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Play-Fi Wireless Technology

Connect Your Entire Home with Wireless Audio

Play-Fi is a networking platform that lets you wirelessly connect smartphones, tablets and computers with any Play-Fi–enabled speaker brand, including Polk Audio or Definitive Technology. Add speakers from these brands to any room of the house, and you can perfectly sync one song to every room, or play a different song in each, putting you in total control of your music.

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Stream High-Definition Music Anywhere

Run sound to a virtually limitless number of speakers within eight different audio zones, including outdoors, up to 100 feet from a wireless router. Play-Fi works through your existing Wi-Fi network and doesn't compress audio signals, so your music sounds its best, everywhere.

Bring Your Existing Speakers into the Network

Connect a Play-Fi–enabled amp or adapter to your current speakers to bring them into your Play-Fi network. For example, plug your bookshelf speakers into the amp and now they’re part of your Play-Fi system.


Easy to Set Up and Listen in Minutes

Don't deal with logins or complicated computer-based setups. Just download the app on your Android, iOS, Kindle Fire or Windows device, and within minutes, you're ready to listen.

Definitive Technology Wireless Collection

Listen to audiophile-grade music, everywhere in your home. With award-winning sound and contemporary design, Definitive Technology loudspeakers are a showpiece for any home.

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Omni Collection from Polk Audio

Create an entirely new music listening experience — wirelessly and seamlessly. Featuring industry-leading sound quality, the Polk Omni collection makes expanding your wireless music system easy.

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