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Geek Squad Education Services

Tech Support Your School Can Count On

Our remote and in-school tech support provides dynamic, efficient assistance to schools facing a full range of technical issues.

Call 1-800-791-3902, 7 a.m.–7 p.m. CT, Monday–Friday, to talk with an account professional who can help you manage more complex, larger-scale projects.

You also have the option of shopping on your own by opening a Business Account on Learn about the benefits.

How Geek Squad® Can Help

Every school district has finite resources, and finding qualified, reliable tech support can be a challenge. Geek Squad Agents stand ready to deliver knowledgeable, effective support to resolve IT issues and provide ongoing support. Geek Squad's services include:

  • Office support, including troubleshooting, training, installation, and network maintenance
  • Advanced support, including device setup, software installation, networking and asset tagging
  • Geek Squad Tech Hub in-school kiosks to provide students and staff with everyday troubleshooting
Your school can also enhance and extend your manufacturer's warranties with Geek Squad Protection. These plans cover normal wear and tear, parts and labor coverage, and one-time battery replacement.

Leave the Hard Work to Us

Let us focus on the tech details so you can focus on what you do best.

  • Geek Squad office support provides remote and on-site troubleshooting, training, equipment installation and network consultation.
  • Geek Squad Tech Hub is an in-school kiosk staffed by Geek Squad Agents that provides students and staff with everyday troubleshooting.
  • Our national network of IT professionals in all 50 states includes 20,000 field and remote Geek Squad Agents, as well as a network of third-party technicians.
  • Service offerings include pre-deployment device setup, application installation, networking, asset tagging, and account management.
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Bringing Tech Support and Training to School

Teachers should not have to troubleshoot tech issues, and a school's IT department can handle only so much. A dedicated, flexibly scheduled Geek Squad Agent can configure devices and handle tech support, allowing teachers and staff to devote their energies to helping children learn.

Help Could Be Right Down the Hall

A Geek Squad Tech Hub in-school kiosk can provide the tech support you need. A Geek Squad Agent can proactively address password issues and connectivity, and provide other services such as device setup, diagnostics and one-on-one tutorials.