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  1. Lowepro - ProTactic Quick Strap (2-Pack) - Angle_Zoom
    Model: LP37184
    SKU: 6320004
    Your price for this item is $11.95
  2. Peak Design - Slide Lite Camera Strap - Black - Angle_Zoom
    Model: SLL-BK-3
    SKU: 6212469
    Your price for this item is $49.99
  3. Peak Design - Slide Camera Strap - Black - Angle_Zoom
    Model: SL-BK-3
    SKU: 6199147
    Your price for this item is $64.99
  4. Peak Design - Wrist Strap - Black - Angle_Zoom
    Model: CF-BL-3
    SKU: 6067501
    Your price for this item is $29.99
  5. Peak Design - Leash Camera Strap - Black - Angle_Zoom
    Model: L-BL-3
    SKU: 6067503
    Your price for this item is $39.99
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Buying a camera strap.

The benefit of a camera strap.

Whether you are a hobbyist who takes photos on weekends or a pro with an array of DSLR and mirrorless cameras, you need to protect your investment. While a camera bag or case provides protection when a camera is not in use, a strap can prevent you from dropping and breaking your camera when it's out of the case. Even if you use a tripod on most of your shoots, it is still a good idea to keep a camera strap on hand.

Typically, DLSR and mirrorless cameras include a camera neck strap as part of the purchase. Point-and-shoot cameras often include a camera wrist strap as well. With that said, you may want a different strap that will meet your specific needs. Best Buy sells a wide assortment of camera straps in a variety of styles and colors.

How to choose the best camera strap.

If you take pictures while on the go, consider picking up a camera shoulder strap. A shoulder strap allows you to sling your camera over your shoulder or across your body and take pictures while moving without fear of dropping it. Camera holsters are nice if you enjoy nature photography. With a camera holster, you can secure your camera to your belt or bag, and quickly transfer the camera to your hand when you see something worth shooting.

If you want to enhance your current strap, consider a carrying strap attachment kit. These kits contain connectors and anchors that are strong enough to hold a large camera and lens. Easy to connect and remove, these kits provide substantial protection. Whatever your photography needs, Best Buy has the gear you need.

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