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Quick guide to cell phones and plans.

Get the latest phones and the best plans from the top carriers.
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Which cell phone is right for you?

Basic phones.

Mainly for just phone calling and texting.


Feature-packed phones with operating systems that enable you to download apps, stream movies and music, access the Internet and take great photos.

Prepaid phones.

Choose from basic phones or smartphones with month-to-month payments (based on usage) to a specific carrier.

Unlocked phones.

Smartphones with the ability to change to a variety of different carriers, particularly good for international travelers.

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Plan options.

Monthly installment plans.

Spread the cost of your phone with low monthly payments and upgrade early when you choose Verizon device payment, AT&T Next or Sprint Flex or monthly installments.

  • Phone payments divided over a predetermined number of months
  • Upgrade to a new phone sooner after remaining balance has been paid
  • Additional plan savings available for select carriers
  • Leasing options allow you to trade up to the latest phones on a regular schedule
Verizon device payment AT&T Next Sprint Flex and monthly installments

Prepaid phones and plans.

Choose a phone with a month-to-month prepaid plan.

  • No long-term contracts
  • Freedom to change phones and carriers without penalty
  • Pay for calling, texting and data services in advance
  • Great option for those on a budget
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Unlocked phones.

Feature-packed smartphones that you can move from carrier to carrier, which is particularly useful if you travel out of the country.

  • No long-term contracts with individual carriers
  • You'll pay full price for an unlocked phone because the phones aren't subsidized by a carrier
  • Uses an interchangeable SIM card for GSM networks (Sprint and AT&T in the U.S.)
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Data plans.

If you get a smartphone, you're going to need a data plan. In fact, most carriers require you to get one when you order a phone.

  • Data plans enable you to access the Internet while out of range of Wi-Fi signal
  • Choose from an individual plan or a sharable plan across multiple devices
  • Data plans range from 1GB to unlimited per month
  • The monthly data plan to choose depends on how much media streaming and downloading you plan to do while away from Wi-Fi

Are you eligible for an upgrade?

Use the Best Buy Mobile Upgrade Checker to find out.

  • Easy to use, just input your carrier and phone number (carrier password may be required)
  • Calculates upgrade date for your installment plan agreement
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Best Buy Trade-in - Check Value, Trade In, Trade up

Trade-in your existing cell phone.

Trade in your used cell phone for Best Buy gift cards to use to upgrade to the latest smartphone.

  • If your old device has no trade-in value, we'll recycle it for free
  • Trade-in available at Best Buy stores and online (if eligible)
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Geek Squad® cell phone protection.

Protect your cell phone from loss, theft, drops and spills.

  • Extend your warranty or enhance your coverage
  • Choose protection for drops, spills and defects or get additional lost and theft protection
  • Protection plans are available in monthly billing or one-time fee options
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