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Strong connections start with Luxul.

Professional-grade networking solutions designed to deliver the ultimate wireless network for your home.

A stronger signal.

Luxul supersizes your wireless signal by adding robust amplifiers and a more powerful antenna. Using either a single access point, or multiple access points for larger homes, Luxul gives you the strength you require to reach wherever you need that signal most.

Connect to more devices.

With countless products pulling on your network, drops, lags and buffering issues can occur far too often. Luxul has solutions that allow each device to perform as if it were the only one connected to your network.

More reach.

Wi-Fi is like a straw that gets thinner the further away you get from the access point, until it’s unusable. For larger homes, this means a traditional wireless network simply won’t cut it. Luxul helps ensure you get a strong signal in every corner of your home, giving you the freedom to roam.

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