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My Best Buy™ Frequently Asked Questions


How can I join My Best Buy?

You can join now on by creating an account. You can also join My Best Buy in any Best Buy store or on the Best Buy mobile app. 

How much does a My Best Buy account cost?

A My Best Buy membership is free. A My Best Buy Plus™ membership, which includes additional benefits, is $49.99 per year. A My Best Buy Total™ membership, which includes all the benefits of a Plus membership and more, is $179.99 per year.

Who can join My Best Buy?

My Best Buy is open to individual U.S. (50 states, DC and Puerto Rico) residents, at least 13 years of age, who provide and maintain a valid email address. If you are between 13 years of age and the age of majority (18 or 19 years old, depending on your state) you must obtain permission from your parent or legal guardian before signing up for the program.

Where can I find my member ID?

You can find your member ID on your My Best Buy® Credit Card or on the account home page of your account.

How do I track My Best Buy purchases?

Simply sign in to your account when making a purchase or provide your My Best Buy member ID when making a purchase in store.

Getting Promotional Certificates

What is a promotional certificate?

As part of your My Best Buy membership, you may receive promotional certificates that provide a discount on the purchase of a qualifying Best Buy or purchase.

Can you replace my expired promotional certificate?

No. Used or expired promotional certificates cannot be replaced.

If I return an item where promotional certificates were used, do I get them back?

No. Certificate value is forfeited upon the return of products or services purchased with promotional certificates.

Account Help

I have two My Best Buy accounts. Can I combine them?

Yes. You may combine two accounts that have the same primary information. For your security, this process must be done over the phone. Please call 1-888-BEST BUY (1-888-237-8289) for assistance.

Can I upgrade my membership?

Yes. You can upgrade your membership to My Best Buy Plus™ or My Best Buy Total™. Learn more about membership updates here.

Personal Information

How can I find out about how Best Buy will use and protect my personal information?

For more information on Best Buy’s privacy practices, please review the Best Buy Privacy Policy.

How do I update my personal information in my account?

You can update your email, phone, shipping address, payment info and more in your Account Settings

My Best Buy® Credit Card Frequently Asked Questions

Ways to Get Points

When can I begin getting points?

You are able to earn reward points for each eligible purchase when using your My Best Buy® Credit Card as soon as you join the program. Reward points become usable after vesting, 15 days from purchases made at Best Buy.

Where can I get My Best Buy points?

If you are a My Best Buy® Credit Cardmember you will earn points on qualifying standard credit purchases at Best Buy. Your membership is valid at Best Buy retail store locations,, the Best Buy mobile app, and other select Best Buy properties (together, “Participating Properties”).


If you are a My Best Buy Visa® Cardmember, you will also earn points on purchases made outside of Best Buy wherever Visa is accepted.

Help with Points

How do I access my points and reward certificates?

How do I get credit for a missing My Best Buy® Credit Card purchase?

Call 1-888-BEST BUY. Points will post to your account approximately 15 days after purchase.

What should I do if I think there is an error in the points I’ve received?

If it involves a Best Buy store or purchase, please confirm it was an eligible purchase and that the item wasn’t returned at a later date. If you return an item in a qualifying purchase for which you received points, we will deduct the corresponding number of points from your account. If you have questions, please call 1-888-BEST BUY and have your receipt handy.

What happens to my points if my My Best Buy® Credit Card is closed?

If you or the Card issuer closes your My Best Buy® Credit Card account, you will have 90 days to redeem your points any unused points being forfeited after such time.

Why didn’t I get points?

There are a few reasons you may not be seeing points in your account, including:

  • Purchases not made on the My Best Buy® Credit Card
  • Points may still be pending; it takes about 15 days from the Best Buy purchase date or shipping date for points to be posted to your account
  • You may have chosen the financing option, instead of points, when you used your My Best Buy® Credit Card
  • Purchases made for resale
  • Purchases of Best Buy gift cards
  • Certain sales tax, state fees, service charges or other fees paid on the Card
  • Payments made to your My Best Buy® Credit Card
  • Other exceptions may apply

Where are my points?

