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Top Picks for Baby Care

Mom and baby

Modern nursery

Traditional nurseries contain a crib, changing tablet, nursing chair and other essentials. Today’s modern baby nursery also has the latest connected products to monitor a baby's activity, keep tabs on their health, keep them entertained and more. See our top picks below.
Baby monitor

Baby monitors.

No more peeking into a nursery to check on your little one and risk waking them up. Use a baby monitor to watch your baby via video monitor or listen using an audio monitor. You can even track breathing patterns and heart rate using a smart sock that baby wears.
Baby care

Baby care.

Keep baby happy and healthy with connected thermometers and scales that provide instant readings to smartphone apps, babyproofing solutions, nasal aspirators, ear protection and more.
Feeding baby

Feeding time.

The best part of making your own baby food is knowing exactly what goes into it. Shop our top choices for feeding time, including baby food makers, bottle warmers, sanitizers and more.

Around the home.

Find a variety of products that are ideal in and out of the nursery, including humidifiers, sleepers, backpacks, play yards and more.

Exploring top picks for baby care.

Finding the best top picks for baby care.

Looking after your little one is more convenient than ever thanks to technological advancements in baby care. When it comes to baby monitors, advanced models with video capabilities and long-range connectivity provide a reliable way to keep an eye on your baby while they sleep or play. So, you should always put some thought into deciding how to choose the best wearable baby monitor.

Baby food makers and bottle warmers are essential during a baby’s feeding time. Bottle warmers and sterilizers ensure that milk or formula is efficiently warmed up while bottles, pacifiers and other baby essentials are free from harmful bacteria. Designed to safely extract milk from the mother and store it for later use, breast pumps are also available, which are particularly useful for mothers who are separated from their infants due to work or travel.

Choosing the right nursery furniture is vital for creating a safe and comfortable sleeping or resting environment for your baby. Look for baby beds and cribs that meet the latest safety standards, with features such as adjustable mattress heights and sturdy construction.

Getting the most out of modern nursery must-haves.

After you’ve selected the baby care items that will work best for you, you must incorporate them into your routine. Choose a suitable location for your baby monitor that provides a clear view of the crib and connect it to a stable Wi-Fi network. For better coverage and less interference, mesh Wi-Fi systems are recommended. Then, check the settings of the baby monitor camera and other features that might be available, like sleep tracking, breathing motion monitoring and auto-memory capture.

Similar to your baby camera, you can adjust the settings of your baby bottle warmer to ensure optimal results. And, regular cleaning and maintenance is crucial to keep both baby food makers and bottle warmers in the best possible condition. You should also make sure your baby’s thermometer and anything else that comes in close contact with the child is regularly cleaned and sterilized.

Exploring the top picks for baby care is an essential journey for parents who strive to provide the best for their children and want to create a modern nursery. Whether you’re looking for your own little one or are in need of a baby shower gift, finding the top picks for baby care ensures that babies receive the best care, comfort and safety as possible.