in the 2000’s, but not today. So you can imagine my surprise and delight when for the same low cost along comes the Vankyo - Leisure 570B, with auto focus, auto keystone, true 1080 p resolution, and WIFI, Bluetooth that works like we expect it to in the 2020’s, with easy connection to many major streaming services, and it all just works and is relatively easy to set up (with one or two strange caveats.) Given previous failures it’s hard for me to not gush about the Vankyo. THE REALLY GOOD: Sure the operating system is slow compared to your $1000 smart phone, but gets the job done easily. And it connects to almost everything, USB drives for your own movies, your other devices (like the iPhone), and anything with an HDMI output. Not to mention external bluetooth speakers. CAVEATS: With all the auto things, it lacks a lot of manual adjustments. And the included screen is really doing it an injustice, it’s too thin, the picture goes right through it. It’s like putting bicycle wheels on a motorcycle, it’s not doing to do the product right. Picture looks much better with a real screen. DISNEY+ WHEREFORE ART THOU? And while the Streaming Apps are almost trivial to set up with password connections to your phone, you have to initially hunt for Disney+ and Hulu. Netflix and YouTube are staring you in the face when you start it up, but not Disney+ or Hulu. And they are NOT in the bad App Store, but you on the main screen you have to move the pointer over to the four little squares grouped together. Surprise, another App Store. And scroll down, and there they are waiting for you to click install. Once installed they are on the same screen as NetFlix, but you have to scroll down. I only found them because I was searching for the screenshare app (also hidden there) to cast from my iPhone. SPEAKING OF MANUALS: The included one is not bad, but it’s not great. Be prepared to ‘experiment’ a bit. WHAT I WISH IT HAD: 1) It’s best used as a portable projector for watching movies, is a case too much to ask for? Keep the near worthless screen, give me a case! 2) The power cord concerns me, I have ruined others with thin cords before. 3) The bottom adjustment foot is cheap, give me something more substantial that I don’t have to worry about bending. WHO IS THIS FOR? I think options like ceiling mounts are missing the point of this projector and perhaps misleading the consumer. When you can get a bright, sharp insignia 65” 4k UHD tv for just a $100 (on sale) more, then why would you buy this for permanent inside use? Measured that way, the Vankyo would be a disappointment. But try to pack that 4k insignia and take it camping or on vacation, and it would be the disappointment. The audience is anyone that wants a portable solution for the occasional movie on the go, at that it excels. Or, if space is at a premium (college dorm room), then this with a pull down screen would be good. BOTTOM LINE. I have no problem recommending this budget projector as long as you have your expectations set to the cost. If you want a home theater grade projector, well, pay more. Which, actually, I might be tempted to see if Vankyo had a projector with a few more lumens and perhaps a better contrast ratio, for a few more bucks. The software and hardware is that good, I would invest more in the brand. RATING: So the rating, really want to give it a 5 because it does a lot really good, but those cons, that screen...pull it down to a 4 for me. I would still get it, just know you have to pay for a real screen too.

    Posted by Kcir

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