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Sony a7R III camera, 24-105 mm lens

Sony a7R III Mirrorless Camera and 24-105mm Lens

The Sony a7R III full-frame mirrorless camera combines exceptional resolution with speed and stability.


We have a huge selection of cameras and lenses to make sure you'll be able to find the perfect match for you and your needs. We're also taking the guesswork out of choosing the right photography equipment by giving you a hands-on experience. Point, shoot and try different lenses on each camera to see the results. Or, just tell our trained associates about the kinds of shots you'll be taking and they'll help you with the perfect selection.

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Canon, Nikon and Sony have partnered with Best Buy to provide you our best possible photography service. Our trained professionals are on hand to provide the advice you're looking for, offer answers to all your questions, and help you find the right products.

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Find more than 100 top-rated DSLR cameras and lenses, perfect for beginners or even professionals looking for the latest pro-grade products. Also choose from a complete selection of must-have accessories like high-speed memory cards, tripods and monopods, lens filters, and adapters designed to take your photography to the next level. Everything you need is in our Camera Experience Shop.

Our huge selection of DSLR cameras and lenses makes it easy to find your perfect match.

Get DSLR-like image quality and interchangeable lenses, in a compact camera body.

Find the lenses that can turn an ordinary snapshot into a lasting memory.

Find a selection of premium point-and-shoot cameras that sport larger image sensors.

From action camcorders to 360° cameras, every adventure is covered in detail.

From fun toys to advanced models, we have a drone that's right for you.

Find a complete selection of tripods and monopods for more stable shooting.

Shoot professional-style portraits and other scenes with the lighting equipment you need.

Don't forget memory cards with the capacity and speed to support any camera.

Protect your investment wherever you go with a bag or case that makes the perfect fit.


The First Saturday of the Month

New to photography or just looking for some advice? Join us at select Best Buy® stores to learn techniques for shooting better photos. Get expert photography advice as well as hands-on experience with lenses and other accessories.

The first hour of each workshop is dedicated to camera and photography basics, with the second hour focused on a specific topic for that month.

Don't forget to bring your camera to the workshop if you have one.

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2018 Class Topics


Getting to Know Your Camera: Learn the basics in this class aimed at people who have just gotten their DSLR, or are ready to learn a little more about how to use it.


Winter Photography: Take stunning photos this winter after attending a class that covers exposure problems, white balance, metering, histogram and exposure value (EV) options.


Video: Record your life in full sound and color after learning to use your camera's video functions.


Spring Flowers and Colors: Share your garden's full glory when you find out more about close-up and macro photography with autofocus options.


Graduation and Portrait Photography: This class will deal with flash and lens options, as well as cover the aperture and autofocus options your camera has.


Vacation and Action Photography: Capture the movement of summer after a class that explains lens and autofocus options for crisp action photographs.


Landscape Photography/Black and White Picture Control: Focus on taking better black and white or landscape photos by learning about lens styles, picture controls, autofocus options and printing images.


Back to School: Get ready for that iconic first-day photo by exploring the best flash (including remote flash) and lenses for the job.


Concert Photography: Take the best pictures of your kids' concerts using tips from this class on lenses, metering options and video.


Halloween Photos: Capture all the silly and scary moments after learning about lenses and how to get the best nighttime photographs.


Holiday Cards: Send that perfect family photo to everyone on your list. This class will help you choose the right lenses for both indoor and outdoor portraits.


No Class


All the best photography products from the brands you trust are under one roof. We make it easy to find the perfect camera for your needs and your budget, and we'll get you set up with all the lenses, memory cards and other accessories you'll need.


Whether you want to share, edit or print great photos, learn all the techniques, right here. Taking a big trip? Planning a wedding? Maybe your family is growing and you want to capture every moment. Whatever the life event, join our free classes designed to help make it easier and more enjoyable to capture all your memories.

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Whether you're taking a family vacation and you're looking for inspiration to capture the memories, or you need help creating better portraits or action shots, find help from the experts.

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