You can verify your purchases on the Rewards History page. Points post to your account approximately 15 days after your Best Buy store transaction or your shipping date.

Calculation and Timing of Points

How are my points calculated with the My Best Buy® Credit Card or My Best Buy Visa?

When shopping at Best Buy properties with a My Best Buy® Credit Card, you will earn 5% back in rewards (2.5 points for every $1 spent) when choosing standard credit. If you have the My Best Buy Visa® Card, you can earn rewards on purchases outside of Best Buy where Visa® is accepted. See the latest offers by visiting

Can I get points when I purchase Best Buy gift cards?

Best Buy gift cards do NOT qualify to earn reward points.

When do my points appear on my account?

For most eligible Best Buy purchases, your points will post to your account approximately 15 days from your purchase date, delivery date or shipment date.

Points for purchases made outside Best Buy with a My Best Buy Visa® post monthly, based loosely on the credit card statement cycle.

What happens to my points when I return an item?

The points you received for that purchase will be deducted from your My Best Buy account. View Program Terms for more information.

Getting Reward Certificates

What is a reward certificate?

A reward certificate provides a discount on the purchase of qualifying Best Buy or purchases.

How do I get a reward certificate?

You receive a reward certificate by accumulating at least 250 My Best Buy points — 250 points equals a $5 reward certificate.

How do I issue a reward certificate?

Most Credit Cardmember’s reward certificates are automatically issued and emailed to them. If you have set your certificate preference level above 250 points, or if you’re banking your points, visit the rewards overview page to issue a certificate manually

How does point banking work?

My Best Buy® Credit Cardmembers are eligible to save points until they are ready to issue a reward certificate. Cardmembers may also choose reward certificates to auto-issue at select reward denominations (e.g., $5, $10, $20, $50, $100). In your Rewards section, tap the “Change” link to change your preferences anytime. See your rewards preferences.

Can I convert a reward certificate back into points?

No. Once a reward certificate has been issued, you must use it toward a purchase at Best Buy or before the reward certificate expiration date.

Can I get my certificates mailed to me instead of printing them?

No, but you can redeem reward certificates in store by providing your member ID or scan your reward certificate bar code using your mobile phone — no printing is required. 

Using Reward Certificates

Where can I use reward certificates?

Reward certificates can be used toward the purchase of nearly any product or service in store or online. They may be used on any qualifying product or service in an amount greater than the value of the reward certificate, excluding sales tax. Reward certificates may be combined with other offers.

Do reward certificates expire?

Yes. Reward certificates will expire on the date printed on each certificate.

Can I give my reward certificate to a friend or family member?

No. Reward certificates are not transferable and may only be used by the member to whom they are issued. This means that you may be required to show identification at the time of purchase. Reward certificates have no cash value.

Do I have to print my reward certificate to use it in a Best Buy store?

No. You can ask the store associate to look up your reward certificates. Or you can redeem reward certificates on your mobile phone. Just download the free Best Buy mobile app.

Are there exclusions when using a reward certificate?

Yes. Certain exclusions apply. See the Program Terms for exceptions. 

Help with Reward Certificates

Why don’t I see a reward certificate even though I have enough points?

You may have set your preferences to issue reward certificates at a higher amount. If you have at least 250 points in your account, you can issue a certificate by managing your rewards.

Can you replace my expired reward certificate?

No. Used or expired reward certificates cannot be replaced.

If I return an item where reward certificates were used, do I get them back?

Yes. For active My Best Buy® Credit Cardmembers, if you made a purchase using reward certificates and your order is returned or canceled, we will refund the points to your My Best Buy account within 3–6 business days.

What if I lose my reward certificate?

When shopping in a Best Buy store, you can also ask your cashier to look up your available certificates and apply them to your purchase.

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